ode to the shutdown

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I am not completely done with political poems. This situation has me baffled. Who is more to blame. Both are equally to blame. No one is leading.

This has some humor although this situation is anything but funny.

Submitted: October 15, 2013

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Submitted: October 15, 2013



Governing moments spent in committee,

haggling over money raised each day.


Spending more than allotted is a pity,

considering no one intends to repay.


Leading to the time we have before us.


Showing this proud nation lacks the will

to build the pieces of a financial truss.


Lead by a group unwilling to pay the bill.


Loudly proclaiming their jobs worth.


Using a talent to talk from each side

of their mouths acquired at their birth,

causing the polls to spike and slide.


The citizens are left to feel like sheep.


Through all the money spent to ensure

the politicians keep most of us asleep,

while the fourth estate extols manure.


Who are we to listen too in our daily life?


When the ones elected to protect, fight.


When freedom of speech is used for strife.


Leaves many rereading their constitutional right.


So as we sit each day and wait for the end,

based on the Presidents words he preaches.


People ravage a walmart as they descend

to a level of children no more than public leeches.


Is this the perfect society we are to expect?


When a government hands out the money

no one has earned or has any right to collect.


Using credit to addict is anything but funny.


So as the rhetoric intensifies with time.


The two branches of government collide.


Each taking a side is no victimless crime,

with news reports running daily worldwide.


However the winds take the current trouble;

sifting remaining logic from all the hot air,

the results will be those of a giant bubble

whose content will be filled with health care.


So with the doors shut and the lights out,

we can all sleep easy in the knowledge

that our tax bill will come without a doubt.


Let this scare be a warning to acknowledge.


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