World Cancer Day 2014

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In life for the greatest battle to be won, let us support dimensions to unite everyone in all extremes of society who now live with Cancer. All ingredients of this day stand before the wall written with their spirit. Let us appeal to the supreme for a cure as expression count. :)

I touch the soul before Divine Inheritance,

All we charm our conscious connect an infinite power,

In this day we follow those codes to be true for any man,

All people rinse foundation for a gift of thanksgiving in faith,

On these signs of expression we hurdle who fight with Cancer,

Yet we witness a cure if one entertain healthy lifestyle,

When their existence cannot solely depend on medicines as life's support,

Let us contribute an inner feeling of security for them,

Our idea in action calls realization of this responsibility,

Natural laws are same for all,

When a smoke free environment create to reconstruct what we cannot deny in real life,

Let us endow it is not wrong if you refuse to believe,

Some mistake some people make can not only cause cancer,

When our fullest extend can go back to healthy organic lifestyle,

Let us always spend daily walk in good healthy habits,

Going back to Nature's Valley aid & watch our ability,

It is a day if can quit smoking and stop alcohol, drug addictions

This day is one time to use our mind for positive heaven,

Remember all sweet memories that make you happy,

Ignore all plodding thoughts that doesnt give your learning steps,

Let us vitalize our inner energy for benefits,

When "mankind" distinguishes from animal accord,

We must promise our heart what we connect own self that spark our conscious to work in harmony with others,

This power to transform everyone is a attraction our time demand on this day,

For peace with all support not costly for our own existence,

An angel in divine heaven will fall in the footprints on this landscape,

Let us concentrate what we can wish in our daily prayer connecting us in this theater,

Here we meet a habit of attendance with some patience while on way ahead,

Like a piece of paper every fold of our habits follow this order,

Let us put happiness as a cause of willingness to serve all around in this willingness,

If we can go back to carry a bond of friendship,

Let us call for a union of all steps that give courage to live for battle with Cancer,

All you open is a reception of emotions that fill a basket to be loved and respected,

When fortunes go back in a soul that support this human cause,

Let us bring down the cost of life saving medicines for any cancer treatment with public support through our representatives,

When we rise or deepen heights of all things above law,

This is a cause our province call for all its citizens needed as a support initiative,

We cannot skip this form of legacy that extend a long life with good care,

This should be one motto behind our awareness that we spread,

An affortable cost effective support for those living below poverty line,

Our community and institution can model this role,

For things never same in globalized world order,

Yet we must recoginize this need,

When we deal such sensitive conditions,

Let us initiate any means for those who can be given a free treatment from all public tax exemptions deduction through government hospitals,

Every life is a precious gift from God,

If people of the state and our government dignitaries has a role,

Let us implement all possible changes in the name of love for humanity,

When we need more natural way of doing agriculture,

Let us minimize usage of poisionous pesticides on our crop,

They get back to our food chain,

We need to harvest a crop free from all polutants,

Today we are living in a connected information era with all reserves of knowledge,

Our limitation is a costly budget to go back to our old farming heritage,

Yet as we can be fortunate you are one such decision makers who can sell gold in any harvest,

Let us bridge this basis as a day that find cure through preventive steps,

Every thought of this action bible is a daily diet,

Your good wishes can workout this spring all goodness for this day,

I call this day as one moment of change we need to dominate our life,

Through this note in my time,

Let me hope healthy state of positive energy combine your life with all happiness ahead,



Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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