Illicit love of Lucy

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nurse/patient relationships are illegal aren't they?

Submitted: February 17, 2007

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Submitted: February 17, 2007



Illicit Love of Lucy

A Carnival, a pageant bright!!
To titilate, enchant, delight!!!
A whispered thought, a quiet gasp!..
Two hands that reach...twined fingers clasp!
Forbidden thoughts..crashing in!
Forbidden love! Forbidden!!!..Sin!
An oath, taken at vocation's start,
Bars the path, to another's heart!
A yawning chasm, to cross...traverse
'twixt patient and the gentle Nurse!
There in summer's fading light,
Songbirds settle for the night!
A secret nook, a hidden place,
Two hearts, with pulses set a'race,
Sun's setting rays on face so fair,
Soft full lips, dark flowing hair.
As arms enfold and bodies meet,
The fusion and the yearning heat,
The spark of love, bursts into flame,
A whispered "Ohhh"...and precious name.
Encircled breast, explored recess,
A tender stroke, a soft caress,
A gentle grasp of hardened flesh,
In ageless rhythm 'twain enmesh!
Precious memories!..eternal...deep,
Yours and mine...they're ours to keep,
Sometimes, when in my bed I lie,
I remember oft your heated cry!
"Bellisima!" ...attaining passion's peak,
Breathless urging, lover-speak,
You gave the strength! made me whole!
Perhaps that was the final goal!
As time goes by, it's endless pace,
fades your beauty and your grace,
But-I'll remember 'til I die,
Your gift, of love!....My "Butterfly"

Author's note: A true story of illicit love found in a rehab centre.

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