Jeff's Old Apartment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short Humorous tale about friendship, insomnia, and drugs.

Submitted: January 12, 2015

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Submitted: January 12, 2015



When you don't sleep it's easy to fall into a realm that exists outside of reality. The longer you go without sleep the further you drift into that other realm. Things don't seem real anymore, you catch yourself thinking about something you can't explain then all of sudden you can't even remember what you were thinking about. It's easy to get caught up in it all, to almost embrace it and try to start anew in this alternate persona of sorts. While for most of us it would be easy to simply go to sleep, for those select few that seems like an impossible option.

 This is exactly how Jerry Reeds felt as he sat in his living room on his stained brown couch that he had gotten for free on Craigslist. It was 4:45 A.M, the day was Sunday. Jerry hadn't slept in 52 hours; his mind was reaching the point that he referred to as "The Warp Zone". He felt this best described his mind in that particular state because he found himself constantly warping from thought to thought.  He had grown to like the warp zone, mostly because it was kind of like a sketch comedy show was going on in his head. As with sketch comedy, some of the thoughts were interesting while some of them were tedious and unamusing.

 Jerry leaned his head back and gazed at the ceiling of his mediocre, small, dirty, fowl smelling apartment. He reached his hand to his chin ran his fingers up and down the stubble, if you could even call it that. Jerry was terrible at growing beards; it grew in patches and made him look ridiculous. He didn't care enough to shave it, so he just let it grow out into some of the strangest facial hair that existed in that point in time. One of his friends liked to refer to Jerry as weird beard, Jerry didn't think it was funny, but sometimes he would laugh when hearing the nickname just because.

 The living room of Jerry's apartment was deafly quiet; he tried to reserve an hour of each day for his thoughts, especially during the warp zone. This particular warp zone included nothing that held Jerry's interest. His mind bounced around from thinking about the girl he had met at the convenience store the day before to whether or not he should take a shower; from there he started thinking about things he couldn't exactly comprehend. Jerry's mind did this a lot time, it was as if one part his mind was tell the other part an inside joke, an inside joke that Jerry wasn't in on. He had briefly thought that he might be insane, but he had quickly disregarded that since an insane person most likely would not ponder if he was insane.

 Jerry's phone suddenly vibrated, he reached forward and snatched it off the coffee table and looked down at the brightly lit screen. "A call from Jeff?" Jerry thought to himself. Jerry hadn't talked to Jeff in years; in fact Jerry's time hanging out with Jeff had a lot to do with his current insomnia. Jerry thought for a second about not answering the call, he contemplated hitting ignore and falling back into his pointless untranslatable thoughts. But he decided against it and swiped the answer button to the right.


"Jerry, its Jeff man, I need your help." Jeff sounded oddly calm for someone in need of help

 Jerry quickly assumed it had to be something serious; you don't just call up your friend who you haven't talked to in years at 4 in the morning.

"It’s fucking early Jeff, what's going on?"

"Listen, I'm into some stuff Jerry, some stuff that we shouldn't talk about on the phone, I need you to come to my old apartment,"

Jerry remembered the place, but didn't want to. He had spent many nights there doing a surplus of opiates, hallucinogens; pretty much anything they could get their hands on. It wasn't like Jerry had left that life behind, he still did plenty of drugs, and it was the company of Jeff that Jerry mostly wanted to forget. Drugs were a fun thing for Jerry, something that to him as an awesome place full of light and happiness, but Jeff infected that place with rage and anger.

"No" That’s all Jerry could think to say.

"Come one man, I really need your help; this isn't like some of the other shit I've gotten into. This is something on another level man." There was fear growing in Jeff's voice, it was subtle but it was there.

"Look Jeff, I haven't heard from you in 2 years and all of a sudden you hit me up in the middle of the fucking night like this asking for help. I'm just not in a place where I can help you man."

"What do you care about the time? It's not like you ever sleep anyway man, just get the fuck up off your couch and come help me man, this is important."

All of a sudden there was a knock at Jerry's door.

"Look man I'll call you back, someone is at the door." Jerry hung up the phone.

Jerry sat his phone back on the coffee table and put his face in his hands. He quietly started whispering to himself how much he wanted whoever was at the door to just turn around and leave.

 Another knock "Jerry open the door or I’m using my key" It was Holly's voice

 Holly was Jerry's only friend, the only one that Jerry hadn't gotten tired of and the only one that hadn't gotten tired of Jerry. She was the type of person who probably could have a lot of friends but chose not to, simply because it suited her better to have only a small group of friends. Jerry wasn't exactly part of any group, he was more of an outsider that Holly could come two when the company of one person was all that she could bare.

Jerry remained on the couch.

"Fuck it, I'm coming it, you better not be doing any hand stuff." She was very eccentric

 The lock on the door turned and the door swung open, Holly walked in. She was wearing her red dress that Jerry hated. He didn't like the idea of anyone trying to dress up, clothes were meant for warmth and to cover shit you didn't want other to see, he didn't understand why so many people had to be flashy.

"Some guy tried to take me home from the bar; I needed a ride so I just let him take me here and I hopped out and ran."

"If he comes up here angry and tries to kill you I'm probably going to let him" Jerry was joking, sort of.

 Holly walked from the front door into the living room and practically fell onto Jerry's recliner. It automatically reclined as she fell, he had also gotten the chair off of craigslist and it didn't exactly work right. Jerry could have easily looked up Holly's dress as she laid face down on his recliner with her ass facing him, but he chose not to.

"Like you would be able to do anything even if you wanted to, insomniacs aren't exactly known for their elite fighting skills."

 Jerry had gotten use to Holly popping in like this, especially on weekends. Jerry was a reliable source for a place to crash, drugs to intake, and semi interesting conversation if he wasn't too warped out. Jerry found it funny that his mind running rapid rarely ever got in the way with his ability to hold conversation and almost appear normal.

 "You should have called, I just smoked the last bowl of this excellent dro I had." Jerry was lieing, he had more but not a lot and he was feeling greedy

 "I tried to call like 30 minutes ago but your phones dead."

 Jerry's mind boggled around for a second. He took a few seconds to figure out what exactly was real at this moment in time. He snatched his phone off the coffee table pressed the on button, a little battery sign popped up indicating that the phone needed to be charged. So the call was a hallucination. This didn't really surprise Jerry, his life was full of drugs and sleeplessness, and those two things often lead to hallucinations. Right now it was just about establishing what is real. Holly was probably real, he never hallucinated her. But he figured he might as well make sure.

 "You're real right? Like I'm not hallucinating right now?"

 "Nah I don't think so, then again if I was a hallucination would I tell you." Holly said as she turned around on the chair and faced Jerry

 "I think so; my hallucinations rarely lie to me." Jerry said this was a little doubt

 "Well I guess that settles it then, I'm real. Which is good for me, and you." Holly smiled and leaned forward on the chair "Am I missing something here, did you trip balls before I got here or something, exactly how long have you been awake?"

 "Coming up on 50 hours I think, I was talking to Jeff before you got here, actually I hung up with him right as you knocked on the door." Jerry said as he pointed at the door with his phone still in his hand "But that can't be possible because my phone is dead, and because Jeff-"

"Is dead" Holly cut Jerry off

 Of course, Jerry's mind had somehow blocked that information off from Jerry long enough for him to actually believe that he could have actually been talking to Jeff on the phone. This wasn't the first time Jerry had imagined that he was talking to dead people, but it was the first time he imagined it about Jeff. Maybe he wasn't imaging, maybe he was a super physic medium. Jerry liked that thought, but he must not have like it too much because it quickly spiraled out his mind and more jumbled nonsense took its place.

 "Yeah, he is. You know how I get, my mind like to pick on me, probably wants me to do more drugs." Jerry said as he reached towards the coffee table and picked up a small container that held 3 strips of the best acid he had ever taken.

 "Well when your mind is right its right, so what did Jeff want?"

 "He said he needed help, he wanted me to go to his old apartment." Jerry took a strip out of the container and placed it on his tongue

 "Maybe it's one of those things, like a sign, maybe we should go there." Holly reached forward and took a strip from Jerry and placed it on her tongue

 Jerry thought of himself. He doubted it was a sign but then again he didn't want to just sit in his apartment and trip acid, he figured it would be more fun to adventure out and embrace the trip. Plus Jeff's old place was only a mile away, walking there would kill some time until the acid kicked in.

 "Yeah ok let’s go." Jerry said as he stood up from the couch

 "Well I was kind of fucking around, but fuck it lets go." Holly rolled off the hair onto the ground then awkwardly rose to her feet

 "You know who ever lives there now probably isn't going to be too stoked to see two idiots whacked out of there mind at their doorstep at 6 in the morning." Jerry said as they headed out his front door.

 "True, but once we explain to them that our dead friend sent us there they will probably be super chill about it and let us in, they'll probably even let us eat their food."


 Holly and Jerry slowly made their way towards Jeff's old apartment; they were in no rush since it wouldn’t be much fun to get there before the acid took effect.  Jerry stumbled around every now and then stopping to grab onto holly, half to stop her from falling and half to stop himself from falling. After a good 45 minutes of walking the acid had finally took control of Jerry's mind, he could only assume the same was happening to Holly.

 His mind shaped into a vibrant mess. It was still warped for sure, but it was more transparent now and Jerry felt far more lucid in it all. He felt ecstatic, he felt like he was definitely ready to knock on his dead friend's old apartment's door. This worked out well for him because they had arrived at their destination.

 "I am completely down for this; this is going to be interesting." Holly muttered, sort of, as they made their way up the stairs to Apt 223, Jeff's old apartment.

  "Yeah, interesting is probably the best word for it."

 Here they were, standing in front of Jeff's apartment. Jerry reached his hand up to knock on the door, but before he could knock the door opened. In the door way stood a man, looked to be about Jerry's age, next to him was a girl. They just stood there staring at Jerry and Holly for at least a minute before saying anything.

 "Umm, hey." Said the man

 "Hey this is going to sound strange but Jeff asked us to come here." Jerry answered

 The man looked kind of confused, but not alarmed.

  "I don't know anyone named Jeff." said the man

  "I find it hard to believe you don't know a single person named Jeff." It made sense in Jerry's mind to say this

 "Well my mailman's name is Jeff but I don't think he sent you here, did my mailman send you here?"

 "I don't think so, see the Jeff I'm talking about is dead"

 "Yeah that wouldn't make much sense, my mail man is alive. My name is Bobby by the way, and this is Maggie." Bobby reached his hand out and Jerry shook it, Maggie waved "Do you guys want to come in?"

 "Uh sure, I'm on acid and this is Holly." Jerry said quick realizing his mistake "Oh I mean I'm Jerry, my name is Jerry but I am on acid."

"That's cool, do you have any more?" Maggie asked as Holly and Jerry entered the apartment.

 Maggie, Holly, Bobby, and Jerry all spent the rest of that morning smoking weed, tripping on acid, and talking about the fake hallucinogenic phone call Jerry had received from Jeff. It turned out Maggie and Bobby were a lot like Jerry and Holly. They all four enjoyed the same things. Jerry had thought that maybe once he mentioned to Jeff how he wished that he had my genuine friends, maybe Jeff had fake called him as a nudge for him to meet Bobby and Maggie. Probably not, but Jerry had enough drugs in his system to convince himself it was a possibility.

© Copyright 2020 Adam C Luckey. All rights reserved.

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