Life's a Video Game

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This poem is a similie/metaphor poem explaining how life is like a video game.

Submitted: May 17, 2010

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Submitted: May 17, 2010



 Life's a Video Game
By Adam Nitschke
Life’s a video game you can win or lose,
You can play fair or you can break the rules.
If it gets too hard you can end the game,
Or you can make it work through all the pain.
If you work hard you will be a success,
If you don’t, you’ll be full of regrets.
You can learn strategy as you play,
And improve your skill day by day.
You can make excuses of how you’ve been cheated,
Or you can keep on trying until you beat it.
So get inside the game that’s what it’s all about,
Because once you get in, there’s no way getting out.
Once you see from all your shame,
You’ll realize that life’s a video game.
When you wanna quit from all your pain,
Too bad there’s no button that says “new game”.

© Copyright 2017 adam ballin nitschke. All rights reserved.

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