A poem about two people looking for company

Ive got a great big coat

Ill save you from the rain
You can hold on it, let it block out you're pain
You can hide under it and picture nicer things
Thinkin of a better day and the future may bring
We'll have a fun time, sure i'll call you again
sorry to leave with you with youre emptiness and mournin
Ive little feeling with no love to share
but I gave you my coat it appeared I care
Im not there anymore and once again you feel alone
Im sorry you couldn't stay nor did I phone
I may have to soon as it is me who is alone 
without my coat I cant hide from the pain
Can I come to your house,
for now its your time to shelter me from the rain

Submitted: January 16, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Adam Campbell. All rights reserved.

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