Within A Christmas Tale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem of lasting memories of the deepest feeling in these time. I really can only look back this as trials in real life. May be this time is a candle in the Christmas prayer for all God has planned ahead. :)

Submitted: November 30, 2015

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Submitted: November 30, 2015



Sometimes the climate is freezing outside,

Yet within there is always light,

I am here within a Christmas tale of Gods plan on this space,

In this Christmas tale I cannot say goodbye for someone,

Someone like this sleeping beauty now gone in an everlasting sleep,

Always like a shining smile somewhere that may not kill me within,

All your friendship is so mine forever again in memories I can remember,

How time come for holding your hand again in gestures telling me live again for all of us here?

Together if I ride so unknown for one person within,

All in my life ahead making an impossible dream for the feeling I care about you,

To tell you this time on Earth is the love I count in all promise somewhere deep inside, 

I hold on within if I can recall this tomorrow together as you may never come again,

My heart can never see anyone crying yet I always feels this disguise in my tender emotions,

I know how everyday we save a prayer for all alone the path you took,

Say your time never pretend about a day we will never meet us again in this life,

Saving every precious memories like this earnest tomorrow it must have been lonely silence,

Time feeling in the air how reasons hurts in thoughts that gave away this candle in the wind,

How this reside in my sleep when I screem this play of every dryness lost in an archers game?

Where true love unconditionally let it all their way so strong I dont know how I feel,

I see the fire in my heart knows the light next door may break beauty of true things we care a lot more,

Yet I feel time has its healing easy steps that let it go where I never can raise any word for one peace souls find in heaven,

If you couldnt come back why did this rain so happened from the sky where you may hear our heart beat so strong,

One day if God listen to this heart so if I do like to tell you why you are always near,

Those precious moment lost in time is not what any heart can bring if I see this life so again,

Any wordly care is less shining when I can never gonna let you miss you more in this life,

Now so clear I had everything when you were near yet shining somewhere you may give me a lot of gestures unforgettable,

Holding your star somewhere in heaven so beautifuly you were made in grace for all you gave us,

God planted this life on a beautiful canvas I thought was mine,

Today this person is no more and I am left away never again in this meeting place,

A beautiful story untold here,

Life was so fullest with this person,

I could screen its signs on the ground above where the clouds make way for eternal bliss,

All those memories now falling in the wind of despairs,

Let weaver of fate may one day broken in this faith marvel reason within a christmas tale.

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