The Halloween Princess

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This story is about a little girl on Halloween day.

Submitted: March 11, 2010

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Submitted: March 11, 2010




My beady eyes watched the clock as its hand slowly moved across its face. Excitement bubbled inside me, making my pencil I held distracted. Thoughts buzzed in my head like angry bees; I had to cross my legs to keep still.


Why couldn’t time move faster? This day wasn’t normal, or a beloved weekend, but a special day that shouldn’t be restrained; one which lets the imagination run wild. On this day, when the full moon rises, bats will squeak, wolves will howl, and ghouls will haunt the living.


My heart jumped for joy as the sound of my freedom rang. I rushed as fast as my short legs could take me to the bus. I quickly plopped down on one of the first seats, and began to swing my legs back and forth; (they could not yet touch the ground).

I eagerly listened for others to come, so that the yellow chariot would take me home. I sat and waited, but each minute felt like an hour. I thought I would become an old woman; my life wasted on the bus, waiting for endless time. I would be dust before they found me, with an ancient tomb stone that would forever haunt the bus. And so, even after death I would wait.

That picture faded as the bus lurched forward, but it wasn’t long before other images took its place. I could see myself cackling in the night on my trusty broom. I would fly over the town, waiting for my victims to fear the wart that decorated my wretched, green nose. After that one, another scene played in my head. One of myself being a space alien that had landed my ship in search of earthlings. I would spread my fingers into a ‘V’ and speak, “Live long and prosper,” before I would take them to the mothership for tea and dollys.But these images weren’t meant to be, for tonight I will be a glorious princess. My mommy has already made my dress, (I think that it had taken her years to stitch, for it is far too beautiful for anything less.)

My daydreams ended when the bus came to a stop. I leapt from my spot and raced out the door. Staggering into the house, I scappered into my room, and my grubby fingers found their way to my costume; they stripped off my clothes like beasts, but delicately clothed me in my dress like angels.

I danced to the mirror and saw a cloned image of myself. A royal blue dress, with vevlet white lacing, clothed her. Pearls, (made from beads,) coiled around her neck, and violet, unicorn earrings were imbedded in her ears. She became my dancing partner as I pranced around the room; watching my blue majesty sway and ripple.I skipped and twirled till I could no more, but I didn’t want to be rude; a princess shouldn’t be, you see, so I gave her a courtesy before I left for the door.

I wanted to jump up and down to show my excitement, but such a darling princess would not. And so I waited until my daddy came, but he was not my daddy, a knight in shining armor stood in his place. He was to be my escort to keep the monsters away.

I was about to leave before he made me stop.

“You forgot your crown, my little princess.”

He held a tiara in his gentle hands and placed the jewel apon my head. I giggled and courtesied before I left my castle.

My eyes beheld a magical forest. The trees looked as if they were on fire with their rainbow colors. Blazing reds, golden yellows, and. . . oh yes, tropical oranges. They were the secret guardians of the new world.

I walked down the yellow brick road, for it guided me to what I saught. But me and my knight were not the only ones that had changed. For as Lord Vader strode past me I bowed; I could feel the darkside surrounding him. A wave left my hand to a strange boy wearing glasses and a strange lightning scar on his forehead; there was something magical about him. I shrieked as an orc drew near, (at least I had my knight to protect me.)

Our path took us to another castle, one which was as lovely as mine. I rang the kingdom’s bell and chimed, “Trick or Treat,” when the door opened. The masters of the home smiled as they gave me jewels and gold. I placed one such jewel in my mouth, (oh how it tasted sweet,) before I departed. And so I traveled from home to home collecting riches to my growing kingdom. But as the night lengthened the magic of the land began to fade. The wrappings of decaying mummies began to become nothing more then mear toilet paper. Two firemen became two twleve year old boys wearing red, and a hotdog transformed into a dachausand wearing a costume.

It wasn’t long before I reached my own kingdom. I wept as mytiara came off and my true identity was revealed. But, when my eyes closed, I saw the last of the magic in my dreams. I smiled, for I couldn’t wait till this day came again.

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