Brother Ali

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This is a story about my brother accidently shot me.

Submitted: May 27, 2011

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Submitted: May 27, 2011



My grandpa drops me off at my tutor’s house. It was 10:00 a.m. school was closed for 2 months for the summer and it was very hot. My grandpa says, “Arshia, work hard. I will be right back in two hours.” I always call my tutor, “sister”. “Hi sister, how are you sister?” “I am fine. How are you?” She said “I am fine.” I call her sister because she likes it. She is so young and very friendly when she plays with me. She tutors me and sometimes gives me chips and cookies, and we eat together. She helps me with homework in all subjects. She likes the Urdu subject a lot. She tells me stories. I have a lot fun with her. “Sister I don’t want to do my homework can we play a game?” She says “I am a little busy. Go play with your brother Ali.” Ali is not my brother but I call him brother because he is older than me. I don’t know him well and he sits quietly all the time. He just came to visit for summer vacation.

Ali was playing with a gun killing birds, trying to scare them. “Hi Ali Brother, how are you?” He says “I am okay.” My sister said, “Ali play with Arshia”. I said to Ali Brother, “The gun is so big.” He started laughing. He played with me a little bit. I said “Ali brother I am done playing, I want do my homework.” He said “Already?” “Yeah, Ali brother. I am tired. Bye Ali brother.”

Then he came inside he put the gun on bed where I sat. I was doing my Urdu homework. After resting, I came inside the kitchen. My sister was cooking. “Sister, what are you cooking?” “Beans, potato, and chicken.” We eat together. “Sister, the food is very good.” I stared at my Urdu homework. Sister was help me with writing and reading. “Sister, I don’t want do my homework, school is closed for 2 months, we can do it later.”

“Arshia, your grandpa will be here soon. You will have to go home.” Ali brother came inside to get the gun. It suddenly shot on my hand. My cloth was wet with my blood. I was crying and screaming. It really hurt my hand. “Ali brother, I am not going to forgive you. You shot me,” I said. “When I grow up, I get a gun and shoot you.” He said “You will be gone far, far away.” My tutors and her parents got so worried. My tutors ran to the room to get bandages to put on my hand. I started screaming. Ali brother got so scared. He said “I didn’t shoot her I didn’t how this happen”. “I can’t even write, it hurts so much.” “Arshia, Ali brother didn’t shot you, It happened by accident.” I cried, “But sister I am not going to do my homework.” She says, “Yeah, but we can read or we can still play a game.” “Sister being a food “but sister i don’t want to eat food I am not hungry she said your grandpa will be here soon”. But I eat little bit food with my sister. “I said what I am going to tell my grandpa.” “she say don’t worry everything will be fine”. Then I sat quietly and I went to sleep. 1hour later, my grandfather came to pick me up. My sister explained my grandfather it happened suddenly. My grandfather said it okay. I go home I met my grandmother and my mom. My grandmother saw my hand she got so upset. She said, \"You are not going to your totours house.” Later on my tutor’s parents came to my home. They explained to my grandmother. It happened suddenly. My mom was alright but my grandmother got so upset.

“You guys almost killed my granddaughter.” She stated crying, “She not coming again.” “Grandma it's alright, don't worry.\"

For two or three weeks I didn’t go my tutor’s house as soon my hand got better. I sleep all the time I got sick. but my teacher came my house to visit we play a game everything we having a fun. then a week later I stared writing doing my homework my school stared soon everything got better.

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