From Pink To Blue

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young lad has an unforgettable experience.

Up until that night, I always thought it would never happen for me. Some lads are just born with a certain charisma that attracts girls, I am not one of them. It wasn’t something that really bothered me, it was just who I was.

However, over a year ago now, things changed, drastically. I’ve looked back, trying to analyze what exactly the cause or catalyst of this was. Honestly, I think it was myself. I had reached a point where I didn’t want to keep going the way things were, so I decided to change it.

By this, I mean I became much more sociable. Where previously I would hardly ever go out drinking with my friends—once or twice a month at most—I know found myself out at clubs once or twice a week. A pretty drastic change for me. Not just personality wise either, but also for my bank account—alcohol ain’t cheap.

Nonetheless, I loved it. I found myself thriving in these situations whereas before I would curl up into a ball like an armadillo. It got so bad at one stage that people stopped inviting me anywhere because they just assumed I would say no. On the rare occasions, I was out, I was greeted with surprise as if they couldn’t believe they were seeing me.

This brought about some great nights and memories I’ll have for a long time. One night, in particular, will stick with me till they close the coffin.

It was a Saturday like all the rest. I was looking for a part-time job for the summer so I was a little light on money, the multiple nights out a week didn’t help that.

I was reading in my bedroom when I got the text. It was from my friend Luke.


That was all it said. Synths is a nightclub in Dublin, not too far from where I live. It’s sort of the go-to place for anybody our age and can get uncomfortably crowded on certain nights.

I wasn’t sure at first, though. I had spent so much money I wasn’t sure if I could afford it. They have a deal at Synths where you can pay €25 at the door and get five free drinks from the bar. This was the way to go.

I told Luke I’d see what I can get and get back to him. He replied with: “Ah, come on China, don’t let us down.” Yes, he did say China, as in the country in Asia. That’s my nickname to this day. Apparently, to my friends who call me it, I have slightly more narrow eyes than the average Dubliner. It differs from the people I meet. Some say I don’t look Chinese at all and some say I do. By the way, that kind of subtle racism is entirely acceptable. My real name is Ian, though my parents are the only ones who call me that.

Turns out, I didn’t have enough money left to cover the cost of the nightclub. Thankfully, my mam is always willing to lend me money because she knows I always pay her back. She wished she could say the same for my older brother, Sean.

I told her about the deal and she gave me €40. The extra money was for a taxi home after. The truth is, I never got a taxi. My friends and I would just walk home when the club shut. We were in no state to do so, but we had each other in the event someone stumbled while crossing the train tracks—more on that later.

I thanked her and, after I got my best clothes and cologne on, headed out the door, refusing a lift to Luke’s house from my mam because the walk wasn’t too far, and I like to walk.

I got there around 10:30 pm, which is the time the club opens. There’s no one there at that time, however. You only make that mistake once. Luke and I were sitting around for nearly an hour before people started coming in.

Luke’s mam let me in and I went up to his room where he was still getting ready.

“Take your time, pal, no rush,” I said walking in.

“I can’t decide on what top to wear.”

“Just pick one so we can go, I’m buzzing.” I don’t know why I was so excited for that night.

“Hang on,” Luke said. “I’ll be back in a second. Here, grab a packet of them.” He pointed to a huge box of chewing gum in his wardrobe. It easily contained a hundred packets of gum.

“The hell did you get all this?”

“Robbed them from work.” Luke worked at a warehouse where there were always some goodies coming in and out. A stray knife on the crate meant that they couldn’t be sold so Luke would just take them home for the low-low price of free.

He left to go find a shirt and I grabbed about five packets from the box. As if he’d even notice. The room wasn’t large in any way, I was sitting on his bed and even there I felt claustrophobic. It’s a wonder he ever managed to sleep in it, especially in that summer heat.

I got a text from my other friend, Carl. “What time are you two heading up at?”

“As soon as this chap finds a shirt.”

“Alright, grand. I’m on my way with the lads anyway.”

It was quite the gathering that night, more of us out than usual. Carl was bringing people from college too, which drove up the numbers.

At last, Luke came back with a navy polo on. “Satisfied?” I said.

“Not yet.”

He grabbed a little metal box from his wardrobe. It was like a jewelry box, the kind you need a little key to open.

“What do you reckon is in that?” he asked.

“I dunno. Money?”

He opened it to reveal a plethora of condoms, every size and colour you could imagine. He took one in his palm. “Do you need one?”

Did I? I shrugged and said sure. He picked out a pink one but before I could take it, he said: “Wait, are you a virgin?”


“Alright.” He put the pink one back and took out a blue Durex. “Trust me, you’ll thank me for it if you get someone.”

I didn’t even want to know what I would be thanking him for. I took it from him and tucked it inside my wallet.

“Hoping to get someone tonight?” he asked.

“I’ll see what happens. Can’t bring anyone back even if I do.”

“What do you mean?”

“I never have a free house. There’s always someone there.”

“That’s the difference between us. I always have free houses meaning I can have four-hour shag sessions every week.”

“Lucky girls,” I groaned.

I should mention this about Luke, it’s almost guaranteed that ninety-percent of what he tells you is completely fictional. Seriously, this lad could win an award for fiction if he would just write these stories down. According to him, he was at every major event that goes on around Dublin. It wouldn’t surprise me if he claimed he served bread to Jesus at the last supper.

After what felt like an entire cycle of decomposition, we finally set off on the walk to the club. Luke’s father, who had been drinking at the pub across the road, said he was coming with us. I could see the look on Luke’s face when he heard this. I wasn’t too worried though, I doubted he would get in.

Luke’s father tried to flag down taxis along the way but they all drove right by him. One even stopped for a few seconds then drove off as his father was approaching. I had to laugh as his father screamed expletives at the driver.

We arrived soon after, the cue was a decent length. I showed the bouncer my ID and got in without a second glance. We all got in actually, except Luke’s father, as I suspected. The bouncer told him to leave the cue or he would drag him out. Luke just shoved us inside, clearly relieved.

I was the last person to buy the €25 deal before they closed it down. We threw our jackets in the coat room and went inside to the beats and lights of the club.

The club itself had a dance floor in the centre, a smoking area outside to the right and a bar off at the far-left corner. It’s no puzzle to figure out where we went first.

There were a lot more people than usual at that time. We must have stood at that bar for ten minutes just waiting to order a drink. I love shots, more than I should, but we all got bottles of beer first. I like to think of it as a warm-up, akin to stretching before you run.

We met up with Carl at the seating area beside the dance floor. My eyes weren’t drawn to him though, they were drawn to his friend beside him. I’d never met the lad, I later found out his name was Sam, but just by the look of him, I knew he was on something.

I pulled Carl aside. “Is he alright?”

“He said he was going to do a small bit of MDMA in the toilet but he ended up doing a whole bag.”

Trust me, it showed. The lad was sweating like a pig. It wasn’t in any way hot inside the club, even with all the people, yet he looked like he’d just run a marathon. His eyes were buggy, I don’t think I saw him blink once. Even still, he was very friendly and introduced himself, though I couldn’t catch his name at that time. I couldn’t catch anything he said really.

I grabbed Luke and we headed to the dance floor, not before doing a Jager Bomb each—my shot of choice. I never really knew how to work the dance floor. There were some really nice girls there and I had the confidence at that point to try my luck with them. The thing is, it’s a dangerous game. Some girls like it when you go up and start dancing with them, while others will slap you. It’s really hard to tell, at least it was for me.

After a few failed attempts and shrugs to Luke, I saw this one girl. She was beautiful, with long brunette hair and a nice leather jacket. What made me notice her? She started dancing with me. I had turned around to see her there, waving her arms and hips at me. We danced through about six songs it felt like, they seem to blur together in Synths.

“Wanna do a shot?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said nodding and smiling.

I took her over to the bar, fighting off the lads who had already had too much and were struggling to stay balanced. I took one of her tickets from her—she got the deal too—and got both of us a Jager Bomb. We clinked our glasses and downed them.

“Right,” she said. “Now for something proper.”

“Proper? Like what?”

“Give me one of your tickets.”

I handed it over and she ordered us two 666’s. I’d never heard of these shots before but the name alone had me intrigued. She wouldn’t tell me what was in it. It was transparent, like vodka.

“Just drink it,” she said. “On three.”

It burned stronger than anything I had ever tasted. I turned away because I didn’t want her to see me coughing up a lung.

Carl came bounding over to us. “Quick, China help.”

“What’s going on?”

“Sam’s in a bad way outside.”

I grabbed the girl and we all went outside. Along the way, I realized I didn’t even know her name yet.

“Robin,” she said. I grabbed her hand and led her through the crowd out to the smoking area. There was a group of my friends gathered around Sam who was sitting down. What little I could see of him wasn’t pleasant. He looked as if he had been awake the last week, still bug-eyed and sweating. Luke went to fetch a glass of water but Sam never got it. All the commotion attracted the attention of one of the bouncers. Without asking any questions, he grabbed Sam off the chair and carried him outside. None of us protested. How could we?

I felt a tug on my arm. Robin was nearly keeled over beside me, holding her stomach.

“Are you alright?”

“I don’t feel so well.”

“Here, I’ll take you to the toilet.” I grabbed her free hand and pulled her over to the other side of the club where the toilets were situated. It was turning out to be quite the night.

A large crowd was gathered around the girl’s toilets. I heard screams coming from inside and knew we wouldn’t be getting in there.

“Looks like we’re going in here.” I dragged her into the lads’ toilet and into one of the stalls. I was sure to lock it behind me. The lads’ toilet is a very unpredictable place, especially in a nightclub.

It didn’t take long before the entire contents of her stomach were flowing out her mouth, like a sick waterfall. Thankfully, her hair was tied back so I didn’t have to hold it for her.

“I’ll leave you to it,” I said.

She put a hand on my knee. “No, stay.” She spat out some more juices.

It came in three or four waves, I’m pretty sure she was empty at that point. I had my back up against the wall and she had her bare knees to the floor. Who knows what kind of gunk she was sitting in, besides her own.

“What’s your name?” she asked after the last of it had come up.


“Your cool, Ian.”

I know this may sound stupid or disgusting, but I think that’s when I fell for her. Saying that, the fact that I have to say ‘I think’ might mean that I didn’t fall for her, but nonetheless, I felt something.

Our night was over. It was coming to closing time anyway. I met Luke and Carl near the entrance, they were leaving too. Once I got my coat, I went outside with Robin and saw Sam sitting there on a wall. Carl picked him up by the shoulder but he insisted he could walk by himself.

Robin pulled me aside. “How are you getting home?”

“We’re just gonna walk. Are you getting a taxi?”

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“You need to sleep. I’ll stay with you until one comes along.”

She wrapped her arms around me and fell into my chest. It was only then I noticed how many people were outside. Falling over, being sick or punching each other, the whole club had emptied out into the car park.

I was startled by the sound of a horn and when I turned in saw an ambulance trying to drive in, though being prevented by the mass of people.

Everyone dispersed and the van drove near the door where we could clearly see someone lying on their back on the concrete. I’m not sure what happened to them but I’ve heard there were drugs involved.

Figuring the police would be there soon, Carl and Luke were pushing to go. I don’t think Sam knew what the hell was going on.

I took Robin down the pathway a little bit to find a taxi. It didn’t take long before one pulled up to us.

She hugged me again. “Wait, give me your snapchat.”

I put my name in as quick as I could in my drunken state. I gave her a quick kiss on the check and ushered her into the taxi.

The walk home was interesting. None of us were leaving with girls, except the ones that came with us. Luke threw his arm over me and said, “next time pal, next time.”

I was more focused on the train tracks at the time. I myself was fine getting over them, it was Sam that was the worry. He stumbled almost every step he took. We were lucky the track was straight for a good distance so we could be certain there was nothing coming.

It’s fair to say we teased the hell out of Sam the next morning. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t remember much of anything. He woke up on Carl’s bedroom floor.

I, however, woke in my own bed. I thought about texting Robin but decided it could wait until I got back from the gym.

I never did text her.

I don’t know why. I really liked her, she was cool. I guess I just got busy. I was working hard in the gym. I got myself a job for the summer and started my own blog, for which I was putting in a lot of work so I could quit the job.

I still think about her now. I haven’t seen her in the club since and I never asked her where she lived. She could be anywhere. That condom my friend gave me, the blue one, I still have it tucked inside my wallet.

Submitted: July 14, 2018

© Copyright 2022 adam herd. All rights reserved.

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