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My best freind has been going through some very tough times as of late.

Not really poetry but it has some hart put into it

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013



You asked me what i thought of you.

You are a talented caring individual who has been treated apon by a society that does not comprehend  what feelings you and others around you are going through.

Blinded by the distortion of what this abnormal society dares call normal. the normal way to behave.

Stray too far from this picture perfect person and one can becomes depressed, because of a failure to match up tp the models on the runway

Those who are often seeking perfection are so close, yet so far to what they wish to be.

Perfection i human kind simply cannot be. we where not designed to be perfect. we where desighed to be thinkers, makers, creators, and only within our Hundreds of successes are there millions of errors. 

This perfection of which many seek is not within the skinny models and muscled men on te news,

To be perfect is not just be unrealistic, it is to not e human at all.


So just keep trying, because you may be crazy.

But im crazy too.



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