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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: December 28, 2009

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Submitted: December 28, 2009



Gengi and darek arrived back to the other side and the portal sinked to the ground.But when they arrived back,they didn’t see things the same,but different. “What in the world happened here?” gengi asked himself. “Look out” said darek after seeing the flaming rock coming towards them.Gengi and darek ran quickly to avoid being hit by it. Continually they ran avoiding the flaming rocks coming at them. “Look”, “there is a tunnel” said gengi.Quickly they went into the tunnel.The rocks smashed on top of the tunnel, blocking the entry.

Fortunately for them there is enough light for them to see.Darek put his hands on his face and shaked his head. “What’s going on?” he asked. “I don’t know” answered gengi. “But whatever it is”, “I don’t think it wants us alive”.They went further into the tunnel,trying to find a way out.In a little while,gengi and darek entered a big room with statues of ghouls and vampires. “This room is giving me the creeps” said darek. “shhh” gengi said to darek. “I can hear footsteps”.Out from the two entries ran in orange masked warriors with weapons.

They stepped down the stairs and circled around gengi and darek. “Aaaaa” they yelled and attacked. “Cha ki” yelled gengi and spin kicked one to the face.Darek ducked and swinged his right foot up.The warrior swinged his sword at gengis head.Gengi flipped back two times and swinged his left foot forward.And then swinged back with his right foot.Darek tripped one of them down and elbowed his face.Gengi got kicked to the back but twisted the warriors left arm and hammered his head with his left fist.Darek took care of the last one with a flying air kick to the chest.The warriors laid face down after the fight.


“So”,where do we go now?” asked darek.Looking around gengi tried to find where to go from here. “Let’s go that way” he replied.They walked up the stairs to the entries where the orange masked warriors came from.There they saw one path to the left and one to the right. “Which way do we go?” asked darek.Gengi looked side to side and said “lets go right” he replied.They started walking into the right path,going down the cracked stairs.

The path lead them to the jungle of death. “This place smells bad” said darek and covered his nose with the back of his left hand.Gengi stopped walking and told darek to wait. “What is it?” he asked gengi. “I think there is something hiding in here” he replied.Then he walked to where he thought he heard it coming from.He stopped and put his head down. “Rarrr”,forest rised from the ground.Gengi took four steps back and stanced himself. “Zaaaaa” screamed forest and out his veins.

Gengi split down with his legs and the veins went past him.He got up and charged with his fists balled.Forest kicked low with his left leg and punched to the middle of his body with his left fist.Gengi blocked and punched high to his face with his right fist.Forest ducked and kicked to the chest with his right foot.Forced back by that gengi kicked high to his head with his right foot and then with his left foot.Forest kicked to his right hip with his right foot.Gengi felt the pain a little but shook it off and low kicked to the back of his left knee.Forest felt the contact to the back of his knee but grabbed gengi and kneed his stomach and upper cutted his chin.


He fell to the ground on his back.Forest started kicking right to his stomach while he is on the ground.Gengi grabbed his right foot and twisted it.Then he kicked his back with his left leg.Forest went down onto the ground and gengi got up.Forest angrily got off the ground and attacked with a flying air kick.Gengi moved to his right and missed the kick.Forest swinged to his face with the back of his left arm.Gengi flipped back and then air kicked to his face with his right foot.

Forest slowly spinned back.Then he quickly charged at gengi with his arms high.Gengi waited for him to get close and grabbed his arm and threw him forward.Forest went for his legs with a sweep kick,but gengi jumped and missed it.He got off the ground again and swinged forward at gengi with his right and left foot.Gengi blocked his right foot with his left hand and punched forests face with his right fist and his left fist.Forest got his face with his left punch but gengi got another punch to his face and another one.

Forest swinged with his left fist but gengi blocked it and punched twice to the chest.Then three times low to his stomach.Grabbed his right hand,twisted it,and kicked his neck hard with his left foot.Forest placed his left hand onto his neck.Gengi screamed and hammer punched him to the head.He finished him with a stomp to the neck.After the fight,darek came up to gengi."Are you alright?" he asked."Yeah" replied gengi."But we must continue to get out of here".They continued on,searching for a way out."There is a door over there" said darek.He went to it and went for the knob,but gengi stopped him.


"What are you doing?" asked darek."Maybe there is a trap waiting for us behind this door" he replied."So what do we do?" asked darek."Stay behind me and don't move unless I tell you to" answered gengi.Slowly he turned the knob and carefully pushed the door open.He looked around to see if the area is clear.Not seeing any threat in the way,gengi told darek to move.Walking behind him they entered into a different room.There they can see pictures engraved onto the walls.

The engraved pictures show ancient warriors fighting with swords and axes.Gengi put out his right hand to touch one of the pictures.But when he did,orange masked warriors filled inside the room,blocking the way."There is more of them this time" said darek."Kill them" yelled one of them and they charged at gengi and darek."Arke","arke","arke"."Did you hear that?" asked gengi."It's coming from above" replied darek.From above,raven broke inside from the top and landed down.

He spitted out his flesh acid at the masked warriors.They yelled in pain as the acid melted their skin.All of them turned into ash in short time.He turned around and faced gengi and darek."Who are you?" asked gengi.."My name is raven and I have come to help defend your world against the evil demon king" he answered."Demon king?" asked darek."He wanted kemdo to win realm kombat so that they can together take over earth" he replied."But because he failed","he has taken it into his own hands by opening the gates to the realm of earth bringing with him a invasion against humanity"."I killed kemdo","I can kill him to" said gengi."No" said raven.


"You are not ready to face him now"."Both of you must take on what is to come before facing the enemy"."He is more powerful than kemdo and harder to defeat"."So you must be ready"."Where do we go from here?" asked darek."You will both be sent on a path each" answered raven."But be aware"."If you can't see your enemy it doesn't mean it cannot see you"."Now","hang on to my back".Gengi and darek looked at each other and grabbed onto his back.Raven lifted off the ground and flied outside.

Morcouses Dungeon:Inside,morcous is sitting on his throne waiting for reports.Missle came and bowed to him."What do you have?" asked morcous."Forest has been killed and the mortals have escaped.Morcous got up from his throne and angrily said "What!"."They are not dead!"."Well go find them and don't come back until there dead" he ordered."Yes sir" said missile and left to do his job.

Raven landed down in the swamplands.Gengi and darek got off his back and raven walked to the river."What's he doing?" asked darek."Looks like he is trying to pull something out of the water" replied gengi.Raven pulled his arms up and out of the water came two wooden boats."Wow" said darek.Raven put one into the path that leads to the tower of doom and the other one that leads to the corpsed desert.Gengi and darek looked at each other and went to a boat.They sitted down into each one and raven said to them "When you the two of you arrive","be ready".


"Good luck" said gengi to darek and beginned to row away.Darek started rowing shortly after.Stroke after stroke they went further into where they are to stop at.Gengi arrived first and got off the boat and stepped onto the concrete ground.He began to look for the tower that raven told him about.It started to darken a little over the darklands.Gengi got to a big building and stopped."This must be it" he said to himself.With no door to open he stepped inside the tower of doom.

Inside,the area has enough light for him to see ahead.He looked around to see where to go.In the middle there are stairs that lead up and to the left is a gate to the execution room.Gengi chose the stairs and slowly walked up.But after taking another step,the stairs at the bottom broke off.He looked back and shook his head.Then he continued on.

Gengi found himself to be in a room with chinese writings in blood on the walls and on the ceiling a glass painting of a mythical creature.He went to the blooded chinese writings and started to read what they say."For every mortal that enters the dark","there soul will not get to reach the light".Gengi backed away from the wall slowly.He turned around and shadow came into his view."Arrrr" he screamed and threw gengi to the side.Gengi got up and went at him.Shadow let out a left punch and a right punch.Gengi striked with his right punch to his head and with his left one to his chest.


Shadow grabbed his left arm,kicked his stomach,and kicked his face with his right foot.Gengi kicked to his left leg and then to his right leg.Shadow kicked his right hip and swing kicked his face twice.Gengi dropped to the ground but tripped shadow with his left foot.They both got up and resumed fighting.Gengi swinged high with his left foot and then with his right one.Shadow swinged to his face with his right arm.

Gengi ducked and punched hard to his stomach.Shadow grabbed his left hand and kicked his back with his left foot and booted his chest with his right.And then he ran towards gengi.Gengi leaped over him and kicked his back with his left foot.Shadow went back onto the ground.He got back up and growled at gengi. "Kay zay" yelled gengi and punched right to his face.And then to the left of his face.Shadow swinged his left foot high to his head.

Gengi grabbed his left foot,twisted it,and kicked his left hip.He punched three times to his face and palmed up his chin.Shadow swinged his left punch out.Gengi blocked it,twisted his arm,and knife chopped to his neck.Shadow put his left hand onto his neck.Feeling the anger in his veins he flip kicked shadow up to the glass.Darek arrived at the corpsed desert.After he got off the boat he covered his nose with his right hand because of the dead odor."What happened here?" he asked himself.Passing by he saw bones scattered on the ground.Then he heard something snap and stopped.


He looked left and right to see if anyone is near.Not seeing anyone darek continued walking.He can see shelter ahead of him.When he got to the straw house,missile stepped out from behind.He put both hands out and fired out missiles from his hands at darek.Darek flipped forward into the air ,missing them.Then he attacked at missle.He striked to his face with a right punch and swinged to his face with the back of his left arm.Missle blocked his left arm and threw him forward.

Darek got up and swinged to his head with his right foot and spin kicked to his face with the back of his left foot.Missle missed both and punched dareks chest hard.Darek pinched his mouth in pain a little .Missile punched right and left to his lungs.Darek grabbed his left hand and upper cutted him.Missle jumped into the air and kicked to the right of his face.After he landed on the ground he grabbed darek by the shoulder and punched his face.

And then to his chest and stomach.Then he flip kicked back to his chin.Darek felt sore from the force of the punches.Missle released more missiles at darek to finish him.Darek ducked and layed on the ground.Missle stepped towards him to see if he is dead.He kneeled down and turned his face towards him.Darek opened his eyes and grabbed his neck tight with his right hand.He lifted missile off the ground while choking him.Then he punched him four times to the face and booted his stomach with his right foot.He kicked his face to the right and then to the left.Missile opened his hand to let out more missiles at him.


Darek grabbed the hand and shoved it into his mouth."Time to go bye bye" he said and kicked missile away with his right foot.Missle exploded into pieces after darek dived to the ground.Afterwards the ground beginned to shake and a portal came out and opened.Darek ran to the portal and jumped in.Gengi reached the top of the tower and can see raven there."You fought well gengi" he said."I will take you to the demon kings dungeon to face morcous".

He grabbed hold of ravens back and raven took off from the tower of doom.Darek came out of the other end of the portal and arrived in demon island.The island has got lava dripping down into a deep pit and statues of evil animals that have red glowing eyes.Back at morcouses dungeon:One of morcouses slaves came to him with news."What is it?" asked morcous."Shadow and missile have been killed and the mortals are on the island" replied the slave.

Morcous got off his throne and let out a loud scream inside the dungeon.Raven and gengi arrived outside morcouses dungeon.After gengi got off he heard footsteps coming towards them."Stay here" said gengi and walked to where he heard the footsteps coming from.The person came close and gengi grabbed him and put him into the light."Darek" he said.Then he asked him "how did you get here?"."I came here through the portal" replied darek."How did you get here?" he asked gengi."Raven flew me here" answered gengi.Raven pointed to the gate and said it's time to put a end to the demon kings hold on the realm on earth" and then he flied away,wishing them good luck.


"You ready?" asked gengi."Yeah" replied darek Gengi pulled the lever down and the gate beginned to open.They went inside after the gate fully opened.Inside,they stepped into morcouses throne room.Morcous standed up and pointed his finger at gengi and darek."You two have come to face me?" he asked angrily."No","I have come to kill you,"demon king" replied gengi."Ah ha ha ha ha" laughed morcous."You will die at my feet mortal"."You all will die".

"Raaaaaa" yelled morcous at charged at gengi with his sword.He swinged the sword to his left hip and to the right of his head.Gengi moved his head to the left and kicked the sword out of his hand.Then he swinged with the back of his right foot to his face.Morcous grabbed his right foot,kicked his chest,and punched his face with his right fist.Gengi kicked high to his head with his left and right foot.Morcous blocked both of his kicks and punched his stomach with his left and right punch and elbowed his chin.

Gengi dropped to the ground."You are no match for me" said morcous and kicked twice to his right hip.Then he lifted his left foot to stomp his stomach.Gengi blocked his left foot,wrapped it with his right and left leg and twisted.Morcous went to the ground.Gengi got up and tried to stomp his head but morcous rolled away.He got off the ground and kicked to both sides of gengis body.Gengi missed the right one but not the left.Then he striked to his head with a right punch.Morcous grabbed it,twisted his arm,and hammered his chest four times with his right hand.Then he locked onto his neck with his left arm and started to choke him.


"You are weak and powerless against me mortal" he said."Say goodbye to your friend".Gengi closed his eyes and concentrated on his energy within him.Then he opened his eyes,filled with fire.He grabbed morcouses left hand and twisted it,releasing his grip from him.Then he jumped high into the air and kicked morcouses face with his right foot.Morcous swinged to his face with a left punch.Gengi blocked and kicked his stomach and punched left to his face and then to the right of his face.Then he upper cutted his chin.

Morcous roared and gengi right kicked his face and spin kicked his face with his left foot.Then he punched three times to his stomach and five times to his lungs.Morcous angrily picked up his sword and ran at him with it.Gengi saw a dagger next to him and grabbed it.Morcous swinged to the left of his head.Gengi ducked and stabbed the blade of the dagger into his heart and released his hands from the handle.Morcous yelled out in pain.

Gengi watched the demon king slowly melting to the ground.Then he sat down after morcous completely melted to the ground.Darek came and sat down next to him."Are you okay?" he asked gengi."I'll be fine" he replied."Hey","what's is that?" asked darek.A white light beginned to shine in the circle where morcous died.Raven came to them sometime after."Gengi" he called.Gengi walked to him."There isn't a lot of time but if you want revenge against the wolf brothers","come with me".Gengi looked at darek and then at raven.He walked to darek and said "I must go with raven"


"Are you sure this is what you want to do?"."I must" replied gengi."Well it has been good to know you" said darek.Gengi shaked his hand and walked back to raven."I am ready" said gengi.Raven opened a portal in front of them.Before gengi went in he turned around and waved goodbye to darek.The portal closed and the white light filled the room.Darek opened his eyes and noticed he is outside the W.A.D building.He pushed open the left door and walked inside,closing the door behind him.


© Copyright 2020 ACEMAN. All rights reserved.

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