Foliage (my version)

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My feeling of foliage differs some from many to include some in my family. It has always been a beautiful time of year, but not one of joy.

This is my view of foliage in New England.

Submitted: September 25, 2013

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Submitted: September 25, 2013



This time of year shapes the end of a season.


Seeing the leaves gasping for one last day

while the masses look on with good reason.


Sharing the beauty of mortality leading to decay.


Snuggled in a sweater that reeks of death

because of the poison carefully placed inside.


A process designed to kill a moths breath

saving the clothing to a food being denied.


Sharing the fruits of a harvest long since gone

to a practice of production without any kin.


Found only in the places grown to depend on,

spending green in greater quantities is our sin.


‘tis the season to spend on heat that leaves

as fast as the work settled outside the home.


Required to pay for our comfort under the eaves,

surely these prices will lead to us living in Rome


As we look with wonder at the trees color,

keep in mind the coming winter as it shakes

any feeling of warmth from our wallets dollar;

leaving one to wonder if thems the breaks.

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