Only time will tell......

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I wrote this a while back..i think i was in love,i don't remember but i think its pretty sweet and romantic. Enjoy! :)

Submitted: June 16, 2011

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Submitted: June 16, 2011



My heart belongs to you because I can tell in the sound of your voice that your love for me is true. If only you knew the things i would do to get my body next to you. My stomach churns at the sound of your name or by your face within a frame. I need you badly before you perish within my hearts your heart belongs and which is where your love will truly be cherished. My feelings may seem a bit unruly but you can't help your feelings they don't come newly,and before my words are gone and read i hope your chest will meet thine head . I know these words are left unspoken I keep them as our loves token. Between us two these words remain off anothers lips they'll be in vain. Only growing stronger and never weak this love i have i must speak. To you my love my heart belongs and only with you it will sing its songs. My lips dry until you arrive and when time tells my heart will swell full of joy. My mouth will speak and chest to head and in thy bed is where we'll lay. As time goes by and night to day but only time will tell.

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