Magic Warrior Kevi and Chokey

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's about 2 elementary kids who get magic wands and go out to defeat evil Black Fire army.

Submitted: October 11, 2011

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Submitted: October 11, 2011



Magic Warrior Kevi and Chokey

Somewhere in the sky, UltraC the cowboy magician (currently in airplane mode) was flying away in a high speed. He was being chased by the Black Fire army, the team he formerly worked in. He had betrayed them and escaped the Black Fire castle because he didn’t feel like working for them anymore. He flew through the cloud hoping to distract them, but unfortunately for him, the Black Fire armies were far from being distracted.
UltraC began to fly low, only to be surrounded by the fierce-looking evil magic soldiers. They were all levitating and wore black armors that covered all parts of their body so that their gleaming eyes were only visible. Ultra C couldn’t escape anywhere, since if he moved, the soldiers would blast him. Between the soldiers, a strange looking TV floated out and turned itself on. The screen was showing his former master, Flareus.
As soon as he appeared in the screen, he spoke.
“UltraC, you dare betray our army?!”
“So what?” UltraC replied. “You don’t even pay me much as I want to be paid! And besides, it isn’t nice to take over other countries! That’s being mean to the humans!”
“I don’t care!” Flareus said angrily. “I’m evil! You can’t tell me what to do! And since I’m your master, you should obey me!”
“Then you’ll face your doom!” said Flareus, trying to control his anger, which was begging to be unleashed.”If you won’t listen to me, I might as well kidnap you! Get him!”
With that final word, the TV turned off and exploded. The soldiers began to crowd around UltraC, summoning black aura from their hand. Seeing that he’s being cornered, UltraC quickly summoned a portal and went in. Soldiers tried to follow him, but the portal turned off and the soldiers ended up bumping to each other.

In the Black Fire castle, sudden flame bursted from the top boss’s room. It was Flareus, who bursted flame out of his palm from his anger. The windows evaporated from the intense heat caused by Flareus’s intense anger. As soon as Flareus finished relieving his anger, the door opened and the general, Moepra, came in.
“Looks like you failed to negotiate that cowboy to work for you again.” she said to the general.
“Oh well, I can still continue my conquest without him, but.....” he held up his coffee mug. “If he ever comes into my clutch, I’ll lock him up until he... he.... he.....” he stammered as if he didn’t know what kind of offensive word to say about him. “Until he dies or something!” His mug melted in his hand.
“The world domination will begin today!”

In Gyoenggi Incheon Fabulously Fun-time Elementary school (or GIFFE school for short), kids were having classes. In 3rd floor classroom number 3-2 where one of the 3rd grade class is, teacher was saying various things about mathematics. Teacher was continuing in her teachings but kids weren’t paying much attention to it.
“Math is boring.” One of the kid named Kevi said. Today, he was wearing a white shirt with a scarf. He also wore black jeans and Pokemon shoes.
“Yeah, math is my least favorite subject in school beside social studies.” One of the kids said. Her name was Chokey. She was wearing a Hello Kitty necklace and was wearing a green and black dress.
“I just wish it was over quickly...” Kevi said. Just then, the wall exploded and evil-looking people wearing black armor with gleaming eyes. They all had black auras coming out of their hand.
“This building will be our temporary base!” one of them said. “Surrender now!” “Aiieeeee!!!!!”  the teachers yelled and fainted. Kids, too, began to scream and began to run around the classroom. But, evil looking people just threw a net and captured them all.
“Throw these people to the basement dungeon!”
“Wait, sir. I think some is missing!”
“Must be your imagination. Now let’s go!” With that, the soldiers headed out, carrying the net.

Kevi and Chokey had secretly disguised themselves as a trashcan and was running out of the school building.
“Why out of all the other objects, does it has to be a trash can?!” Chokey complained.
“This was the only big object available!” Kevi replied.
“Maybe, but why do I have to be the one who’s walking on bottom and you’re the one who’s on top?!” Chokey complained again.
“We were in hurry, okay? Anyway, we better get out of here before...”
Before he could say further, some of the soldier said. “Sir, I think that trash can over there is talking!”
“Purely your imagination. Trash cans can’t do that!”
“Well, nobody told that trash can!” he said as the trash can tripped, throwing off the lid and revealing Kevi and Chokey inside.
“Ouch...” Chokey groaned as she got out.
“What the.... kids inside a trash can?”
“Run!” Kevi and Chokey exclaimed as they scrambled through the playground.
“Don’t let them escape!” Soldiers began to come out of the building and began to chase them. They kept chasing Chokey and Kevi, until they cornered them up inside the jungle gym.
“Hahahahahaha!” soldiers laughed at them. “We got you cornered! It’ll be a matter of time until we go in there and nab you!”
“This doesn’t look good....” Kevi said. The soldiers began to go inside the jungle gym. Kevi and Chokey looked for a way out, but there wasn’t --- except to go up. “Hurry! Before they get us!” Together, they climbed the jungle gym.
“They’re going up sir!” One of the soldiers shouted.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Get them!”
“But climbing is not my favorite thing!”
“Who asked anything about being your favorite! Now go!”
“O..Okay!” Unwillingly, soldiers began to climb inside the jungle gym. Chokey and Kevi was almost at the top at the top until suddenly....
“Sir, my waist is stuck!” Commander thought the soldier was joking until he looked down. Sure enough, the soldier’s waist was stuck between the bars of the jungle gym.
“You’ve got to be kidding me! This is why I always tell you to go on a diet!”
“But I am on a diet! I only eat one sandwich per meal!”
“Maybe, except the sandwich you eat is bigger than your plate!”
“Shoot, how did he found out?”
“Anyway, I’ll show you what real jungle gym climbing is!” With that, he began to wriggle through the jungle gym.
“Oh no!” Kevi yelled. “He’s gaining on us!”
“We’ll have to jump off!”
Chokey decided to just grab Kevi and jump off. “Eeeeeek!”

Suddenly, with a swoop, something snatched them from the air and whisked them away. Kevi and Chokey thought there were going to die  when they opened their eye, they saw an airplane carrying them away.
“Whoa, a airplane has a hand? I didn’t know airplane had a hand!” Kevi exclaimed.
“Well, this is a transformation, so it’s not like the normal airplane!” the airplane said. “Oh, really?” Chokey said surprisingly.
“Of course!” the airplane replied.
The airplane landed inside the room of some deserted house. The airplane dropped  Chokey and Kevi off into the room. Then, the airplane transformed back into a 5- year old cowboy.
“Hi, I’m UltraC. Nice to meet you.” the cowboy said.
“I’m Kevi. And this is Chokey.” Kevi said.
“Are you guys related?” UltraC asked.
“No, we’re not in one family. We’re just in the same class.” Chokey said. “But seriously, what’s going on here? Who are those guys? And why did you save us?”
“Okay, I’ll tell you.” With that, UltraC waved his wand and a projector came out and as soon as it appeared, projector began to play.

“Somewhere in the world, a man named Flareus had discovered the the way to manipulate magical forces. He created a secret army called Black Fire and decided to take over the world.”
“So those guys who were chasing us were...”
“Yes, they are the soldiers of the Black Fire army.”
“Wait,” Kevi asked. “Are you telling us that magic exists?”
“Yes!” UltraC replied.
“And how do you know all these stuff?” Kevi asked.
“Because I was one of them, too.”
“What?” Chokey asked. “You look no more than a kindergartener and you were one of them.”
“Well... yeah.” UltraC said. “Anyway, I’ll give you guys these.” With that, he gave Chokey and Kevi a wand each.
“Are these real?” Kevi asked.
“Yes,” UltraC said, “They’re...”
“Cool!” Chokey interrupted.
“Anyway, there’s lots it can do, but I’ll save the time by telling you what it can’t. First, it can’t do anything that has to do with living things. I mean you can’t turn into animal or summon one, no matter how simple the living thing is.”
“Aww, I was thinking I’ll be able to get a puppy with that thing.” Chokey said.
They all ignored her and went on. “Second, it can’t summon really big object. I don’t know the limit, but all I know is that it can’t create something big as apartment. And, if you use it too much at once, it might need to cool down or else it may malfunction.”
“So how does it work?” Kevi asked.
“All you have to do is visualize what you want to do in your mind and shout ‘Chocogatabetai!’.” UltraC replied. “And I have another thing to give you guys.” With that, darkish purple bead came out of his hand. “This will guide you toward the Black Fire Castle.” UltraC said.
“Wait,” Kevi asked. “Are you saying that we should defeat them?”
“That doesn’t matter right now!” UltraC said. “What matters is....”

Suddenly, with a huge crash, the roof blew up and the Black Fire soldiers began pouring into the house. “Get that traitor!” they shouted.
“Let’s get out of here!” Kevi and Chokey yelled. “Chocogatabetai!” As soon as they said the spell, Chokey turned into a helicopter while Kevi turned into a airplane.Together they flew out of the crumbling building. Soldiers tried to go after them, but UltraC blocked their path.
“I won’t let you get them!” he said as he got captured in a magical beam and vaporized.
‘Capture complete.” One soldier wrote in his text message. ‘Now will be transferred to the prison cell A-1.’
Meanwhile, Kevi took out the dark purple bead to track down the headquarter of Black Fire. The bead began to float itself suddenly and projected a map. "Go right 67 degrees.” \\The bead spoke as it projected an arrow sign.
“The distance until your destination is 40km.”
“Let’s go!” Kevi said.
“Yeah, let’s!” Chokey said. They began to fly according to the direction the bead had directed. But, they were interrupted when the soldiers shouted at the back.
“There!” They shouted. “Get them!”
“Chocogatabetai!” Kevi shouted, waving his wand. A metal disc with diameter about 80cm appeared out of the air and spun straight forward toward the soldiers. Soldiers flew aside to dodge it, except for one soldier who haven’t saw what happened yet and got knocked out by the disc.
“Chocogatabetai!” Chokey shouted, waving her wand. Boomerang long as a meter stick appeared and flew toward the soldiers. It struck one as it went and struck another one as it came back. It flew back toward them again, but this time, one soldier shattered it away with a black energy blast.
“I won’t...” Solder tried to shout out, but he never had time to finish his sentence, as Kevi summoned a thick telephone book above his head. The book fell on his head, knocking him unconscious.
“We did it!” Chokey shouted.
“Yeah, but they were only minor soldiers of those meanies.” Kevi said.
“Speaking of that, how much close are we?” As on cue, the bead spoke out.
“You have nowreached your destination!” Sure enough, the castle of Black Fire was in sight, clearly visible and dark as a darkness. Kevi and Chokey flew through the door.

As soon as they entered it, the door shut down itself.
“Guess we’re not getting out any time soon.” Kevi said.
“Yeah,” Chokey said. “I bet UltraC is trapped here too, as long as they didn’t vaporized him, right?
“I guess.” Kevi said. “By the way, don’t you think this is too easy? I mean, we just entered here and I don’t see any traps...” Suddenly, a voice broke out.
“That’s because we don’t need one, you brats!”
“Who was that?” Kevi asked, surprised and shocked.
“It is I! The general of Black Fire, Actius! Ha-hahahahahaha!” With that, he jumped out of the trapdoor in the ceiling, only, to fall down face to the ground.
“Seriously,” Kevi asked. “You’re the general and you can’t fly any more than those soldiers?”
“You dare insult me? The great general of the Black Fire? I’ll get you for that!” Actius bellowed in rage.
“The staircase!” Kevi shouted and on his word, Kevi and Chokey flew up the staircase.
“I expected something like that, so I brought this toy!” Out of the ceiling, a weird robot standing on its 2 hands busted out. “After them!” Shouted Actius as he boarded his machine. The machine began to climb up the staircase, chasing Kevi and Chokey.
“This machine ActionMegaRobo-606 can walk through any terrain.” Actius explained as he continuously steered his steering wheel. “It’ll be a matter of time before I get you and throw you to the jail. Ha-hahahahahaha!”
“Chocogatabetai!” Kevi said as he waved his wand. The bowling ball appeared and rolled toward the machine, but the bowling ball shattered as it contacted the machine, while machine was only dented slightly.
“This machine is made of titanium, strongest metal know to people! Ha-hahahahahaha!” Actius said. “Mega Beam!” He fired a blast of energy rays from his hand. Kevi and Chokey quickly tried to dodge it, but Kevi got hit on his wing a bit.
“I think my wing is broken a bit!” Kevi said.
“Ha-hahahahahaha!” He pushed a button and suddenly, a weird monitor appeared on his control pad. “Lock on!” Actius shouted. Suddenly, out of the cannon in the front of the machine, the energy began to gather around it.
“I have an idea!” Kevi shouted. “Let’s attack that cannon!”
“Good idea!” Chokey agreed. “Maybe that’s his weakness!”
“What?!” Actius exclaimed. “How did you know?”
“Well, it’s kind of obvious. Usually in game, when the boss is invincible, you have to attack it while it charges up its energy blast!” Kevi replied. “Chocogatabetai!” A ball of goo appeared and hurled toward the opening of the cannon. The goo went in and suddenly, the energy stopped gathering at the opening of the cannon. The electricity began to run around the cannon, and suddenly, around the whole machine. The machine began to spew smoke and began to shake. Then, it exploded.
“Aaaaaaahhhhhh----- hahaha....” Actius began to scream as he fell down the stairs.
“By the way, how long is this staircase anyway?” Chokey asked.
“I don’t know.” Kevi replied. “Judging from the appearance of the building outside, it’ got to be really long.”

“Oh, and do you think there’s other general beside that guy?” Chokey asked.
“I don’t know...” Kevi said.
“I’ll tell you. Wahahahaha!” Suddenly, next to the staircase, a guy wearing an armor flew in. “I’m Kantamus! The general of the Black Fire! And by the order of Flareus, I’ll get rid of you!” With that, he took out a machine gun.
“Is that real gun?” asked Chokey.
“Run!” Kantamus began to fire his gun aimed at Chokey and Kevi. The gun was really fast, but since Chokey and Kevi were both transformed into a flying machine, they had no problm dodging it. But, they knew that they couldn’t keep up much longer. Impatient with hitting them with a gun, Kantamus took out a grenade launcher. Not only was grenade launcher fast, it was also destructive, since it was shooting a bomb.
“What should we do?” Chokey asked.
“I don’t know!” Kevi replied. “Maybe try to make him somehow fall?”
“Wait, that’s it!” Chokey exclaimed. “Chocogatabetai!” Suddenly, behind Kantamus, a balloon with a picture of chicken on a bicycle came out.
“What the heck?” Kantamus said, turning around.
“Now!” Kevi shouted. “Chocogatabetai!” Tack pins appeared out of the air and hurled toward the jet pack Kantamus was wearing. The jet pack stopped working as the pin pinned itself in the pack.
“Aaaaaaahhhh!” Kantamus screamed as he fell all the way to the first floor.
“Do you think he’ll be....” Chokey asked.
“It doesn’t matter,” Kevi snapped. “Let’s go!” They began to fly up the stair again.

“Hey I’ve been thinking...” Kevi said.
“What?” asked Chokey.
“Do you think there’s any girl general? I was wondering....”
“Yes there is. Hahahahaha!” A girl dressed like a business-girl flew next to the staircase. “I’m Moepra! Female general of this army!”
“Ooh, she’s pretty!” Kevi said. “Hey lady! Do you like vanilla ice cream or strawberry ice cream?”
“This is no time for that!” Chokey scolded Kevi. “We have to go up fast!”
“BeautyBrittyP!” Moepra shouted. Suddenly, a pianos appeared and fell on Chokey and Kevi. They dodged it quickly, but it still slightly dented their wing.
“Owww...” Kevi moaned. “That hurts....”
“BeautyBrittyP!” Moepra shouted again. Baseballs appeared out of the air and began to hurl toward Chokey and Kevi. They managed dodged them all, even though some hit them and dented their body.
“There’s got to be a way to beat her!” Chokey said.
“But we shouldn’t hit ladies!” Kevi said.
“We can just immoblize her!”
“What do you mean?” Kevi asked.
“It means that we can just stun her for a while so that we ca quickly go to the top instead of  attacking her!” Chokey replied. “Like this! Chocogatabetai!” A pie appeared and struck Moepra’s face. Pie splattered on her face for a while she was flying around trying to get it off while screaming.
“How there you ruin my pretty face!!!!” She screamed with rage. “For that, you will pay!!! BeautyBrittyP!!” Desks and chairs began to appear and fall on Kevi and Chokey. They quickly dodged all of them.
“That didn’t really work...” Kevi said.
“Anyone who insults my beauty must perish!!! BeautyBrittyP!!!” Moepra said. Huge sofa began to drop on Kevi and Chokey. This time, they were too late and got crushed by it.

“Owww..... that really hurts....” Chokey groaned as she began to turn back to human.
“Yeah.. really...” Kevi said as he turned back to human, too.
“Ha-hahahahahaha! Now you know that you are no match for my beauty!” Moepra laughed as she saw the wreckage.
“Oh no, we’re not!” Chokey said as she waved her wand. “Chocogatabetai!” Suddenly, a ball and chain, the kind prisoners wear in their ankle, appeared around Moepra’s ankle.Because of the weight of the ball, she began to fall down before she even had a chance to take it off.
“Aiieee!” She screamed as she fell down all the way to the first floor.
“Okay, that settled it.” Chokey said. “Now all we have to do is to go up....”
“We don’t have to.” Kevi interrupted. “I think we reached the top floor. Look.” Sure enough, a big menacing door was in front of them, and they had flown up the stairs all the way without them noticing. They opened the door, ready to face the mastermind of all this.

“So you finally managed to come here.” a voice boomed in as soon as they entered the room. It was Flareus, the grand master of the Black Fire army. “That’s a courageous thing to do, especially for you kids. But, I’ll have to get rid of you.” Flareus said.
“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that!” Chokey said.
“My, how rude to speak to an adult like that.” Flareus said coldly. “I guess bad kids like you deserves a punishment.” With that, he disappeared into a thin air. Suddenly, he appeared beside Chokey and Kevi, brandishing a sword.
“Chocogatabetai!” Chokey and Kevi waved their wand and they both summoned a dagger each. Flareus swung his sword at Kevi and Chokey, but they managed to deflect it. Though they never fought with sword before, they still outnumbered Flareus, and in reality, it wasn’t really hard, since all you had to do is just swing the dagger at the side you’re being attacked. After 3 minutes of attacking and deflecting, Flareus seemed to be annoyed  with trying to slice Kevi and Chokey down so he threw down his sword and began to levitate himself.
“This ends now!!! he bellowed and with that, his form began to flicker until it was a shape of a huge dragon with a beak.
“What kind of dragon has beaks anyway?” Chokey asked.
“Don’t get that started again!” Flareus said in anger. “It’s time for you kids to go to the other world!”
“Oh no, it isn’t!” Kevi said. “Chocogatabetai!” With that, Kevi and Chokey had morphed into a giant robot. “It’s time to slay some dragon! Robo Punch!” The robot’s fist slammed right into Flareus’s belly. “Robo Kick!” The robot’s leg bent straight up and inflicted some heavy damages on Flareus’s chin.
“Now it’s... my turn!” Flareus said, wincing from pain. “Flareus FlareThrower!!!” He spew out a 200 degrees blue flame, but the robot just activated a heat-proof force field and the flame was ineffective toward it.
“Now this is it!” Kevi and Chokey said at once. “One-hit KO RoboRobo Cannon!” The robot’s hand turned into a giant cannon and it fired a huge laser blast toward Flareus. Flareus burned to crisp and fainted.

“We did it!” Chokey shouted with joy. “But how did you come up with that robot idea?” Chokey asked.
“Well, when we were flying up the stairs, I noticed there was a hidden instruction sheet inside the handle of the wand. It said how we can pull all our energies from the wand and create a huge robot when fighting final bosses.” Kevi answered.
“So that means our wands can’t be used anymore?” Chokey asked.
“Unfortunately, yes... but to be on the bright side, we saved the world from domination!” Kevi replied. Later that day, they managed to even save UltraC from the jail hidden in Flareus’s room, and even though the magic wands were now un-reusable, they were happy that world was in peace again.

© Copyright 2020 Actionburiburi. All rights reserved.

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