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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
importance of life, love and encouragement.

Submitted: January 01, 2019

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Submitted: January 01, 2019



When I look in the mirror

All I see is myself

But not as a reflection

Just the mirror itself.


I mean, I see me whole

But the reflection is not there.

It’s totally weird,

And I’m not crazy – I swear


It’s like I ‘m the mirror

Looking straight at me

She’s cute… Got the hair and style

But something’s missing.


She seems sad…

Lonely… Maybe even empty.

I can see the truth behind the mask

Nothing is what it seems.


The hair is long, dark,

Flowing – it’s gorgeous

The nails are gone

So I  know something’s up.


Her style is classy,

Hot, flirtatious, but sweet

I can’t put my finger on it

Yea, something’s just not what it seems.


Those shoes are on point

She really knows how to WURK

But the heels are ran down…

Too much pressure to uphold


Her face is round,

With dimples to die for

But those bags are full

Someone has been crying


Her posture is straight

But a little hunch on her spine

She’s been carrying baggage…

A large load for some time.


Her eyes hazel brown

Some can get lost in them

Something intriguing, mesmerizing

Seems like she’s in deep thought.


Her appearance is admired

But the moment she speaks

People are confused

And don’t know what to think.


She smiles and laughs

Whenever she greets.

But if you have a conversation

You see and hear the pain buried beneath.


She’s hurting daily

From her present and her past.

From family… to friends… peers… lovers…

Even “supporters” that had on their masks.


She’s been labeled, abandoned…

Manipulated, abused…

She’s been lied to, stabbed, double-crossed

And all that news.


Her story is not uncommon.

It’s the face of the depressed.

Since she can’t connect and no one relates

Her feelings she continue to suppress.


She’s not accepted

She misunderstood

She’s dismissed

Until people want to use her.


She gives so much to others.

Her gifts are shared with the world.

But who’s feeding into her?

Seems like she’s just being ignored.


Forget what she says

Forget her showing out

As long as we get what we want…

Is that what her life is all about?


How can she continue to plant seeds

When no one roots any in her?

How does she go on

Without being undercover


How can she be authentic, transparent…

Only being who she is

When she’s constantly judged, told and shown

By others what box she belongs in.


How can she only listen to God

Tell her His plans and love for her

When all she hears is noise of negativity

Life is becoming a blur.


She is lost in darkness

Abandoned and void

You see and hear her

Then look  at her as if you’re annoyed.


She falls victim to her depression

Falling deeper day by day

Only a few people have tried to pull her back

But it’s not enough for her to stay saved.


She gives her all

To those who don’t deserve it

And when it’s not reciprocated

She feels so deserted


She appreciates those who try

To be her support

For without them she’d be worse off

Let’s be grateful she didn’t push “Abort.

So when I see that girl

Styling and profiling my way,

I make sure now to speak

And do what I can to make her day.


For you never know what a person deals with.

Trying to do more than exist

Life is hard – Do your part

To love, encourage and uplift!

© Copyright 2020 ACPerry. All rights reserved.

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