Apartment #139

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This is a small story about Apartment #139 at Sholton Apartments. What is behind the door is something that is supposed to be ignored.

Submitted: April 18, 2018

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Submitted: April 18, 2018






The corners of the atrium are long past their course of being pruned. The hedges were cut over two weeks ago when Austin knew that the hedges were growing faster than expected when he scratched the stubble on his chin, wondering what is going on when Old Clever came up to him smelling like peppermint chew tobacco.

“What do you expect?” Austin peered at the hedges when Old Clever came over with the garden sheers in his hand.

“I think it is going to be a sign of early summer.” Old Cleaver shrugged. This is the beginning of more odd incidences that are about to happen when Austin saw the shape of an odd cat that came scurrying the halls of Sholton Apartments. Austin one day was strolling down the hall when he smiled at the carpet that was cleaned just a few days before, seeing the ancient shapes of patterns that are long since dead when he came up to the shape of prints in the carpet.

He adjusted the glasses upon his nose when he got to the hallway that is adjacent to him, turning his head from right to left before seeing something out of the shadows of the hall. He went from the adjacent hall and pondered to where the shadow was when something slammed behind him on the other side of the hallway that is adjacent to this hall. He jogged up to where the door slammed and glanced at the numbers that are upon the door.

#139; no one has ventured into that apartment since a tenant immolated himself after he stayed here. He just walked to his car, dropped his bags into his trunk and then pulled a gas can out of the trunk space and unscrewed the cap. He was giggling when he did it, laughing enough to fit when he dropped the gas can and brought a book of matches out of his pocket. He still laughed when the flames ignited. He still laughed when his teeth popped out of his gums.

Apartment #139 did not acquire another tenant since that incident when another tenant spoke of something that is far sane when one night they saw some form of beast come from that apartment. The beast they described is tall in form with many eyes and sharp teeth that clench end-on-end on the sides of its long narrow skull that shape into a razor’s tip on the back of its head. What was unusual of the beast is that it has suit on his body, like one of those business suits that can be bought at one of those ritzy places when it spoke of alien tongues that made the tenant screech out in terror when she finished, winding up at a long stay at Stanton Mental Rehabilitation when she spoke of Shaggu; Shaggu the Might and Terrible in a padded room with no windows.

Austin knew that there was something going on when he found some alien grass on the wall that has the shade of purple on the strands of the long grass that is getting bigger and bigger in the splotches that is accumulating. Then there are the cats that not look like the cats of natural course that Austin has never seen before when he continued to look at the door of apartment #139, tending to the keys that are in his pocket when all that he can hear is the knock on the door from the inside that came to him like this:


“What confounded course is this that is on the other side of this door?” Austin cocked his head, investigating the cracks that are upon the door when he started to feel the swath of sweat that is pouring over his forehead. The cracks are more aware on the door since three days before when he went down this hall, shining the brass numbers on the door when the tap came again upon the door:


Then something bothered to caress his leg when he peered down to see the blue cut eyes of a cat that is of unknowing breed that is cresting up to his heel.

“Mwah!” The cat growled when Austin jumped back at the cat that has a pelt of swirled colors of purple and brown on the cat that is not natural of this world.

“Mwah! Mwah!” The cat continued to growl when a tap came upon the door again. The purple colored grass continued to grow on the wall more sporadic when a knock came upon the door again:


“What in the world is going on?” Austin felt the goosebumps on his forearms rise up to bumped cuts when a tap came upon the door of something that is trying to get out.

“Where is this cat from?” Austin questioned no one around him when the alien cat with no intention of normalcy didn’t just walk but slithered across the hallway like a fast snake that came to the front of the vent when it raised its nose to the underside of the vent and slipped into it like a snake that found its mode of transportation through the entire vent system of Sholton Apartments.

The vent slammed shut when Austin felt the need to run down the hallway in a horrid flight, screaming for help when the door opened behind him on Apartment #139. What came out of the apartment is a creature wearing a business suit and a face of alien that is so unspeakable that it drained the sanity from Austin’s face.

Austin had a mental break when he started to giggle.

It’s teeth, oh god. Its teeth is all that they are showing.

“Go’thar Tenntum Oth’” That is what the creature that stood over seven feet tall when it slid back into the apartment and closed the door with the power of his own mind questioning the boundaries of unknown to the apartment no longer.

Austin giggled when he drew himself to the back of the wall and slouched down when Old Clever, the groundskeeper of the place met him after he rose up the steps to wonder what the tapping is about. He sees his boss that is slouched down against the hall.

“What is the matter, Sir?” Old Clever hunkered down with his knees popping.

“Shaggu!” Austin placed his two fists on each side of his head when he scrunched down further with his cries turning into a smile of insanity.

“Shaggu the Might and Terrible; screw the door shut and never open that door again!”



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