Karma- part 1

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A little boy is created by his parents. Little does he know that human nature had more to do with his birth than God's nature.

Submitted: July 04, 2013

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Submitted: July 04, 2013



Billy Kelly was born to parents that were little more than kids themselves.  They were products of the 60's.  Both earned extra money by participating in government experiments into mind altering substances including LSD to help government agencies and the military get the information from suspects and enemy combatants.  These experiments paid their rent and the pot they smoked.  The two beatniks as they referred to themselves did not believe in employment but understood the need for money.  The experiments were carried out over a two year period.  Other beatniks from around the country were brought to this facility for testing purposes.  They all had a story to tell and no one other than each other wanted to hear it.  Testing occurred during the day and the nights were theirs to listen to music and tell stories or read poems.  Other than the obvious poking and prodding with electrodes, needles, and intravenous drip bags that lined the hallways around the offices; it was an easy place to live.
All were housed in old air-force style barracks at a decommissioned base in the deserts of Nevada.  The Quonset hut style buildings gave no hint of all the test subjects and the purpose of the trials.  During the initial stage of testing Billy's parents first met.  The emergence of the flower children during the sixties had not hit mainstream society yet, so these beatniks were America's most recent version of gypsies.  Their nomad existence gave the government more flexibility to hide these types of experiment.  Most of the country was still stuck in the penny loafer cowlick fifties and would have been appalled at what their government was doing to its citizens.  His parents were not unique in their willingness to experiment with substances that altered there sense of reality.  These trials were the next logical step for them.  Mind altering substance testing with a paycheck at the end.
Billy was born immediately following the last of these experiments.  His parents did not expect his mother would get pregnant and it was not until she was almost four months along with Billy that she told his father.  This phase of the tests were the most grueling for all the test subjects.  The hallucinations that assaulted their minds were the most aggressive and soul wrenching of anything to date.  Screams and bone chilling monologue straight from a devil worshipers conjuring invaded the ears of all who cared to listen as test subjects devolved into creatures who would never be the same as they were before entering that morning.  The new parents worried the chemicals compromised them and hurt the baby.  A doctor on the base was consulted after they asked for some guidance on the pregnancy.  He gave her and her baby a clean bill of health.  
One night before little Billy was born they talked of their experiences with the trials and the impending birth of their son.  Both agreed that it must be all the good Karma they had stored in their positive interactions with others that allowed her to conceive a child despite all the substances pumping through her blood to the baby.  His parents were obviously not the brightest bulbs in the bunch and were prone to believing what ever suited their current obligation.  This news fit what they wanted to believe.  The truth was different.  She should never have allowed the pregnancy to come to full term if all the information they withheld from her were explained.  The doctor on staff at the base was less a doctor and more a researcher.  His job involved keeping a complete listing of any couples currently enrolled in the program and their viability and fertility.  He tracked any physical and emotional interactions experienced by these couples.  Billy's parents were the only subjects whose DNA was strong enough to handle the intense barrage of chemicals and the undisclosed and chemically masked fertility drugs used to conceive their child.  They would never live long enough to understand the real objective of the tests, however.
Billy's birth certificate showed his name as William K Kelly but his friends would later add the name Karma.  Karma Kelly preferred to keep this name to himself.  To everyone but his friends he was Billy. Only his close friends called him Karma.
His parents died when he was young.  They never recovered from the experiments performed on them the decade before.  His only memory of them was his fifth birthday when he had a big party at their home and all his friends from the neighborhood came over.  His parents hired a clown to perform tricks for them.  He tells this story to people that ask if he has any memories of his parents or his childhood.  What he does not confess is the first vision and touch incident he experienced.  It was with 'Wally the Clown'.  
Jim Neighbors was 'Wally the Clown'.  He received a call that morning by the company 'Gaggle of Clowns' that recruited children's party entertainment acts for birthday and company parties.  The boy's address was an hour from his home and he left that morning to reach his destination by noon for his show.  When Jim arrived, all the young guests were in the backyard of the house.  Billy's father met him out front to give some specifics about his son so Wally could make Billy the center of attention.  
Wally made his appearance to the cheers of the kids.  He started into his introductions when the birthday boy came out of the house from the bathroom.  The little boy took one look at the clown and froze.  His mother bumped into him because he stopped dead in his tracks.  
She looked down and smiled.  "What's the matter Billy?"  Then added "That's Wally the Clown, isn't he cool?"  
"Mommy why is that clown on fire?"  he asked in his scared and innocent little voice.  She tried to step around him, but he stayed attached to her leg.
"What do you mean Billy?"  she said still smiling.  "Do you mean the outfit?  Isn't it colorful?"  she asked.
"No mommy, he is glowing with fire", he said with wide eyes pointing his finger at the clown.
His mother looked at him for a moment and became concerned.  She called over his father and they spoke briefly before his father knelt down and said "Hey little man, are you afraid of the clown?"
Billy pulled himself closer to his mother's legs almost standing between her legs now with his face looking down.  He replied "Daddy, I'm afraid of the clown cause he's on fire".
"No he's not Billy.  If he were on fire don't you think people would be throwing water on him and trying to put out the fire?" he asked gently.
"I don't know daddy.  He is glowing with fire"  he said.
"Watch Billy" his father said as he called Wally over to where they were standing.  Billy's eyes widened more as this glowing clown moved closer to him.
"Billy, this is Wally" his father introduced his son to the clown.  "Billy, shake his hand" his father said gently "It's polite to shake a person's hand when you first meet."
Billy slowly extended his hand from his mother's side and Wally reached out and shook it. "See son, there is nothing to worry about, right?"  His father said confidently.
Although Billy does not remember the feeling of that handshake, there was some form of energy which passed between the boy and the clown.  Two days later an article ran in the local paper about a man in a clown costume at a child's birthday party suddenly falling off a set of steps onto an upturned shovel and severing his jugular.  He bled out at the scene in front of screaming kids. Tragic accident was the caption. Wally was the clown.
Billy started seeing more flaming halo's around certain people after his birthday.  The first instance with Wally taught the boy to approach the people that glowed and touch them like his father had him do that day.  The touch made him feel that everything was ok and these weren't scary people.  These people would look down and smile at young Billy, then rub whatever spot the boy touched.  It usually took two days before the recipient of the touch met their demise.
The first person in Billy's life to become a glowing person herself was nanny Bridget. She was a family friend hired by his aunt to watch Billy.  Aunt Nora was given custody of him after his parents simultaneous overdose when he was 7.
Aunt Nora lived across the country and this move across the country helped keep the emergence of Billy's gift from the authorities.  Any person touched while his parents were still alive all died two days after.  The local authorities could not connect any death to any other.  Local news programs ran specials about the increase in suspicious but accidental deaths.  Billy and his parents had no idea his touch was killing these people.
For most of his life, the glowing people were at an arms length from him and people he loved.  He knew none of them personally and neither did his family or friends.  The only person who got close to Billy and became a glowing person herself was nanny Bridget.  She was such a nice and caring person when Aunt Nora first hired her.  She and Billy would do everything together during the time Nora worked.
On one of those outings she brought Billy back to her house to pick up business suits for her father and bring them to the cleaners.  When the she and boy drove in the driveway, her father was getting into his car.  He stopped when he saw them and waited beside his car as they approached.
"Hi cutie" her father said as they came near.
"Hi Daddy!" she exclaimed and she introduced the boy "And this is Billy".
"Hi Billy, How are you?"  the man asked and extended his hand. 
The boy had seen his halo from inside their car before he got out.  He was no longer shocked at seeing any glowing person.  Bridget's father glowed more brightly as he moved closer to Billy.  He reached out and shook the man's hand.  The familiar feeling transferred from his hand to Bridget's father.  The boy smiled at the man and told Bridget she was lucky to have such a nice man as her father.
Monday morning Billy woke up and went downstairs to see his aunt doing the chores Bridget typically performed.  His aunt looked up with the red puffy eyes of a mourner when she saw him.  
"Hi auntie, where is Bridget?"  he asked while rubbing the last piece of crusty out of his eyes.
"Hi honey." she said with some strain in her voice.  She added "Bridget won't be here today or for awhile I would imagine."
"Why?" was his simple question.  
That one word question agonized his aunt and she took a moment to answer "Bridget's father passed away suddenly this morning."  
"I met him on Friday.  He was a nice man.  He shook my hand and everything."  He explained and talked as if his words would keep him from being dead. "Is that why you were crying?" he asked.
"I'm sorry Billy.  I've known Bridget's father a long time."  was all she could manage.  She and Bridget's father had gone to school together and had been life long friends.
He looked at his aunt and said simply "I touched him, ya know".  
She looked over at him and asked "What?  You touched him?" 
"He stuck out his hand and I shook it" he said quietly.
"Oh, you shook his hand, that's all.  He's a very polite man"  she said looking back at what she was doing.
Bridget woke up the night after her father's death in a cold sweat sobbing.  She doesn't remember falling asleep.  She didn't think she could.  The day was a world wind of grief mixed with pain and an uncontrollable agony of loss.  Her beloved father was gone.  How could that be?  Why?!  Somebody would pay, she thought in her mind.  The anger started deep in her mind and grew until it was all she could do to function normally.
"Why daddy?"  she cried out loud  "Why!!?".  He crashed his car into a semi-truck as it ran a red-light at an intersection near their house.  This was the normal route he took to work everyday.  Like clockwork he drove into Alexandria to his office at 6:45 am.  He has been at the same job for as long as she can remember.  
She knew her father worked for the government.  What she didn't know was that one of his jobs was keeping track of young Billy and his aunt.  He was chosen for the assignment when his superiors learned of his close relationship with Nora, Billy's aunt.
The office he worked in kept track of all the test subjects involved with special operations testing facilities.  After Billy's parents death, those people found where the boy would be taken and who had custody of him.  Bridget's father was not a field agent.  He sat at a desk and processed paper that contained data from the experiments and other clandestine activity within the department.  Because of his relationship with Nora, he was asked to come off the desk and help keep an eye on the boy.  They told him only what he needed to be know.  In one of the meetings he was told not to approach the boy directly unless absolutely necessary.  
They asked him to have his daughter play nanny for Nora and the boy.  He was assured that she would be in no danger.  She was recently out of college and needed a job.  It was a good fit.  Technicians gave him a new cell phone that he was to present to his daughter as a present.  This had all the tracking and control capabilities they needed to monitor the daughter while she was with the boy.  They assured him it was only the boy they wanted to track and not his daughter.
The morning of her first day as the boy's nanny, her father made a show of presenting her with a new smart phone.  He said this was long overdue and would be all she needed to stay in touch with Nora and provide her all the latest social apps that most young adults use to stay in touch with friends.  She loved it and gave her father a big hug.  
The gadget also had one item that neither knew about or would understand its significance.  The phone contained a miniature radiation sensor in addition to all the other high tech sensors.  The custom apps installed by the department to track and monitor this sensor were invisible to the girl and worked as needed.  These apps transmitted any data results to the tech guys at their headquarters via a cellular connection.
After the boy shook her father's hand, a silent alarm went off in the phone and the data was sent to the department.  The level of radiation detected, the exact location, the time of the event, as well as a 30 second audio recording was created.  Any pictures taken by her within thirty minutes of the event were also uploaded for review by the analysts.  Once the analysts received and reviewed all the data, a meeting was scheduled immediately.  They had to decide their next move in the wake of this potential breach.  They feared this might happen in the years following the death of Billy's parents.  
The department meeting set in motion a chain of events with an army of agents that would effect Billy for the rest of his life.  The entire focus of the department was now on him and his life and activities.  Budgetary monies were funneled from other secret projects and hidden from Congressional Oversight reports.  Two of the departments best data collectors were sent out to meet with Bridget immediately.
Bridget received the two beefy department employees the day after her father's death.  If they didn't look so serious and weren't dressed like they were hit men, she might find the one on the left kinda hot, she thought through the haze of her grief.  She had seen some of her father's coworkers before and none of them looked like these two.  The suits and haircuts had more of a military look than what her dad wore to work.  They were also very focused on her eyes and what she said.  She had never felt the type of gaze these two men were giving her.  She felt guilty and ashamed and she had no idea why.  The little voice in the back of her head told her to tell them whatever they wanted or she would be sorry.  They asked questions about her activities two days before her father died.  Some involved the boy and specifically what the boy was doing around the time the silent alarm in the phone was triggered.  Of course she had no idea her phone had a silent alarm which alerted them to the event that took place.  But the time frame they inquired about was very specific and made her question Billy.  Were they asking about Billy because he was somehow involved?  How could that be?  He was just a little boy.  A strange little boy with periods of intense fear of certain people.  But still just a boy.
Even with the doubt they were casting on her father's accident, she still had no idea why they were asking all these questions.  Her father died in a car accident on his way to the office.  She remembered the time as roughly when she introduced Billy to her father.  They asked what the boy and man did when they were introduced.  She remembered her father taking the boys hand to shake it. The two men also walked her over to the location where her father's car was parked asked where Billy and her father stood before and after the introduction.  They thanked her quickly without another word and left her with all her questions intact and unanswered.
Bridget spent the next few months denying the loss of her father while her anger grew.  Her feelings of grief brought on jealousy at others who did not have their lives turned upside down in the way hers had been.  She felt life was not being fair to her and she would take out her anger on others whose lives were more fortunate than hers.  These feelings caused her to lash out at her family and friends in ways she had never done before.  She stayed out all night despite her mother's pleas for her safety.  The friends that started showing up at her house were also less than savory creatures.  
On one occasion Bridget was out with these friends in her car huffing aerosol they recently stole from a local business supply store.  These fumes combined with the beer she had consumed while at the beach that morning were enough to cause an almost total paralysis behind the wheel while she drove down main street.  An elderly man was exiting his car to walk around and help his wife out of the passenger side door when he was struck by Bridget's car with no warning or squeal of tires.  The man died at the scene and Bridget was taken into custody for driving under the influence and vehicular homicide.
The next time Billy and his aunt saw Bridget, she had been released on probation into the care of her mother.  The mother thought it would be a good idea to gather friends and family around her daughter to show her she was still loved and important.  When Billy and Nora drove on to the property no one was there to greet them. The farm house Bridget and her mom now shared alone was large and the driveway was long.  Previous parties the family had always took place around the back of the house.  Since the two of them were early, most everyone setting up the party were out back getting ready.
Billy helped Nora with the food platters they prepared that morning.  After depositing the food on a fold out table in the living room they moved out through the back door where streamers and balloons were being strategically placed for the nights festivities.  Ten or more people were all working silently while country music played at a moderate level in the background.  It was a beautiful day and Billy looked forward to playing with the other kids his age that were sure to show up.  Nora moved off to talk with Bridget's mom in what looked like serious tones over by the garden where the grill had been setup.
As Billy looked around for other people his age, Bridget made an appearance from the solitude of her room.  He looked at her and at first did not recognize who he was looking at.  It wasn't the half shaved head or the nose ring or even the zombie like make-up she covered her face with; it was the glowing flame that now encompassed her entire body.  She was now a glowing person like Wally and all the rest he has seen since that first day on his fifth birthday.  Billy did not have a good time at the party that night like he had hoped.  Seeing Bridget as one of the glowing people made him feel uneasy and he could not have fun knowing this.  Most of the party he spent at his aunts side while she spoke to her friends about the tragedy of Bridget's family.
As Billy was leaving Bridget came up to him and gave him a bear hug.  The transfer of energy was more pronounced than it had been with others he touched.  This time, he felt some pain and winced.  She was still smiling when she broke the hug and looked down at him.  "Miss you little guy"  was all she said and mussed his hair before turning around and heading back towards the house.  The department was not notified of any sensor activation because the phone was no longer in Bridget's possession.  Her death surprised them and highlighted their mistake and lack of coverage.  
Soon after her father died, the phone Bridget carried with all the additional sensors was stolen while she was at a party.  The department was not aware of this until they saw strange activity coming from the phone the following week.  The thief bit off more than he knew when he started making his drug purchases using the phone.  His thought seemed logical. Why use his phone when he could use another and distance himself from any illegal activities.  A DEA raid on his house the following day caused him to wonder if this logic was sound.
Billy's aunt never recovered from nanny Bridget's death when the call came.  His aunts legs gave out before she collapsed while taking the call and listening to the tragic news.  Billy called 911 after she fainted.  She stayed in the hospital for a few days before being released.  The next few months she spent most of her time in and out of bed in a deep depression. Her life lost it's purpose and she did not live the year.  He would find out later why he felt the pain when all others he touched were simple twinges.
After Nora's death, Billy was without a place to stay or someone to care for him.  At eleven years old the public defender assigned to his case spoke with Bridget's mother.  He asked her if she would take the little boy to stay with her.  Behind the scenes, the public defender had been fed the information about Sarah and her wish to care for the boy.  She did not want to get involved in the process, however and never expressed her desires to anyone but those close to her in private conversations.  The bugs placed in her home following her husbands death gave them the insight they needed to notify his attorney to pursue this opportunity. They wanted to keep the boy local and this was a convenient solution.
His time with Sarah was a godsend for Billy.  In all the time Billy spent with his real parents and his aunt, he did not have someone who cared for him in the way Sarah did.  She put herself second to his needs. She was his mom and it did not take long for him to start referring to her this way.  The first time he called her mom brought tears to her eyes and made Billy concerned that he had done something wrong.  She smiled and assured him he did nothing wrong.  She said she was happy he felt comfortable enough to call her his mom that she cried.
He told her she was his mom.  The fun they had together and the little things she did with him on a daily basis made him feel like they were a family.  During these heartfelt moments, the department technicians listened in on all their private conversations with an ear for anything that may relate to his unique nature.  A nature that neither of them knew existed or was being monitored.
They installed sensors similar to the ones in her daughter's cell phone but with more power and sensitivity since the power source was now the house instead of a small cell phone battery.  Tiny video cameras were placed in light fixtures in the living room and kitchen.  The alarm system her late husband had installed was department equipment.  Anytime personnel needed access to the house, they simply used the passkey kept in a manager's drawer.  People manned computer screens twenty-four hours a day waiting for any fluctuation in their signal.  All delivery people and all technicians seen in the neighborhood around Sarah's house were department employees.  New teachers hired at the school Billy was enrolled in were moonlighting with the department for extra cash.  The world created around these two people became one grand movie set with all people not already known to Sarah were actors paid by the department.  The money expended for the surveillance of this eleven year old boy dwarfed last years entire security budget for protecting the Vice President of the United States.  
Due to the unique nature of most glowing people, children do not become afflicted nor are they susceptible to the urges and consequences that lead to this condition.  With the department's help and money, the world around Billy became a pristine and safe place where no glowing people existed that he would ever have contact with or be able to touch.  The next year became a very routine existence for the department and they used this time to learn as much as they could about their charge and his dreams and aspirations.
A visit to a typical meeting at headquarters provided any outsider with a glimpse of a typical adolescent boy who liked baseball, girls, and wanted to be secret agent one day.  The secret agent dream always drew snickers from the agents as they commented on their constant surveillance of the boy.  To them he was already a secret agent with his assignment to keep himself safe and grow into a productive adult with their help and protection.  The gift he possessed would be contained during this transition through puberty.  
The fear expressed during the most recent of these meetings had to do with the unknown power he would generate during his journey through puberty.  The chemical changes in his body would fluctuate and for most normal boys only produce body oder, a funny voice, and hair where there was none before.  The changes in Billy were more pronounced internally and occurred in places unseen to the human eye.  The experiments done on his parents before he was born and during his pregnancy produced a boy with abilities and physical protections that no other human possessed or would have thought possible.
This project became code named "Karma" after that taped conversation his parents had just prior to his birth.  It was moving to the next stage of its development.  Billy was becoming a teenager and his world would be expanding soon.  The preparations over the past year all came down to his ascension through puberty and the ability of them to maintain control over the environment he lived in and was protected by.
End of Part 1
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