1. Introduction

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Part of the 100 theme's Challenge.
This is theme #1. Introduction.
I might use this for an actual beginning for a story later on but for now, it remains an introduction.

Submitted: April 23, 2011

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Submitted: April 23, 2011



 Narcisa, her name. It was obvious she wasn't from this city, let alone this country. The way she dressed, the way she talked, the way she looked, everything pointed to a foreign lifestyle. She didn't belong in this lowly high school in Tokyo. Yet, she befriended someone like me. It all started on the day she transferred in.

"Hello class, we have a new transfer student today," the teacher announced.

Full of grace and elegance, she walked in. It was obvious she wasn't from Japan, with her doll-like blue eyes, reddish brown hair, and her figure. Far superior than those of the Japanese with a model figure and a doll face, all the guys in class were immediately entranced, everyone including me. 

"Class, this is Narcisa, she's from Europe please make her feel welcome," continued the teacher, "now where shall place you, where do you want to sit?"She walked slowly around the class, everyone's tension was high. Everyone wanted to be her friend, now someone was getting a chance to.

She stopped suddenly. Her eyes widened, she had stopped in front of me. As I looked into her eyes, it was evident that she recognized me from somewhere but I didn't recognize her at all. Yet, there was a sense of familiarity, something indescribable, like I had known her in a past life.

"I would like to sit here please," she said in her quiet, shy, voice.

"Okay, next to Ryuu huh?" the teacher said as he wrote her name down in the seating chart in his hand.

"AWWW," the class whined. 

I just thought this was just going to be an ordinary friendship, but I never knew it would amount to something more.. Much, much more.

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