What Christmas and Thanksgiving should be about

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This is simply a thought protruding out of my mind and typed out here. It basically deals with the holiday season...how some look at both Christmas and Thanksgiving and some questions I have in regards to the holidays myself. Babble really, but please take a look!

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



Holiday Season…Something of a Mockery Over T\"\"ime

What is it about the months surrounding Christmas that unwraps the distorted minds of individuals to the prospect that miracles can especially take place? Do people not think that miracles appear all year Perhaps the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas put things into perspective for people?

That is the common answer.

Is it due to the fact that since the very beginning, spending time with loved ones like family and friends, is “the thing to do” during these holidays? Why isn’t being close to the ones you love a value that transcends holidays and is pertinent throughout one’s whole entire lifetime? Some claim that the lights charming the neighborhoods, for the duration of “the holiday season”, fashion the progress of the possibility of a spectacular, life-changing event.

Some state that it’s the overwhelming gaudiness by the television industry and radio overture, along with the bombarding scenes thrown in their mindset by commercials, that radiate the creation of a “Winter Wonderland” and reverberates within individuals contagiously. Some say the atmosphere, and all its spectacular snowflakes, creates an ambiance that assembles people to come closer to one another. Conceivably these responses may all be accurate in their construct.

And yet…..I may ask – what about those who believe that they have been scorned by all that life has to offer? I am simply referring to those individuals whose hearts have been trampled on by loved ones or beaten down by sorrows or burdens that life can sometimes supply in grand amounts; the homeless, the divorcee, the widow, the orphan, the abused for illustration purposes.

Their responses compile something like this; they ridicule the flashy display and remark that only those who have something to be happy about would do such a thing. They contemplate the verity that they can only be lambasted by the “holiday spirit” when they witness others laughing and dancing on the streets or rushing out of department stores so over laden with gifts that they have a hard time making it to their vehicles.

They can’t help but reflect the glacial atmosphere that surrounds them within their personality, and some are even worse and allow it to show on their facial make-up. All these retorts are quite plausible as well…I would imagine.

And yet… somehow or another…all of these life experiences compose a novel that can modestly be labeled “Wants v. Needs.” And the inclusive questions that should be soliciting the minds of everyone go something like this; Why are people so apt to believe in something super-natural only when others are on board and yet others are so quick to take the defensive approach? Where are the ones who have faith that flourishes beyond the circumstances? Where are the individuals who accept miracles as true all year round and trust that if they are to take on this world they must be draped with such notions of forgiveness, love, and bonding despite the conditions that chart this life? And why are there so few of them.

Ironic, that those things that we say we hold dearly to are the things we are so susceptible to taking for granted…and losing the fervor and excitement it takes to savor them without lights and snow and television and the radio and the grand sales to tell us to do so.

Consider this… Yet, when these questions are truly scrutinized, it all comes down to wants and needs. Wants dominate the lives of individuals; needs somehow seem more apparent during this period of time, annually. Instead of addressing gift giving as a backdrop for your consideration and generosity, balance it with the milieu of love, support and guidance during every one of the chapters of your life. In this way will you fortify those who use Christmas and Thanksgiving as an excuse to believe and fashion a pathway for those who nullify Christmas and Thanksgiving due to their complete lack of belief from the start of a year to the finish.

Clarify for others that wants (gifts) are merely tokens that capture people’s attention for a moment in time, while needs (food, home, love, family, friendship, trust, water) are the resources for an individual’s complete novel to leave a lasting impression of fulfillment, achievement, and above all….a direction reflection of Jesus Christ. After all, Christmas and Thanksgiving are inscribed in our history by His hands, His mission, and His blood! Merry Christmas to all!

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