Dancers in the Darkness

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I wrote this for Kelly, my granddaughter(now 20)who once saw a fairy, in the glen, where I had told her they lived! A Damsel-fly? A Dragon-fly? who knows? But she saw it!!

Submitted: March 22, 2007

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Submitted: March 22, 2007



Dancers in the Darkness

‘Tis darkest night-and trembling trees, match the knocking of my knees,

A rustle here, a flutter there, a beating heart, standing hair,

A sudden squeal, a vixen's call, ghostly shadows standing tall,

Flap of wings...a silent owl, covers moonbeam with a cowl.

Small silken feet on dew damp moss, wet tender toes amongst the dross,

Spectral whispers in the trees, carried to me upon the breeze,

Up ahead I hear the sound, of tinkling bells along the ground.

I creep yet closer, holding breath....trembling! shaking! scared to death!!

Tiny lights swoop low and glitter, amongst the fallen Autumn litter,

Glow worm colours, brilliant jade....flicker ‘cross a looming glade,

On softly silent toes I glide, my quaking fear I cannot hide,

What terrors hide here in the night? Silver lit by pale moonlight.

Through the tall majestic pines, soldier like, in serried lines,

I spy a truly wondrous toadstools standing in a ring,

And... ‘neath each one, a tiny elf, sits upon a daisy shelf,

In the centre of this ring, fairies flutter, dance and sing!

Each one is of a different hue, green, yellow, pink and azure blue,

Clasping hands, they spin and twirl, some are boys, some are girls.

Elves with fiddles, pipes and, a tiny zither strums.

Round and round, to and fro...with bated breath, I watch their show.

The players tire, the music slows, to each of them a fairy goes,

And sprinkles magic with a ‘Zing', from silken purse beneath a wing.

Refreshed, the players play once more, fairy feet pound earthen floor,

With mouth agape I watch the dance, and wonder if I'll get the chance

To show myself and say hello-perhaps I'd better not!!! I'll go!

One last look before I leave, before I slip away and weave

My trembling way back through the trees,with muddy feet and dirty knees.

Who'll believe what I have seen, in the glade, verdant green?

As fairies flit across the glen, I lift my foot, and move again,

A sudden ‘Snap', a careless toe! An enemy within? A foe?

Quick as a flash, the magic's gone!!..and I am left here all alone.

The darkness of the wooded night, a contrast to enchanted light.

Then, in the growth, an eerie sound! beating heart begins to pound!

From all around, shrieks and cries!!.... salty tears fill my eyes.

Black shadows rise, and tower, tall... white, twisted faces, one and all,

"Whoo-Hoo"-the ghostly faces speak! An evil smell begins to reek!

Terrified, I turn and flee! Close behind, they follow me!

I run, and slip, grip and slide....I need a place where I can hide!

Ice cold breath upon my nape, I must speed up! I must escape!

Shaking, sweating, terror, fear!...the ghostly ones are very near!

Through the dark I leap and bound, now demons rising all around!

I'm out of breath! Can run no more!..I cower, shaking, on the floor!

As spectral fingers reach my face...I realise I've lost the race!!

I try to rise! I try to scream!...THEN I'M AWAKE!!! ‘TWAS ALL A DREAM!!!

Mummy's there beside the bed! Tender fingers stroke my head!

"Shush my darling! Mummy's here! You've had a dream! That's all my dear!"

A feather soft kiss upon my cheek- through tear-stained eyes I take a peek,

Nothing to fear! Nothing to dread! Just a loving angel by my bed!

I snuggle ‘neath the duvet, deep....she holds my hand! I fall asleep!!!

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