World Hearts Day

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I create a moment here when one heart express the care you owe as its greatest weakness. Nothing is asked more than a healthy lifestyle. May you care this. :)

Submitted: October 17, 2017

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Submitted: October 17, 2017



Everyone calls me as a heart in unconditional love for your existence here,

I dont witness a life made of flesh and water of any earthly mind,

I have a voice of my own facing traumatic events,

Unveiling from inner beauty I am seated inside an energy,

A true inner essence propels a person within of true life,

Those beautiful hugs I seek from some unknown events,

In the highest good I rise above happy endings from a flow of emotions,

A prayer guides when I struggle in every beat rinsing freshness of this lifes energy,

A personification of God's beauty awaits around you I love a balanced wonderful life,

May be some bad contents of your diet just close few moments know how I struggle never failing this faith,

May be unattended without proper daily exercise in your routine,

Makes my vessels transcend all fatty deposits that blocks intents of this sweetness,

May be the smallest doors of bad thoughts even breaks me into negativity losing into a life compelled for darkness,

Yet this costs the courage around my senses I feel in the final wage you receive will harvest gifts,

I dont stop my own within a soul that says,

This natural birth must not end unconditionally in every beat,

Far beyond light years I release a given heavenly spirit God made me walk on the righteous path of this devotion,

When today our youth give every inch of this body wearing traumas of unattended medical situations,

Here I find myself inside a cage helping release feelings that you deserve a rethinking into your habits,

How far is everything so good to be in knowingness when I ask from a possession wear away wrinkleness into life ?

Before this heart be so heavy given from the birth of unforgettable gestures I find hope in everything,

A time I want you to forget the pain we cry around for peace,

I want you see a day always in living this service without being lost,

My delight from Gods creation in every character unborn in our history touches gestures on a ceremony of the ultimate truth,

I dont seek any other fulfilment in worldly fruits hidden in your secret of immortal fire,

Expect I want you near untold experiences that love a realisation you may lead a healthy life I want to enjoy with you here,

If this is my asylum where we live happily I find freedom already be free from this weakness,

My strength is the scripture God has made for you life understanding in the foundation of our supreme existence,

This eternal might I am bonded for a natural instinct within your lifes environment,

Your mind is only one generalisation of this beauty,

May I always light this worthy life I owe as your priceless boom in the gracious Gods work be our living grace,

So big is this greatness yet many wonders hug all around my birth,

I feel your healthy lifestyle may keep our spirit shine this fortune I am so blessed living for this daily highest outcomes,

When a doctor cut opens the failing wounds for medical examinations,

This practitioner is unaware what work towards healing me back again into your life,

The way God created me for bringing your emptiness into a daily rhythm,

Ask me always that any imperfection can heal if you care a heart expressing everything I know ask you again,

May angels be with you each day as you travel for this higher affection one alignment of God be so wished of universal goodness into your life,

Let us rehydrate obesity and refuel your daily exercise routine to keep my fitness healthy for a long life so blessed with your loved ones here... :)

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