Why would you never take this seriously?

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When you have time untold before the picture of life canvas, don't breakdown but listen towards the best coincidence these note make your life abundant. Thank your greatest admiration of making the person within. Underline His guardian has the greatest gift ever untold. This life is not only for thinking thoughts but bringing you ahead of changing times. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Why would you never take this seriously?

There is a role we are vested,

In these pages someone has the fountain of fate,

When God lead us ahead let us not live hostile,

In everything that has been made,

There is a change as far as lifetime can preserve,

If you can't accept claims as you go along,

When this never reflect in your action,

Can we take like your gentle art of verbal self-defence?

Or are you tired out of all choices people has made of you?

Even then this life has pillars untold looking at scenario,

They will not stand against for you,

Your claims are forgotten once you made point across,

You are just like paper boat in the ocean storm,

Who knows why you are born different in every character?

In hierarchy their nodes like the wading round up sublime consideration,

This is just where you are now?

But is this ought to be life you have made?

In actions when you are crucified,

In words where there is no clarity,

In gestures where none cares,

You are reflected by the deepest desire to testify your stand queued,

This is not just what you like them to be,

Let us leave apologizes and think,

May be you are honoured not to be like them,

Never ever in the message of the dawn,

Some images in the lookout notice is not your life,

It is never great why you are not deserving,

There is a writer,

Who likes to tell you some secrets,

Unlike them you never route,

You have a root among few who lived,

Openness is the cover story,

Landscapes are only making them shine,

But understand where you shine?

What keeps your silence unchartered is the greatest founder of your life?

Chose your stair spirals,

They keep the advisory routes,

In life this has sensation,

More than this gateway is not just heaven,

But the path of this mysterious truth,

This is life,

You are not running away,

You are only in thought where you agree change,

The more you resist every silence,

There is a channel of pieces of the clay you have made together all life,

This creativity has a price,

It is not how you have made of this water,

But what you does for those who belong here?

Out of the most important know how is your time,

The rest action follow your feelings,

More you carve this picture inside the canvas of life,

Little less than odd things shaped the path of tomorrow,

Never let down the dignity of your thresholds,

Love your spirit as you wine your life

Love the desire of answers ever understood,

They are your open story changing every hour,

It has a story to tell,

And this story is your life,

Just know you are the sector of events that reshaped your gestures as they are,

You will take this seriously within these limits,

As old as ever life has a meaning,

This is one choice life calls for crafting your selections,

As long as these are read,

Always know reap of wisdom hidden,

This will help you!!!

© Copyright 2017 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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