World AIDS Day 2013

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From the bottom of my heart, if heaven grant one healing cure for this situation, we might win the greatest battle for every life lost. Today we promise that those who live with this disease may not be lost in sorrow or fear. Let us together fight this stigma called AIDS. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



When your heart cherish in love not lust,

Across daily life we meet many people with AIDS,

It is not their misfortune,

A cure may conquer this stigma,

Feat yet in the stillness of belief,

Care God brings may light logic for the day,

We open up one biggest fest we can win,

Tomorrow we can save one generation,

Today we can safeguard one lifetime with them,

Those who take the biggest fight against AIDS,

Solving one corner of life ever loved,

It is a day we remember every single soul,

We cannot bring them back their days,

Yet we can commit no more any mistake,

This day we challenge our hearts so awesome,

Our fight for a cure is the simple total step in History,

God shows us one path,

It is one such day we fight for prevention,

Not taking toll for them who already made this day,

But some time we can make them smile,

Life always have soulful gestures,

This leave behind time, space & love,

If we can gift them this happiness,

For every moment bringing tons of joy,

God gifted us this remarkable adventure,

To fight for all who live with this,

To save every moment for all loved hearts,

To be with them in all their way,

This is a promise we honour our bottom of this heart,

One mile in history will solve this puzzle,

God may grant this today,

For every life lost in this wave,

This is a tribute for them who live this day,

One moment when we cherish,

One blessing we own a lifetime,

A gatekeeper may salute this cause,

For every soul pictured in this wall,

Of time, loss & for love that wins prayer,

If God can cure this footnote,

Let us commit every draft we live a lifetime,

For the timeless age there may be a cure soon,

Giving life every gift of hearts we devote our hope,

They who can view this time we humbly submit for God's grace,

May every heart guided by our prayer win a cure!!!.

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