The Hungry Horse Race

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This book is about a man who is broke with no family is trying to get money. He will do this by winning a race where there is 100 laps and between every lap you have to eat a peanut butter jelly sandwich. But while his way to victory many obsticles come in his way...

Submitted: April 28, 2010

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Submitted: April 28, 2010



The Hungry Horse Race
Luke was an only child when he was a kid with no siblings. When he was eight years old, his mom died of lung cancer from smoking her whole life. His dad had died from hypothermia when Luke was 13 years old. Luke spent six years in a foster home until he was 19 years old when he was old enough to live on his own and take care of himself.
Now here Luke is living in an apartment at the age 24 with an average wage job and no  family. He has nothing at all in his life besides his horse named Lexington. He loves his horse with a passion, and rides him every single day.
His next door neighbor Dwight, who lives eight miles down the road, also has a horse named Bandit. Dwight and Luke hate each other and are constantly in competitions about everything, especially horse racing! They’ve raced about five times, and Dwight had won every single time except once. Dwight claims that his horse was sick from eating too much hay but the horse seemed perfectly fine.
The next morning when Luke was driving to his job at the printing factory, he saw a huge colorful billboard. He had never realized it before so he assumed it was new. It said, “Got a horse? Got some skills? Got a big belly? Want to win a huge grand prize?” in big letters. Then in small letters below, “If you answered yes to those questions, then you would be great for this horse race! There will be one hundred laps, and after each lap you will have to get off your horse and eat a PB&J. Then you’ll have to get back on. Sounds like fun? Sign up at the Springfield Park and Recreation Center. Sign up day is July 18th.”
Right when he saw that sign, he knew this was his time to shine and get a better house and a better life if he wins that Grand Prize.
After work Luke drove up to the Park and Recreation Center to find out more about the Hungry Horse Race. When he walked in to the small yellow building he looked to his left and saw a huge flier holder that was labeled Hungry Horse Race. He thought it was very popular because there were very few fliers left. Then he just grabbed a flier to see if he would be interested in doing it.
That night Luke took out the flier from his inside coat pocket. As he unfolded the flier he realized how excited he really was about this race. When he read the whole thing all the information was just mostly what it said on that billboard, but with more description and it said the race day was August 4th.
As he got done reading the entire flier, he noticed three things. First, he will have to start riding his horse more to get his horse in the best condition ever. Next, he will have to start starving himself to be able to eat 100 PB&J’s in such a short period of time, and so that he was very hungry on the race day. Lastly, he notices that he would have a good chance on winning this race!
When he woke up the next morning, he checked his calendar and it was already July 18th, sign up day! After he showered, got dressed, ate breakfast and got ready for work, he realized today was Saturday and he didn’t even have work. He got out of his work clothes and changed into some casual clothes. He drove straight up to the Park and Recreation Center. 
When he parked, he noticed there was a huge line outside of the doorway and remembered that he was right about there being a lot of people signing up. As he waited in line, he was examining each person in the line to see if they looked good, and if they got what it takes.
He saw that many of them were slim girls so he thought they might be a fast horse racer but not a fast eater. He also saw chunky cow boys that looked like some good racers. The rest of them were all younger boys and girls that have probably never ate 100 PB&J’s in their life.
When he got into the small building, he stepped right up to the sign-up sheet taped onto a window. Right when he looked at it, he saw the worst thing he has ever seen in his life. The very first name on the sign-up sheet was Dwight Allen. His whole body shivered then froze for a minute to believe what he just saw. As he kept examining the name, he got a sick feeling in his stomach like something was stabbing his gut. His heart was racing and he thought he might not just sign up now. After deep thought of it, he decided to put his name on the list but when he did, he hesitated.
Right there and then he realized this wasn’t going to be a piece of cake for him anymore. Dwight would make this a huge challenge considering how good Dwight is at horse racing and has beaten him four out of five times. Also considering the size of his belly, he knew he could gobble 100 PB&J’s down like an elephant eating a bug.
The last thing he noticed there is what it said at the bottom of the sign-up list. In small bold print below the blanks for the names it said, “The number you sign-up is the number of the place you will start in. He looked at Dwight’s #1. Then looked at his #58.
The next day Luke started training. When he was riding his horse, he saw Dwight riding his horse along his acres too. They both started heading towards each other until they slowly started slowing down their horses and came to a stop in front of each other. “You think that old piece of crap is going to win you this race?” Dwight said with a snarl.
 “Oh, you mean this beautiful fast horse that has beaten yours once?” Luke said quickly. 
“Yeah, ONCE”, Dwight responded. “Anyways my horse was sick!”By the time he got to finish what he was saying, Luke was already long gone his horse trotting away.
Through the next three weeks till the race, Luke got less and less strong from practicing and working hard all day and not eating one thing. He also got sleep deprived from waking up so early and staying up so late at night.
The night before the race, Luke was going to bed earlier than usual at 8:30 to get his first good sleep in three weeks. He set his alarm very early this time to wake up really early and be able to practice a lot before the race. After that, Luke hopped into his bed and zonked out cold right away.
Way later on that night, Dwight snuck out of his house and walked to Luke’s house. When he got there, he tip toed cautiously into Luke’s barn where Luke kept his horse.
He saw Lexington sleeping on the dirty ground covered with hay in his den. He snuck arthritis pills in his water bucket to make all his joints stiff so he will be soaring and can’t run fast tomorrow. When he opened the door to the den, Lexington woke up and started “Neighing” as loud as he could to alert Luke.It was hopeless, Luke was out cold sleeping.
The horse tried biting him but he was tied up onto a rope that didn’t stretch far enough to reach him.  Dwight snuck the pills into the bucket and ran out.
When Dwight was ready to go back to his house walking down the driveway, he had an evil thought. He thought to himself, well I’ve already taken the horse out; why not take out the rider?
Dwight hiked back up the driveway and snuck into Luke’s open back window. When he got into the empty dark house, he could still hear Luke’s horse “Neighing” to try and wake up Luke. Dwight gradually got to the staircase, tip toed up the stairs, and found Luke’s room. He opened the door very slowly until he heard it squeak and stopped it.
He walked into the room and set Luke’s alarm eight hours ahead so when he got up the race would already be finished and he would be the one holding the huge grand prize in the end.
The next morning, Luke woke up without his alarm clock waking him up. He hopped out of his bed and screamed jumping up and down, “Wewwwwwww! Race day!!!” He opened his curtains and his joyful face turned into an angry yet confused face.
It was light outside. That means it couldn’t have been 4:30. His head sharply turned to his alarm clock. 7:45. Luke screamed and cursed until he almost lost his voice. Then he thought, the race doesn’t start till 9. It will take me an hour to get there if I hustle getting dressed and speed there. I can manage to get there just on time but without practicing.
He quickly got dressed faster than a cheetah. He skipped showering, breakfast, and brushing his teeth. Then he sprinted out the door, got his horse, hooked his trailer up to the back of his truck, and started speeding away.
He got there around 8:55 with moments to spare and when he arrived, you should have seen the look on Dwight’s face. “But…but…how did you… when did you… what did you do to get here?” Dwight said stuttering, shocked, and sad.
Luke just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. Dwight turned him around and said angrily, “How did you get up in time and how is that stupid horse okay from what I put in his water?”
“I just woke up; I was used to getting up early.”
“How is that horse even standing? I put arthritis pills in his water.”
“We didn’t have time to drink water this morning because we were running late because you set my alarm so late. So, basically, you set yourself up for this, Dwight.”
Dwight dropped to his knees and screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”
Then he quickly told Luke, “By the way, you smell like crap.”
Before the race began they were calling the racers up to their positions. “Number 58 please take your place,” the announcer said. Then Luke and his horse trotted up to their slot on the race track. When they got done calling all the numbers, the man in black and white that shot the gun to start the race, stepped out onto the race track. When Luke was waiting for the race to start, he noticed the huge table where they were to stop and eat their PB&J’s. He estimated there were around 10,000 sandwiches because there were 100 contestants and 100 for each one.
The man with the gun stepped off to the side of the track, stood up firm, raised the hand with the gun slowly, and pulled the trigger. BOOM! Lexington’s hoofs dug into the ground, then took off, and started galloping aggressively.
Within the first four minutes two sandwiches had gone down and Luke was already in 11th place. He could see everyone in front of him besides Dwight. He figured he was long gone in first because he never recalled passing him.
Dwight had fallen back behind when his horse fell over from going off track and almost hitting a tree. 50 sandwiches later, Luke was in second, Dwight was in third. A couple laps after, the slim girl Luke remembered being behind in the line, was once behind him again. She was still in first until she couldn’t eat as fast anymore and almost threw up.
 Now Luke was in first with Dwight following right behind him. On lap 78 Luke began to choke on the peanut butter when he was eating his sandwich. When he first started to choke, he didn’t think it would be bad but now he’s super red and Dwight had already started on his next lap. He needed to think of something quick. He sprinted over to a water bucket and chugged it all down. That cleared out the peanut butter in this throat. When he got back on, he had already fallen back into third place.
A few laps later, it was the last lap. Luke was still in third place. When Luke finished his last sandwich, he hopped back on to his horse and didn’t go but told him, “Alright, Lexington, we’ve trained really hard for this and I didn’t want to do that all for nothing. I know you and me can win this with one last burst of energy. No matter what it is, I’ll share the grand prize with you and no matter what happens, either way I’ll love you.”
Before Luke could even finish what he was saying, Lexington was already trotting faster than he ever had before. They sped right past the slim girl into second place. When he turned a corner, he could now see Dwight not much ahead on the dusty trail. Lexington sped up so much Luke almost fell off the back of him. One minute later Lexington and Bandit were neck to neck seconds away from the finish line. Both horses leaped into the finish line and the crowd stopped cheering with their mouths wide open.
Nobody knew who won. The announcer said with excitement, “And the winner is… Luke and his horse Lexington!” Luke’s face lit up and the crowd stood up and started roaring.  He knew this was the happiest he’s ever been. He also knew that both of his parents were watching and encouraging him this whole time, and now they’re smiling down on him from heaven with two thumbs up. He held in his tears of joy and just screamed, “Yeah!” while pumping his fist.
On the huge lit up stage there was three connected blocks in the middle of the stage. One higher than the other two. The higher one said first and the other lower ones said second and third.
The announcer said, “Coming in third place is Cindy Walters!"(The girl from the line.) “Coming in second place is Dwight Allen.” Coming in first place, Luke Washington!” Luke stepped up to the highest step. “And this young mans grand prize is 10,000 more PB&J’s!!!”
Luke gagged and almost threw up but then his horse was joyful and really happy. PB&J’s are Lexington’s favorite food ever. He knew he would get a share of those because of what Luke said to him.
After the grand ceremony Luke told his horse to have all the PB&J’s he wanted. That’s because he said that he will never have a PB&J in his life ever again!

© Copyright 2017 adam ballin nitschke. All rights reserved.

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