Script one. What not to do while visiting canada.

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This is a script for our first video.

Submitted: January 29, 2013

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Submitted: January 29, 2013



Starts with AChN on camara Maddy somewhere off to the side. A- AChN S- Maddy A- ok.. here we are. a video S- : figiting in the background : A- What are you doing back there? S- : Shrugs : A- : nods head : Ok, heres 5 things not to do while visiting canada. - Are you ready maddy? S- ok... i guess. A- ... - ok, Nuber one, Kick down our igloos. S- : Kicks house : - hurts foot and falls in snow. A- number 4, Insulting our maple bacon. S- so, whats with you guys putting maple syrup on evrything? A- like what? - pouring syrup on pancakes S- like your bacon.. i mean- maple bacon? really? A- Stares intensley at maddy - puts hand on knife A- Number three, Drinking our tims coffie. A- Have you seen my- S- sipping coffee A- : Another intence stare : - oh, i was going to tell you that you can have it... S- starts chokeing A- HAHAHAHAHA I ALSO FILLED IT WITH DEADLY NUROTOXINS. A- number two, Complaining about the snow where you live. S- so back where i live, theres a whole 3 inches if snow. A- : throws off pourch into a snowbank A- and finaly, number one, makeing us remember justin bebir is a canadian too. S- hey, im mad at youu! A- umm.. why? S- YOU GAVE US JUSTIN BEIBER! a- STOP REMINDING ME. WE DIDINT WANT HIM EITHER. A- throghs maddy off porch again. -- credits -- -- FIN --

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