Attack On Titan Review

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Anime Review of Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin

Submitted: November 20, 2013

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Submitted: November 20, 2013



Anime Rez- Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan


In today's world, the art culture of anime shows is thought of as dumb cartoons for children by a very large population of adults that actually know what anime is. Surprising enough, I hate to say it but there are actually shows that are made and meant for young girls for example, or well kids for that matter. A show such as Shingeki No Kyojin really produces the true value of anime culture, a show with great potential, and extremelly entertaining to watch, shows with action and gore that are meant for eighteeners and above. Shows like that really show people what anime is about and how amazing it can actually be. This show is a perfect example of all that I just said, if you're paying attention, that is. Let's take a look!


The world in Attack On Titan is based around an alternate reality during the medieval ages, set in a world where humanity is on the verge of extinction from gigantic humanoid creatures known as Titans. They posses extreme intelligence and are able to break through the walls in seconds. Im just kidding.. They're about as smart as a braindead dead squirrel family about to get barbequed. They regenerate severed body parts, and the purpose of their sole existance is to devour every human being in sight. The horrific thing about it is that they do it out of pleasure, because they seemingly have no need for a food source. But all hope isn't lost as humanity has found ways to fight back despite all the deafeats, horrors and fears that exist. Thus the huge symbolism of the show is presented in humanity's struggle and the primal fear of humans no longer being on the top of the food chain. I can safely imply that the main premise, the setting and the plot of this show is it's highest remarks and really benefit to the final score because of it's emotional traits as well, as the show kept me on the edge of my seat since episode 1 and I even fell off a few times. It is really emotionally engaging, sad, horrific and will give you goosebumps every now and then on some amazing action flick scene, where your jaw will just hit the floor from just what you're seeing. But what about the characters? Let's take a look!

Now the characters in Attack On Titan aren't few. And by that I mean there's easily 20+ characters that get at least some screen time on the show, along with the other 10,000 random soldiers you get, makes quite a cast of different characters. But does quantity mean quality? Definetly not in this case.. Attack On Titan focuses on the main three characters. Eren- The main protagonist Mikasa- The flying Godess of all awesome (Seriously she's unstoppable) Armin- The bitch the show needed (He later develops into a strategical genius that saves everyone's ass several times). Other than these three, it is hard to feel and connection and emotional attachment to. The reason for that is that every other character has no real development or something they stand out as. And I hope you don't like getting attached to fictional characters as much as I do, and the reason I said that is that Attack On Titan has no real plot armor. And that means that other than the three main characters, anyone can die. And oh.. When I say anyone I mean ANYONE. So don't go digging too much or get extremelly attached to someone because you might get slapped in the face with a metaphorical hand next episode, just to see your character under a Titan's foot. Nevertheless.. The characters in Attack On Titan aren't bad, they just could've been done somewhat better, exceptions to some, such as Jean Kirschtein and a few others, with great development and a rivalry towards the main protagonist Eren Jaeger. The characters are this show's weakest link. Did the boys at Linked Horizon do a good animation job? Let's take a look!


Alright.. So the animation in Attack On Titan is one of the best I've seen in anime! It has no flaw with perfectly drawn movements and extreme hard work and devotion put into it. This is best shown while the characters inside the show start using what we call the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. And the action scenes shown using this gear, looks exceptional and outright amazing. The main animation was done by Wit Studio which is a group of talented young people that are working under the famous production I.G. And they've done an awesome job! But what about the sound? Is it worth any good? Let's take a look!


Now don't get me wrong. I love orchestral hard rock guitar metal mixes as much as the next fellow. But will this style appeal to everyone. Definetly not. All you slow music slowers will get a bit dissapointed as the show has emotional music. But only like one or two tracks of it. And the rest is filled with adrenaline pumping epic action tracks that will make you go onto YouTube and listen to them even though you're not watching the show at the moment. And that OPENING! THAT FUCKING OPENING! It is clearly one of the best ever made and that my friends will tell you EVERYONE. The opening is so intensely good I found myself listening to half of the 10 hour version made by some legend on YouTube. If we look at things from a quality standpoint and not it appealing to all audiences it would be very very very good! The developers have really done a good job while creating this original and epic track collection. The only thing that bugged me whilst the opening was the switching out of the amazing first opening with the not so amazing but still good second opening. This had me depressed a bit when it happened halfway throught the show, until I got used to it, and I thought to myself „Damn.. Someone has to get fucking fired for that!“ Regardless.. The sound is also excellently done. Nice work I.G.! Which puts me to my final thoughts and the final verdict for Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan.


When Attack On Titan was announced as an anime adaptation of the already excellent award winning manga from 2011. It received a massive amount of hype from it's fanbase. The hype matched the huge hype from a show that came out last season. Im sure you all know it. It's called Sword Art Online. SAO supposedly deserved the hype it was generating and appealed to a large audience and especially gamers. So the question is. Does Attack On Titan deserve the hype it's getting. And the answer is YES. It definetly lives up to the hype and even though it doesn't appeal to a very large audience. It's still an amazing work of art that I deemed as my favorite show of all time.


After counting in all the existing elements in the show—Story/Plot, Characters, Animation, Soundtrack and the overall Enjoyment this show brings.

The final score is-  8.72/10My reccomendation for this show is on a level of High and I reccomend to Buy it only if you enjoy it rather than streaming.







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