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God speaks when we are silenced by the crowd of problems.He speaks that word that creats and changes things forever.

Submitted: November 04, 2010

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Submitted: November 04, 2010



For Zion’s sake I will not be silent for Jerusalem sake I will not be quiet until her saving justice dawn like a bright light and her victory like a blazing touch (Isaiah 62:1-2).
Yahweh has sworn by his right hand and by his mighty arm:
Never again, shall I give your grain to feed your enemies.
Never again will foreigners drink the wine for which you labored. (Isaiah 62:8)
The love of the Lord is everlasting upon those who hold Him in fear. He tears open the heaven and comes down whenever we sincerely and persistently call upon Him. Our assurance in this ever present God must be renewed every now and then with the examples and testimonies of all those whose life is a commentary on the God who is not silent on issues that affects us.
The story of Bartimaeus become a template and a platform on which our faith could rise and be uplifted to that place of intervention.
In Mark 10:46-52 Bartimaeus was a blind beggar who sat along the road begging for alms and longing for a passing dew of human kindness to give him a temporary refreshment. The sorry situation of being a blind beggar was made much bitter by an uncaring crowd that almost deprived him of the opportunity that makes an eternal difference.
The story of Bartimaeus, the crowd and the Jesus encounter holds life changing lessons and metaphors for us. Blindness could be in us a physical, mental, social or spiritual state in life, blindness could mean reaching an end of the road situation or a form of stagnation that could befall anyone in life. Bartimaeus knew he was physically blind and needed beyond passing generosity a generosity that could change his life forever.
As a Christian are you aware of the area of your own blindness? Have you lost a vision of life? Are you groping through life and not knowing where you stand? Where you are going? Is there in your life a cloudy and hazy feeling about the future? Do you feel lost in the scheme of things? Then there is the need to ask for discernment and learn from the courage of Bartimaeus.
Bartimaeus sat at the roadside begging while a throng of people move along to Jerusalem, the city of the living God, the palace of gold, to contemplate beauty and splendor of his Shekinah glory and there feast. He was not only blind He was equally being left behind. But he made up his mind that this situation must change. Is it possible that in your life you seem to have reached a bus stop? A feeling of stagnation, nothing seems to be moving for you? Promotions are not coming? Business is not growing? No growth in spiritual life? Do you feel unnoticed, unrecognized, forgotten and left behind? Has life been unfair to you and you seem trapped in a broken past? Holed up by debt? Limited by ill-health or family burden? There is a time to rise. This is the time, rise now!
If you think there can be no water in the desert ask the Oasis, if you think there can be no prosperity in the period of famine and economic melt-down ask Joseph. If you think that your stagnation is final, ask Lazarus who rose, if you think the prison doors of stagnation are too heavy for you ask Peter, even iron gates open of its own accord for God will not be silent about you.
The crowd of troubles and problems may try to shut you out, the crowd of unbelieving people may try to hold you down; the crowd of self-pity and self-defeating mentality may try to silence you; Crowd of regrets and unfulfilled past, crowd of unfruitful ideas, crowd of useless friendship, crowd of unproductive activity may want to stamp you out forever. Do not give up; do not give in; shout all the louder only the voice over the storm will get the help it needs.
No matter the crowd of pains and discouragements Jesus will hear your voice. No matter what they do to eclipse you, Jesus won’t pass you by; even in the receiving crowd; receive Christ. Even in the madding crowd; let your gaze be steady on Christ. He visits His people to set them free.
For at the name of Jesus you will be saved. His name is a strong tower and the righteous run to it and they are saved (Prov. 18:10). His name is higher above all other names, this name saves you. The rising sun has come to visit us from on high. He will give light to those who sit in darkness and those who dwell in the shadow of death (Lk. 1:78-79).
And “Jesus stopped and said, “call Him (Mk 10:49). How awesome our God is. The one who stopped the red sea, that the Israelite may pass on dry ground; the one who stops the movement of seasons; who stops time and eternity, the one who makes the mountain to leap like rams and who seas and wind obeys; he has stopped everything to attend to your cry. He has stopped to give you a portion among the great (Isa. 53:12) then you shall call and the Lord will answer you; you shall cry for help and the Lord will say: Here I am (Isa. 58:9).
Now He has stopped to stop the situation frustrating you. He has stopped to say something to your situation. He has stopped to be your saving advocate. Whatever is your situation it will listen to Him? The one who calms the storm in Galilee wants to calm the storm of the present moment.
Jesus will never be silent upon our situation: He comes to announce the arrival of joy; He inaugurates you into lasting victory; He gives your opportunity for a perpetual testimony. He announces a year of favour, as year of Jubilee of Jubilations.
Arise, shine in his light come to Him with your burden. He is relocating you. His allocation never fails. He makes your destiny secure. He plants you besides flowing waters and whatever you do henceforth you will prosper. Throw off the cloak of the past failures and misfortune. He is doing something new.
He intervenes in your situation; giving you a new place, making you a new person and resuming a new match of life along with Him.
You will no longer sit along the roadside of life blind, begging and stagnated because JESUS will not be silent bout you.
Take courage; get up; Jesus calls you to a new life.
Oh God of all fruitfulness I put all my trust in you do for me all that Bartimaeus enjoy from you.amen
Pope Johnpaul II in his apostolic exhortation “Familiaris Consortio” states that the future of humanity passes by way of the family. And it is equally true that the future of the church herself is to a large extent dependent on the family which is the Domestic Church.
By the grace and power of the sacrament of Matrimony every matrimony every family then friends in the plan of God the creator its identity mission and responsibility in forming a community of persons; serving life; participating in the development of society and above all sharing in the life and mission of the church. So to invite People whatever their social and cultural background to hear the message of Christ. So to move people whatever their social and cultural background to hear the message of Christ, so that they may come to join them in the fullness of the catholic faith. This response must begin within the family where the catholic faith is grown, nurtured and matured to authenticity and fruitfulness.
Every Catholic home, become a place of faith, a community of love and where each member according to his or her own gift have the grace and responsibility of building day by day, the communion of persons, making the family a school of deeper humanity to fester the gospel values the dignity of the human person, the common good of the society. And this happens only when there is care and love for each other, for the little ones, the sick and aged, where there is mutual service every day, sharing of goods, of joys and of sorrows. If is a community of Educational exchange of values and faith inspired by the gospel between parents and children, in which each gives and receives. By means of love, respect and obedience forwards their parents, children offer then specific and implacable contributions to the contention of an authentically human and Christian family;
The Catholic Mother then is one who has accepted Jesus, inspired by gospel values and the faceting of the Catholic Church conscious of the obligation her marriage covenant place on her Mother in reelection to her immediate family, the church and the society. Fostering as well a deepening conversion to Christianity in her won life and joyfully promoting a new mentality, openness a desire, a willingness to bring to the world what we Catholic followers of Jesus Christ have to offer, beginning first with her home.
The catholic home becomes place where Christ’s love is the compelling motive (2 Cor. 5:14-15) for fully homing and freely sharing our Catholic faith the frontiers in a Catholic Home must become a response to universal call to holiness, the need for prayer, participation –in the Sunday Eucharist, the Sacrament of reconciliation, a dear, honest dependence on God help and grace, especially in listening to the word and proclaiming the word in holiness and prayer.
The Catholic Mother is one of the foundation stones of the family in the Catholic home, reinforced by the vintner of her Catholic faith to pelage certain roles that makes the Catholic Home worth its name.
She must bear courageous witness to her faith and the church’s teachings with a creative fidelity through a life inspired by the gospel.
Massage is a life-long commitment to love all how to fidelity in a genome mental physical response to God and to one another. She must be sacrificially committed to her home and the Christian Community and seek to adapt and adjust to the demanding Changes in life-Style, the challenges of inordinacy and truth, the challenges of bad times and communicating with one another that his new covenant of live brings.
In the age of Nannies, Maids and day cares Catholic mothers must not cede their responsibilities to these. For her parental love is for the children the visible sign of the very love of God.
The homed early Morning hugs and tired late night hugs of Busy Catholic mothers to their children are indices of facing mother. She must amidst the welter of engagements find quality times to laugh and love, to play and pray with her Children.
Catholic Mothers must realize that the great challenge of children is not so much in just having them but it has in giving themselves and their faith to them. Giving Children education, health care
A home and so on is not just enough. She must give them qualitative time. Material and implacable.
A stable religious atmosphere is essential for growth in love of God and neighbour; mother must create such an, atmosphere of loving application of their Christian faith in their lives as example for the children to help sustain a deeper understanding of their faith and practice of religion
Catholic mothers must give a clear recognition to the value of them material and family role and seek to harmoniously combined it with their public and professional roles. They must know that a public role that relegates their family roles is a treat to the communion, sanctity and sanity of their homes.
Without disregarding the place of customs and cultural practices in our homes, Mothers must diligently discern and inculcate the goods of our do not become strangers on their own land. And as well rigorously defend the home against practices that are disruptive to their existence.
Every Catholic Mother therefore must realize how enormous and seemingly impossible her roles seem to be. But graced by God and reformed by faith with a Peahen Heart, a sacrificial love, this is joyfully possible roles; if a Catholic home must worth its name.
The values of sacrifice, patience and humility; the openness to situations and readmes to learn from good and bad times must become the hallmarks of her character.
In his wife the man must see the fulfillment of God intention “helpers fit for him” (Gen. 12:18) and live with her in a special form of personal friendship, with shared task and generous responsibility forwards the Home.
Conclusively; the Holy spirit, who is poured forth in the celebration of the sacraments of matrimony is the living source and inexhaustible sustenance of every Christian home, attentive’ to his inspiration every family could be modeled after the Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
May our mother Mary, the Mother of the Church of the home, inspire all Catholic Mothers to become true representative of herself in their Homes.

© Copyright 2017 AchileUmameh. All rights reserved.

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