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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a short story that is apart of mt Abyss serious, a section of what if the world ends.


It is thought that the world would be perfect if every country joined together there would be in a true guidance all countries would be able to work together be a complete and working world, every continent had specialists that were the world leading in a subject, energy, slip space, agriculture, weapons, etc. This would theoretically all be able to help the world. "Blood and iron." A speech gave by German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck given in 1862 about the unification of the German territories. The phrase has been interpreted in meaning unification will lead to victory. 

Now in the year 2016 British president David Cameron gave a speech in front of the E.U. And N.A.T.O. And said "we will join together and make a joined union combing the best of our world, from all our continents and islands to make our effects more efficient, to put all the hidden secrets in one city just one place where we will survive the sacrifices we will make are for blood and iron." The reaction shocked the world but it also was the first time the world agreed to do one thing. Join forces. The planned proposed by U.k. Was to send five hundred people to the Bermuda triangle. An concept had been found resemblance of an old civilization older then earth crashed. All that is left remains of a ship under ground. So the ships were sent over a hundred specialist in total then is hundred builders, and two hundred of randomly selected working class people from all over the world but most were taken by choice from the U.K. Once the ships had dropped the new citizens of a new country were left with supplies for years. Food processors a machine that makes food out of now where, water filtering system, small amount of cars not many. Then H.M.S. Dragon was left to protect the people from anything it would monthly sail out of the E.M.P. zone of the triangle. The island flourished and flustered for years they created many ideas and theories for the world. The project was named 'theoretical island.' 


"Surface records show an odd increase in radiation. Reasons are not shown what do you advise freedom?" It was a female voice speaking, it was not a natural voice more a drawn out digital voice that take its time to finish but sounded like she was from Yorkshire As the voice finished a blue orb flickered on. It showed a room, some form of a power zone in the middle was a strange black plate with about four wires leading into, they all came from four different directions but where they originated were not see able due to the amount of light the blue orb was emitting. The light was in the middle of the plate, it was mesmerizing, it started as a light white with a three shells around it the first with two blue balls on the second spined at angle with eight balls and the last shell was at an angle with three balls on it 

"Should we recheck the scans. Radiation shouldn't of increase again... Freedom what should we do?" Another ball popped up same structure and next to the blue one but its colour was pink. The voice of this response was a digital male voice with a slight cockney added into the mix.  

"We should destroy the living souls so we can rebuild a new city like we were told to! Right freedom?" This voice was yet again digital but of a Texas man. And as he spoke a red orb same as all before appeared next to the other two. 

"We should just forget all leave all and do not try I recommend shutting down. Freedom." The last voice was of a indian woman but again a digital voice. And appearing with this voice was a purple orb same as the one from earlier.  

"What like we did when the city was attacked no we help these people you understand Noble." Freedoms voice was of a young man the only one that didn't sound like digital program the orb that followed was twice the size of the rest of the orbs and came up above the other orbs and the colour was different it was fluxing though all the colours of the other orbs starting with green then blue, pink, red and purple. 


"Yes Freedom. Shall I send any..." The indian women's voice was cut off by freedom. 

"No hows the hack into the C.I.A. Servers and Omega what would be the point of killing all the souls apart from us no point... We assist Ash send the scan to the city computers same routines before make it look like they are recording the data. And yes recheck scans Meta but ones in the underground. We dont want to breach anything. So what has happened too this world."  

"Freedom. We are in to the sever time taken three seconds. Records will be on data sat journal A1."  Noble had came back from checking the results.  

The larger orb's outer shells started moving around the centre white light inside the orb. "Ok ill see to that. Alpha protocol." The four smaller orbs started moving in the same way as the larger orb. They all then stopped the small balls in each orb shot out above them all forming a wierd three dimensional dotted shape. Then the shells of the red orb, omega  broke off and joined up the dots creating a pair of legs. The pink orb, Meta broke off and dotted up the dots to make a torso of a body. The blue orb, ash broke up and formed one arm. This just left the purple orb, noble and freedom. Noble broke apart and formed the other arm then the shell of freedom broke off to form the head of the body.  

This just left five white lights four were quite small but Freedom was the larges of all the orbs. Flouted up towards the body above them reaching the torso the passed into the body. The body then shrunk to about the size of an action man and turned green. The body was male about twenty three with long hair any other features were untellable, due to the body being pure data binary digits with small flux of red lights like corrupted data. "System revision. System efficiency hundred percent... Error efficiency ninety percent... Incorrect forty eight percent... Incorrect forty three... Two forty two... Corrupt data unable to work out how much data is corrupt estimated working data twenty two percent efficiency forty one percent. Daily decrease of one point five percent." 

The body jumped from the plate a sought of green particle followed him like fly's attracted to a light. Freedom started walking down following one if the wires. The light from freedom revealed a cat walk with tons of wires hanging off. Freedom walked down the cat walked leaving a trail of the blue fly's. As he walked down the trail he showed what laid ahead of him. There was at the end of the  catwalk a small podium with a monitor at the top of it. Proportionally the podium was a tower to Freedom and the monitor screen is a cinema screen. When freedom reached the podium, he placed his hand on the podium base and like a log of wood he disintegrated into a form of blue ash the ash flew into the podium and dissolved as each piece of ash touched the podium base at the to in front of the screen the ash was coming out but like leaves in a tornado they flew around the point they came from then once all the ash had made it to the top the tornado stopped leaving the body in its placeThe screen turned on ash then said. "file recording taken from operation ether theory provided from unity project in Chernobyl. Cia recording redside classification." 

On the screen were four scientist wearing biochemical gear but yet the room they were in was a clean room not dangerous decontaminated. The room was filled with all sought of button's and dial that do all wacky and favourable things. The door of the room opened and in walked a tall bald man wearing sun glass and a earpiece. The rest of his face wasn't viable due to the camera's angle. "Doctor Ross? Are you here." The man spoke with a Russian accent but it could of been an accent from a surrounding country. One off the scientist turned but his face was not visible due to the gas mask he was wearing. The man nodded and turned back to his button pressing. "Doc is this going to work?" The doctor turned "Yes it will work. Well if not the world will still survive. We will be fine. Lol?" The man was not actually a man but a women English northern a slight Humberside accent. "LOL miss Ross?" The Russians man voice made him seem puzzled. The doctor laughed "Its text slang for laugh out loud. Oh forget it. Just lets begin." Doctor Ross slammed her hand down on a blue button. In front of her the window showed Chernobyl power station with a set of powers going towards and inside the station. "As you know we are going to convert the radiation here into a clean power source. And who are you?" The doctor turned to look at the Russian man. "I'm Seragoth devanciI work for insurrection." All the scientist turned to look at the Seragoth and at that moment he pulled a mz24 submachine gun. He turned to the three scientists away who were only just inside the cameras view. The man fired eight shots spraying the blood of the scientists onto the wall. The man then turned to the doctor. "No wait dont kill me please dont." The man fired a shot into the docs lungs. The doc fell the the ground still alive with a blood splatter behind her. Her hands instantly were clutching her wound, she was also screaming in pain. The Seragoth walked over to the panel where the doctor was. He started pushing buttons. Then the doc started tapping on his leg "You know you cant kill anyone with this weapon... You know that right?" The man looked at her then knelt down but his hands around her head and twisted it. Snapping her neck.  

He then went back to clicking buttons. Then the wires going into Chernobyl lit up. Then a humming noise began to emanate from the station. Then a flash came from the building then another, then another. Then the building broke away to show a strange red burning orb emanating from the building the stack collapses into the orb. Then the orb breaks causing an explosion, the camera stopped recording. Then the camera reactivated to showed Chernobyl town desecrated bricks everywhere. The bricks were moving though something was trying to escape something large and strong then a large raw was heard. And the camera was thrown in to the air. When it fell it was able to catch one quick image a of a large black weed. 


"Noble tell me what happened." Freedom looked to his left as a purple version of freedom.  

"The momentarily flash was a a particle explosion of the ether project using a energised plant know was a common weed. The plant mutated causing the gravity freak out and then the plant mutated grew in size then reached the surface. It is thought this plant has released the radiation across the world the plant has spread and maybe the result of the race known as the 'thorn's' they were originally human in nature now grow naturally... The chance of the human race surviving this epidemic is four point two three percent. Our survival chances twenty five percent." 

Freedom stared at the purple version of him. "Thank you noble for your optimism. Oh wait your pessimism. But thank you for explaining... Meta hows the scans in the tunnels?" Then a pink orb broke off freedom to make another version of him it was Meta you could tell about the pink colour he was. "The scans show that the system is still as damage as before. Radiation in lower quadrants near us and near the power zone." 

Freedom nodded "Omega, Ash start scenario checks to see if we will ever need to make an appearance." Omega and ash shot out of him making a red version of Freedom and a blue version. The both answered in sync "We will need to make an appearance. Maybe if a zone is attacked or lost we will need to help the city. And explain our need." The ashes voice kept on. "I have prepared a care package to say when we make our presence known l. For now I will just send all data to the console they use named Reefmond. Also freedom would you like to here the package?" 

Freedom shook his head "Lets just carry on with our routine." 


City of tunnels 

Deceptraty city is still surviving but no longer above ground. Once the ether accident happened the work flooded with radiation but for some reason the city was not effect by the radiation for year till it breached the containment field a device made to protect the city but by the time in failed everyone was in the tunnels. Thought to be the remainder of an old civilization. The major part of the town live in 'Dalreah' the city has somewhat of a communist state but actually successful. Then the outer outpost are Incite, deleco, and trevel. After the outposts there are the ghost towns from people who have left the main town and moved out to other places. Towns that defend the city from thorns. Unknown and un explain able beasts. No one will ever try and explain what the thorns are. And why should they, they have killed millions of people in there ten years they have lived they have nearly wiped out the whole of humanity.

The living humans use a computer system they found in the infrastructure. The system seems to control the city and as soon as it activated it called its self 'Reefomd' 

In the tunnel section thirty two also known as lower Dalreah market town. If you saw this market street you would just think it was the same as Saturday markets you get in your home town. But unlike the useless 'tac' you get from your local the odd second hand toy or the thirty pence item being sold for nine times the amount its worth. No market street had the useful shops you'd get at your Saturday market, like the shops that sell wool or cotton, but the most important shop is the food. Some days there would be apple and oranges, or and odd appearance of strawberries. But then there would be days where they wouldn't be much food and it was brawl to get some fruit and 'veg'. Now as you pass though the large airlock into the section of Delreach, you are met by thousands of words and spice being thrown around and spice is actually thrown around. Miss coodenial is a strange women she sits in a corner as you enter though the airlock and throws a spice she has recently purchased of picked out of her garden. No one complains though she's a harmless fifty year old women. But her appearance makes most people laugh. Her nickname is old spice. Now when you meet her you would think she had seen the creation the world, the hair that she had was grey and long but so thin it could snap in the simplest breeze. The there's at least a thousand wrinkles around one of her eyes. There must if been a million wrinkles on her face. She wears an old flowery dress that covers her whole body then she has a denim coat that cover her arms. To be honest the thing that made anyone avoid her would be the lack of hair but she just wears a wicker hat with a tulip placed on it. 

Now miss coodenial could not look after her self she's is just too old, no her son looked after her most of the time. He son was John Coost he had taken his fathers name, his father was the first political man of this section. 

Section thirty two like all other outer sections have an armoury. Complete with the new alpha site armour and a 'RnR' zone for the guards. But then there's the marines these are very different to the guards, they are the top of the top the best fighters and shooters, they dont break under stress. The guards jobs are to police the town, the marines is to stop thorns from breaking in to the town. That's the marines jobs. They have to patrol the toxic and dangerous tunnels that humanity is now hiding in. The marines represent the remaining members and recruits of H.M.S. Monmouth. The navy has taken the place of the army, they brought the rules of the earth the R.O.A. And human rights. The whole town now operates in a successful communist state but with all the liberties freedom of speech. Every section has a political attendee.  

But back to the Marine team each section have a three man team and a operator kind of the over site man in charge of there people. 

The 'RnR' room is like a gym changing room. Hand made benches. With coat hangers above to the side of the room are five grey lockers all key opened. There is a man sat down. The man is staring into a mirror, and looking back on him is a scarred face, his deep blue eyes are wide open and the small parts of hair he has have a river of sweat coming down from it. He is wearing standard navel uniform. Navy blue with a badge saying "H.M.S. Monmouth." The man has more hair under his nose then on his head, his mustache travels from his nose down to his chin on both his left side and right side. The man puts down the mirror and picks up a dog tag next to him saying "03275. Captain Jason Austin. Washington"  

Jason puts the tags around his neck then just leans back and closed his eyes. "Hey cap!" The voice echoed though the room it was a deep mid pitched English Yorkshire accent. Accompanied by the voice was a young lad about twenty five, he had a few disguising scars not big more like small scratches but there was a few. He had brown messy hair and deep stormy blue eyes. Of course it was Lieutenant John coodenial. The captain lifted his head to face to look at John "What Birmingham!" John was called Birmingham due to the fact London wasn't the capital of the England in it last day due to flooding. 

The captain spoke with a deep tired voice. "Hey Washington we've got patrol soon you want to get into command room?" The Captain just stared at John. "One day Birmingham you will be team captain. I hope I'm dead by then!" With that the captain got up and walked straight out of the room. John walked over to one of the lockers and pulled the key for it out of his pocket, he then placed the key in the lock and unlocked the locker. He was met by a quite empty locker in it was a photo of his mother and one of his father. Then there was another key John picked this out and shut the locker. Then another man walked in. It was Mexico from his name you can guess what he looked like he had the tan of man from Mexico and the slit black hair you see alot of those mariachi band member have he actually looked like he was from a mariachi band. But no he was actually a forty five year old heavy gunner. He was kitted up near enough just missing his helmet but that wasn't stored in the locker room. He was wearing black combat armour thorn class. Light weight but still resistant basically made of Kevlar. Mexico waked straight past John but before he left the room he shouted "hey you seem to piss him off more and more!" But before John could reply Mexico had left the room. 

About twenty minutes later in a small room was four pipes with helmets attached to them. The helmets were black. They looked like storm trooper masks but hut in stead of the small eye gap was a large visor going from where the ears would be and the visor was the same size as you would get on a bike helmet. The visor was see though. Two people walked in lead by a young women with a slight tan, she had dark green eyes and short black hair. Like John her face was all cut up scars from fights. Behind her was Mexico. And waiting for them was John and Washington.  

"Hey Mexico how was that blonde last night." Mexico laughed and looks at John. "She was good in all the places... You know I can all ways find you someone!" John smirked "You know me I like to find someone myself." Mexico walked up to one of the helmets and put it on and then his muffled voice Said "Yeah but you haven't had anyone yet you just like Kiev." As of saying this Kiev smirked and put her helmet on. John laughed and did the same. The then left the room. A few moment later over the coms came the captain voice "Turn oxygen off till need. After you reach frist checkpoint though that's the safe zone. Activate lights. The room the three were in lit up to show a set of guns. Mexico went over and picked up a G.P.M.G. Known as general purpose maching gun. A black over gased weapon designed for fire fights. By R.O.A. Rules you could only fire this gun when ordered to but the R.O.A. Doesn't say anything about fighting thorns. Birmingham and Kiev picked up the green and black L86A2 the standard issue light rifle for the English royal navy. They both threw the gun straps around there arms and picked up three magazines of ammunition. Mexico already had  two bullet belt carrying three hundred rounds strapped around his waste. John the picked up two L9A1 semi automatic pistols and put the in his holsters around his waist. Kiev picked one up. They then all walked towards a black wall with the writing on it "Airlock section thirty two." Then John said on radio "Check in ready to go. City go is ready. Can we open the gate?" John turned to look at Mexico then to Kiev. He nodded then all three of there visors went black. They waited for the gat to open. In the only thing that made you know who was who was the writing on there arms. On Johns' its was "Lt. John C. Birmingham. City team. 3208" 

On Kievs arm it said "Lt.Centalella C. Kiev. City team. 3209." 

And in Mexico's it said "Corp. Juan C. Mexico. City team. 3213." 

Then the captains voice came back over the com. "Safe journey." As he said this the gate opened and a blue smoke flushed into the room. In the smoke the visibility was low but the team walked forward out of the room and once they were clear of the gate it shut. 


In to the beast. 

"Mexico you take the back me and Kiev will take point!" As soon as John finished saying this he cocked his L86A2 he then start turned his flash light on. The light didn't help much the tunnels where flooded with the blue smoke. It rose from the ground drifting to the roof then just descends again. Like it had a mind of its own. 

Birmingham turned to see Kiev next to him her light was on. "Lets go guys." John then started walking forwards followed by Kiev and Mexico covering the rear. The tunnel was old pre roman period, but yet it seemed to be a english tunnel quite like the tube stations but blacker and with alot of blue puddles dotted about the tunnel. The tunnel was nearly silent apart from the foot steps of the team and the breathing. The breathing was not  anyone from the squads the helmets were sound sealed. No the breathing wasn't explain able but it was scary. A set of four fast breaths then three slow and deep ones. No one knew what caused the breathing its just never been explained. As the team walked down the tunnel the blue smoke got thinner, they were reaching the safety zone 

Once the team had reached the point there visors fade to become see though again. Once you were at the safty point there was no toxic chemicals for a while. The tunnel head was about eight foot high and wide. It was still dark buy now the torches lights were more use full. The black slimy walls of the tunnels were now see able and the hatches into small ventilation tubes were also near by. Then over radio came a blunt female Russian accent. "What's the mission then?" John stopped they were at a junction three directions one to the section thirty two and the rest well went everywhere. "See if the thorns have progressed in the tunnels." The voice was not Birmingham's or Mexico's it was Washington's. "Roger Washington, Birmingham out." John then turned to Mexico and back to face to tunnel ahead. "You know we seem to do this alot and I can say they haven't got any closer! Like always." Mexico's voice wined though the radio. John shouted back "Mexico kill the chatter and start moving guys." John then started walking the same formation as before. They walked down th tunnel ahead of them the  ghostly breathing noise was the only thing that broke the silence. "Dont you think its weird John we do the same patrol all the time. And there's apparently service drones that we have control off but why dont we use them. Makes..." Kiev was cut off but John "You think we have no control apart from control of the doors and I agree. But keep walking I dont want to be in a firefight to day."  

The team walked ahead though three tunnels to the pulled up to another junction. "Where now then?!" Mexico was shouting on the radio again. John didn't reply neither did Kiev. "Shh Mexico can you not hear that?" John had replied to Mexico bit not with the answer Mexico wanted. "Hear what! No one but us is in these dam tunnels!" John was quick with his reply. "Oh yeah you cant here that your already thinking your brain cant handle three functions! Now shut up! That's an order!" Mexico didn't reply. The noise that has cause the commotion was a wining noise a bit like the noise a dog makes when its hurt the noise is echoing from the left tunnel and is getting closer. "Lights off to the right now!" No one second guessed Johns order the all turned there lights off and hid in the right tunnel. As the winning got louder the anxiety in the team got higher. Everyone's guns were facing the tunnel where the noise was coming from. John had taken on to his knee, as the seconds past his grip on the trigger tightened. "Washington we might have a problem... We need to know what's down tunnel... Twenty three. Over." Then a two legged creature came around the corner in had a long tail with a spike glowing end. Its body was blue and red. It had two small arms that were just below its neck attached to the neck was a long head like a birds, but where the beek was were forty razor sharp teeth. Just before the beek was its green snake eyes. The creature was limping, but seemed to be looking for something it made turned to look where the team was, sniffed then lifted its head and made the loudest scream ever, as it started to scream there was a bang. John had fired a shot into the creature it fell forward into a blue puddle. The. Another noise followed thousands of growls. The direction of growls was coming from the other three tunnels. John turned to the team "Run!" Everyone turned and started running away from the growls. Each step was echoed though out of the tunnel. Over the radio came Washington calm voice "Dead end locked door no possible unlock. State the problem." John turned to look behind him to see four of the creatures coming around, in the time the team had made it two hundred metres four creatures had nearly caught up to them. Mexico shouted down the radio "Washington we have raptors chasing us. Down that tunnel! Thanks for the heads up though!" John lifted his L86A2 and fired constantly at the animals one fell down the other three kept running. The team came up on a bend and followed it around. As the did this John shouted "We will hold up at the door. Defensive formation! Shoot at what ever moves!" John wasn't looking where he was running and he ran straight in to the locked door. Mexico was already laid out on the ground and had his gun facing the tunnel. As the other three creatures came around he opened fire. Taking one creature out straight away. The G.P.M.G. raw echoed through the tunnel as it kept firing the second creature then fell to the ground. But the third kept running as neared John a second gun opened fired taking the last creature down. Kiev had taken the last creature out. There was still a growling noise though John knelt down near the door command console "Kiev open this door now!" Kiev ran over behind John and start clicking things on the console. As she started Mexico fired another spray at two more creature taking them down. Kiev shouted on the radio "This isn't going to open and we don't have explosives!" John looked to Kiev then back to the tunnel "Tried knocking?!" Kiev didn't reply. As then seven creatures sprinted around the corner. Mexico went to fire but his G.P.M.G. Had jammed john shouted "Kiev help!" Kiev turned and ran to Mexico and started firing on the creatures. She emptied her magazine taking down three animal then fired eight shots from his L86A2 taking down two animals john had now emptied his magazine as well he started to reload but as he pulled spare mag out he dropped it he turned to look for it but then remember about the flesh eating beasts he turned back just as one jumped on, putting all forty of its rasor shap teeth in his face his gun he tried to force the beast of, he got the gun caught in its mouth the beast pulled back as it did John pulled out his side arm and fired eight shots into the beast stomach, the animal fell into him. Mean while keiv finished reloading and took down the one remaining beast. John the shouted "Get this thing off me!" Kiev ran over from Mexico who had fixed his G.P.M.G. She kicked the creature of John who them rolled on to his feet. "Thank you!" He walked over to the beast his L86A2 was caught in its teeth and had teeth in it at points. John turned away "Looks like I'm done to the wafle maker." As saying this he pulled out his two side arms. Mexico shouted "what now there's more on there way probably this door isn't opening." John turned to Kiev put away his gun scratched back of his head. "You didn't happen to Try 'Open sesame?" As saying this the light above the door went blue and the door started grinding open. Mexico looked at John "Yet you cant get a women to open her legs!" John smiled "what do I say I have away with words." Kiev walked started walking in followed by John then Mexico. 


"Freedom you let them in!" Freedom turned to see Ash. "Yeah I did they needed out of that place." Ash flashed off the reappeared "But protocol dictates that we I mean you oh I don't k ow what to call us. That we cant open those doors."  

"Ash we had to if they died there would be no one to protect that section!" 

"we didn't have to freedom. How are they going to get back! And why not just tell them we exist!"  

Freedom turned away from ash and the moniter turned on to show the tunnel where the team was just there was now fifteen thorn raptors there. "Because of that ash. And yes we are going to!"  

"Going to what? No not make contact ." 

"To late ash!" 

Submitted: January 03, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Abyss_tears. All rights reserved.

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