David and Goliath

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My continuing struggle to understand the individuals place in a society that seems bent on making everyone equal.

Submitted: January 07, 2014

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Submitted: January 07, 2014



I am David; hear me as I vote.


My emotions are mixed and high


in a day when i am feeling their gloat.


I  must be allowed to ask why.


What am i to do when governments lie


about what it takes to live and grow?


When what i say makes me a bad guy.


Is society better off watching a tv hoe?


Is it my responsibility to save all them


when the majority does nothing to help?


Leaving a strain on me; I must condemn


and show my disdain but can only yelp.


I am not a wealthy person in life


but feel the need for my frustration.


As I see money create this strife;


fearing the day of my castration.


The land of the free is said to me


when they need to show compassion.


Yet the rhetoric is fading as i disagree


with the direction they say is in fashion.

Whatever happened to our national pride?


In a time when their anger is contrived


to fit the needs of the politicians who divide.


Leaving rational thought or common sense deprived.


So as i speak as david in this little rant;


I believe my thoughts about the status quo


leaves term limits the solution to supplant


the current leaders from their little tableau.


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