Why do you hate me so?

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When we enter the sea, we dress in wet suit, flippers etc...emulating the seal...is it any wonder....?

Submitted: February 17, 2007

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Submitted: February 17, 2007




Leviathan...Denizen of the indigo deep,
Where countless gallant corpses sleep,
Across the ocean's miles your cry,
Fill the depths...from silt, to sky!
Your song, it's plaintive, haunting scale,
Clicks at my senses, ticks at my tail,
I dart through the ocean's vast domain,
Sleek hunter, searching the Azure Main!
Majestically, I flick and glide,
With silken ease, the currents ride,
Electric pulses trip along,
Accompanying your Orca song!
They tell me where to seek my prey,
Deep sensors in my snout of grey,
Now!..The pulses get much stronger,
I need to search for prey no longer!
My underbelly glistens white,
Matching the sand in the liquid light,
Closer now!!....My instincts feral,
Prey sensing too....its mortal peril!
I speed toward the troubled thrash,
of flicking fins, and troubled splash,
From underneath, I spy the shape,
Of Monkseal with it's hooded cape!
I poise to strike!!!...Jaws open wide!
With blinkered eyes...turn on my side,
A streak...a blur of grey and white,
Erupting into burnished light!
I cannot see, can barely feel,
A different taste it has, this meal,
A rubbery texture to the skin,
A plastic feeling to the fin!
I realise the error made,
Not a seal!!!!...in this reddening sea of Jade,
Instead my razored teeth have gored,
A human on a plastic board!!
As I plunge beneath the bloodied wave,
I've sent a Human to his grave!!!
'Tis not my fault!!!.... Can you reveal...
Why this man was dressed like my prey..... A SEAL????

Author's note: Why do we blame the shark? We dress like it's prey!

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