Not Another Typical Life's Journey

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Part one. About a Young and homeless man named Rick. Roaming in a different city searching for nothing but food and cigarette.

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012



Kuala Lumpur. A very big city that never know a word 'sleep'. The city that keep busy twenty four-seven. It's a peak hours. Some people over here were getting home. And none less of them were changing the shift. This makes the road are full of people. Rushing to home, maybe too tired. Or wanted to see the loved one at their home.

Deep in a part of the city. Called Central Market or, CM for short acronym that used by local people. Inside alot of people that rushed home. There is a man with a worn out jacket and a camoflague pant . sitting on a seat. with the gloomy face. Listening on his sony brand discman. He remain there until some time.

There is a clock tower near the place he seat. He glanced to the tower for a second, 'It's already five,' he told himself. He stand and and keep walking. But where to? he does not sure. The man was thinking his next destination while taking a slow, weak walk.

"oh. damn it, this sudden hungry," he said without giving a thing about his surrounding. After a sort walk ke gets a seat and he checked his bag. he took out a can of tuna and a stainless steel spoon, and ate it. Some of his surrounding looks at him like a kind, but still. he won't give a thing. 'like what am i doing is a crime,' thought himself.

He concentrating on his tuna, swallow without chew. Finishing His not-so-light dinner. Once finished. He gets enough energy to walk to continue his walk, He gets up and throw that empty tuna into the dumpster and keep on walking. He felt uneasy, like someone was following him. He walks faster.

He get inside a mall. With a poor cloth. Of cource, But this time not one or two. There was alot of people look at him. 'what the hell are this man doing at this kind of hi-class mall like here anyway?,' maybe they had a thought like that. But he just took a simple way, walkingunostentatiously to the bookshop

A family, a mother an a child. looks at Him. Being so rude, The mother point the finger to him and said "see, this is what happen when you don't study," with thesignature malaysian 'manglish' or malaysian english.

That man does cannot took that joke, thus get a random person. Pretending the man was his friend and said, "well, I have abselutely no idea what language was that, lad," on british accent.

The mother dumb silent. looking at the man while he was walking to the bookshop. The man smiled sarcasticly. 'serves you right, lady. you got a wrong man to ridicule' told his heart.

Few hours later, he got out from the bookshop and once, the mall. He looks on his surrounding. It was already dark, maybe around 8 he think. he checked his backpack. He took his cigarette box, opened it and, 'damn, i'm out of fag,' said himself.

There is no time to waste. He keep walking to the darker side of the lane, looking for a box as a mat so he can sleep with confort. Once he collected it, he go onto the place that nobody will wake him up. Maybe he just too tired walking too long until he slept. but before that, he said to himself slowly, "well, another fucked up day you had been trough, hope for better tomorow,"

There was apparently have a quite of a sleepless city.


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