A Christmas Child

Poem by: achristop


Christmas as a child?


Submitted: February 21, 2007

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Submitted: February 21, 2007



A Christmas Child.

Hopping and skipping down busy streets,
My feet on cobbles, my mind on treats,
Peering through snowy window panes,
I can see....Barley-sugar canes!

Twinkling lights on Christmas trees,
Icy blasts lift the fallen leaves,
My wonder filled eyes take in the scenes,
coloured lanterns...blues and greens!

I need a boost to see inside!
The shops where Mum says "Fairies hide,
helping Santa make the toys",
For all the village girls and boys

My eyes are watering with the cold,
I wonder how long before I am old?
And will Santa still remember me?
And leave some presents by the tree?

Mum says he will!!..'cos she's been told,
That even when I'm 100 years old
he'll still be there on Christmas Eve,
She tells the truth!!..So I BELIEVE!

My sister Ellie whispers me,
"I'll boost you up so you can see!"
And as I climb upon her back,
"I can see a real live Santa sack!!"

My mittened hands seek a hold,
my nose against the glass so cold,
I stare in wonder, mouth agape,
At the magical, sparkly Christmas-scape!

Wiping my nose upon my sleeve,
How many night 'til Christmas Eve?
My thoughts return to Michael Dawes,
"No such thing as Santa Claus!!!"

"Liar! Liar!!" I know the truth,
Daddy saw reindeers on our roof!
And whose were the footprints in the grate?
Who ate the mince pie on my plate?

The carrots I left were missing too!
Put in a box beside the flue,
The reindeer must have eaten them,
And left some leaves and bits of stem!!

I listen agog as shoppers sing,
"Glory to the new-born King!"
I dream one day of catching sight,
Of Santa's sleigh in the bright moonlight.

As he wings his way across the sky,
Mummy said "Magic helps the reindeers fly!!"
And elves are his helpers, and Goblins too!
In suits of green, and caps of blue!

It takes all year to pick and choose,
The presents that he brings down flues,
and Daddy says "It can't be right
To deliver that lot in a single night!!"

Mummy wonders if he ever tires,
Or if he has to put out fires?
We ponder too, on whether or not,
He sometimes jams in the chimney pot?

He must get sooty! He must get black!
How does he squeeze down with his sack?
The toys are always shiny bright,
And how does he see without a light??

And how do they manage to drive the sleigh,
If all the snow has gone away?
What happens if the reindeers "Plop"?
does he pick it up? Do they have to stop?

I cannot wait 'til Christmas Day,
And next time when I hear him say,
"There's no such thing as Santa Claus!!"
I'll poke my tongue at Michael Dawes!!!


© Copyright 2017 achristop. All rights reserved.

A Christmas Child A Christmas Child

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Christmas as a child?
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