HERE IS MY SOUL..............


In the outcold night and morning, I was covered by the frozen canopy of wild fog. I am still thinking,destiny awaits. A tempting cry of a sea gull looted my thirst to wander. The vast red horizon spreads in front, As a good omen to abstract lost minds. Beneath,the deeper fathioms gathering sailors ghosts. Severd dreams splitters like small pearls! \"Reach thwere faster\", someone yells. Heart and love are antimatters, Which,forms a ray of light at rendezvouz. Principles of physics to flaunt! Its raining out in my courtyard. Drenched leaves dazzles. Fragrance of rain,as if from a mystique virgin. Thoughts are dead but, Awakened memories still start to reincarnate! \"Come,i am about to leave.................. Leave in this very moment.\"

by, Aby.Yeshodharan, 17/08/2010.

Submitted: August 18, 2010

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