'twas the night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

a political interpretation of the holiday classic using the brand new federal affordable care act as the "holiday".

based on Clement Clarke Moore’s poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” [1823]

saw this entry on another remake of the classic and thought it should be added.

twas the night before obamacare, when all through the houses
none of the rhetoric was stirring, not even his spouse’s
the stock certificates were hidden behind the chimney in a scare
in hopes that obama’s law would soon be laid bare
the congressman were restless when polls said they were inbred
while visions of more social planning danc’d in obamas head
and drama over worship and why the income gap
had just settled our brains to ignore all this crap
when on the internet there arose all this chatter
I adjusted my chair to see the screen but felt only my bladder
away to the forums i surfed as my computer crashed
I tore open my policy, saw I am overweight and gasped 
the gloom of protest by even the blue states show
the presidents adoration needs more quid pro quo
when what to the corner of my eye should appear
but a miniature pundit and his eight slides of fear
with his droll little mouth so sarcastic, so quick
i knew in a moment he must be a lying little prick
more rapid with statements and lying to blame
he whistled so slyly and called them out by name
now unions, now liberals, now teachers and anchors
on socialists, on progressives, on celebrities and  musicians
To the top of the hill, to the top of both houses
now lie and delay, lie and delay, lie and delay and stall
as dry humor that before a clueless audience try
when they meet with the truth, ignore it and sigh
so up to the house-top the political correctness flew
with a dossier full of secrets, and our leader too
and then, his eyes twinkling, ignoring the burden of proof
the postings and bloggings, he acted way too aloof
as i threw the remote on the bed, the lies they did abound
down the internet connection went which gave me a frown
i was depressed where we were, from my bed i was hard put
and lord knows we’re all tarnished as he trashes us underfoot
a bundle of noise from his tongue on this attack
and he lurked like a medler, that would kick us in the sack
his eyes- getting wrinkled, his principles made me wary
he speaks and presupposes, what he imposes is scary
each poll makes him shout- it is very apropos
and i cheered when i saw his polls going so so low
the slump he would incite- he yelled with all his might "he won’t retreat"
some would choke,but he said all this power was way too sweet
he had fraud to embrace and sounding unlike machiavelli
that shook the markets aghast, so doleful he was of the telly
he was confused and a chump, a folly of himself
i knew we would get the shaft as i finally relieved myself
to think that this guy became our leader instead.
so soon i saw my money go and i screamed into my head 
he spoke of the absurd as the interest rates went berserk
then skilled with his mockings, he turned with a smirk
and displaying his finger in a snide little pose
unforgiving this fraud he goes on to foreclose
he harangues as we pray, to his team says “fire a missile”
and away each flew with the sound of a guided missile
but i heard him exclaim, aware he arose by being uptight
crappy assistance to all, even to those to the right.

Submitted: January 03, 2014

© Copyright 2022 acbowgus. All rights reserved.

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Stormbird Throneshaker

Hum, hum, hum, no comments?

All four elves grabbed Shandra by her arms, and then forcefully shoved her into the sleigh, after a bit of a skirmish, which ended when all the tenants began throwing what ever they could launch out their windows at the elves, Shandra, and the reindeer.

"Get us the shit out of here, you little assholes!” Shandra yelled at the elves, over the uproar in the alley, as a police car turned in with it's blinding lights, and blasting sirens.

The lead elf had the reindeer pulling the sleigh down the alley with a police car hot on their tail, til it bolted up and into the night sky.

"Did you see that?” the officer who was driving, asked his partner.

"No, I didn't see a thing, and you didn't either.” his partner answered.

Taken from "Shandra Clause" by Stormbird Throneshaker

Tue, January 7th, 2014 4:07pm


The one thing I find difficult about this site is the inability; or my own ignorance at finding stories easily. Most new stories are found because they are on the front page. As they age, they go away.

I saw yours and liked it. And I thank you for the time to read and comment in your own way.

Tue, January 7th, 2014 8:50am

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