Seasons End

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For any Red Sox fan, this season was more than we could have hoped for. But even as the team was on the verge of winning I lamented the end of a season that started so well.

Submitted: November 01, 2013

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Submitted: November 01, 2013



The day started with a win early,

leaving a smile as i dozed at last.


The series lifts my spirits surly,

yet my eyes close as time passed.


Days and counting til seasons end.


Moving on to winter and the snow.


Icy fields mourned like an old friend;

childish dreams never to outgrow.


The spring is too far away for hope.


Long winter nights zero and below,

with cold making it hard to cope.


Years shave the wonders of snow.


Each day passed leans nearer

to the day when the birds sing,

the leaves begin to look clearer

and the air whispers its spring.


Waiting for that day brings a smile.


When the mercury make me shiver.


Dressing in ways devoid of style

as the wind whips off the river.


When wood stoves are finally shuttered;

the boots are packed and stowed away,

the coats hung, houses uncluttered,

we emerge into a world on display.


For those living in an area with cold,

when warmer days come, beguiling.


For spring is something to behold;

when a mates pursuit is smiling.


My thoughts ignite once more,

to nights spent hoping to cheer

these modern warriors i adore,

shaping moments til i disappear.


The players throw the ball around,

while experts fill my head with chatter.


My smile is as bright as a circus clown.


The emotions soar with each batter.


The worlds end wouldn’t even matter.


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