for the sake of us

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a couple, on the edge

Submitted: July 18, 2009

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Submitted: July 18, 2009



Miranda looks as if her eyes are closed all day long, and she walks as if she cant remember how to anymore. She opens her eyes to the sun in her window and has every intention of closing them again if it weren't for her baby in the other room crying. Lazily she sits up and makes an effort to wake herself up even though all of her body tells her to lay back down and sleep all day. To her side is her husband who some how manages to sleep through anything, and how jealous she becomes at his ability to sleep late and excuse his responsibilities when ever he pleases.  "I'm coming sweety" Miranda says as she stumbles to her babies room half awake. Her child smiles and claps as she approaches her and Miranda smiles and thinks to herself, "no matter how much I did not want to get up, you always manage to make me realize I do have something to get up for."

She can't really remember how her life ended up like this, the same almost empty days of waiting and hoping for something to change. She just knows that slowly she is disappearing in the midst of all of it and noone really seems to notice. She acts well around others, hides herself all the time, in yet when it gets to quiet and she is alone...her tears wipe away any trace of fearful emotions. She can cry to herself all day .

its funny when we live our lives for other people in yet when we stop to think what we have done for ourselves is nothing, how we seem to get angry at everyone we sacrificed for.

when we should be angry with ourselves.

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