A Sonnet on Truth

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I was asked to produce a Sonnet on a topic of my own choosing. Decided to tap into memories of a pretty difficult time of my life. A beginners effort, please enjoy!

Submitted: November 15, 2012

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Submitted: November 15, 2012




A Sonnet on Truth


The skin is tough and mine is true,

But the bite did bite right through me,

The sharp unveiling of pointed truth

And skin deep it did bite truly.

The masquerade of painted faces

Interchanging as days grow longer,

Days grow longer as do the spaces

And the pains of truths I ponder.

The sun does rise only to fall,

How bleak this truth may be,

But like the sun we just all

Submit to inevitability.

The truth bites hard on the day of masquerade

as the sun still descends, falls and fades.

© Copyright 2018 Adam Payne. All rights reserved.

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