battle with death

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it really does give a chill

Submitted: February 16, 2010

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Submitted: February 16, 2010



Battle with Death

Against all odds with a dashing light of fire,

I thought what if I pulled the wire?

But when I reached the gate,

A feeling you’d still love to hate.


But while walking I must’ve fell,

‘cause the place I saw was sheer and utter hell.

Just then I knew I needed bait,

But I just couldn’t wait.


So I rushed down the crackling stairs,

While silently saying my prayers.

I was there for with death I had a date,

And yet again I knew it was late.


And as I was going I heard everything was dead,

But I knew he was just getting to my head.

There was no noise so all was silent to me,

Just then I thought but how could this be?

for I knew in a bed death would rest

  ofcourse i was the best

so this was the sign that all was well

for in my new life death could never dwell

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