World Alzheimer's Day 2013

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Your devotion is this life. If you forget this moment how far will be every blessing. Yet you find happiness in a vacuum thought of a empty mind. Your time with them is the cure. God created this awareness as a time where one wish would be a healing cure in the human adventure on this planet. Thank everyone who let a helping hand for this awareness. Your word is the true blessing. :)

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014




Everyone has our mind want to win,

On for a reason  when we fall to read what is to be understood,

Once again when the heart is not willing to give up,

One day your head become forgetful,

You dont remember you are living,

Yet makes some resolution of a fresh blessing called life.

This is the starting time not the end,

I cant remember you belong to some place in this world,

May never feel been your time to be with happy memories,

In this entire world if God kept one resolution,

Do you have fear that you will be lost without any reason not to be happy?

They are happy for one cure today we have,

Let us pay them a visit,

To give them back one respect when they need us the most,

Where life's turning point exist to share devotion,

Dedicated with love for the nurshing hour we have,

Yet to be happy with them can be the true direction,

This care comes from every flower you pay in their hearts,

Leaving a moment back in time this sharing thought,

 A kind of acceptance glorify the entire prayer in this existence,

In a time we live,

There are many who are lost with Alzheimer's,

I dont know why God gave us this challenge,

But we honor every life lost in this path,

For they are like us,

Only difference there is a spelling mistake,

A time together with care & support is the biggest affection for this moment,

Today God is only immune for not mistaking,

Leaving everytime in the midst,

We may never give them bad treatment,

For the cause for quite sure,

Our pretaining mission is a letter of message,

Let we celebrate a camp who loves this affection from near and dear,

God's gift for them is the part you play,

It doesnt comes from money,

But a simple smile will dedicate new birth who are unable to distinguish,

In a world where we play many roles,

An art of human devotion as we pray to the mightiest,

Can anything very small like emptiness may not be the pair of human mind?

If a moment you look back for everything,

Can unsuitable in any word may not be Alzheimer's patient in a lifetime?

They are not the mischief,

Yet when you misdeal is the mistake,

Open is our heart for this day stood for given fortunes,

A family like not badly distrust,

An honor to be given time with them for sharing new hearts,

God may call this note for timeless good as a smile for this day!!!


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