Big Heavy

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This is a short story about a vendetta with the powers that be. Other worlds exist for the same purpose. Is it an act of will or an act of conscience?

Submitted: July 24, 2018

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Submitted: July 24, 2018



“I can’t see straight, man.” Donovan said with his hand held loose upon the wheel.

“Watch the road, man. You don’t know when a deer will come out of the tree line and zap this car.” Carrey added in, putting some more pot into his paper and rolling it up.

They drove in silence for a while with the trees and the houses blurring around them when the clock on the radio reads 1:23 in the morning. The car that they are driving is an old Ford that has almost three hundred thousand miles on the odometer with the transmission failing. The headlights cut on the road when Donovan almost felt like going to sleep.

“Hey, don’t bush out.” Carrey laid the joint on him with a wicked smile on his droopy face.

“I’ll give you a little pick-me-up for your trouble.” Carrey smiled when a house passed them. Little did they know that it is the house of Big Heavy, a guy who is paranoid of the world with many problems on his mind? He also has telepathic powers when he sensed the two men that are driving down the road. He knew of their crime when he awoke with his senses dull before a smile cracked on his face in the darkness.

“Time to go once again,” He whispered in the darkness when he got up with his back creaking and his knees almost buckling. He scurried to the closet and pulled the pull chain for the light when all that is seen is just a closet and nothing else. In front of him is a wall that is cut out of many places where his secrets are when he pressed the one box to reveal a number plate that is lit for him to input the combination. He smiled when he inputted it as the door opened, collecting his possessions as he collected that as needed for the show.

He is a person of skill after all.

Donovan and Carrey kept their silences as they continued driving down the road, coming up to the stop sign that is sitting to the left of them.

“Man, I have the munchies.” Carrey scoffed before stifling laugher with the smoke coming out of his mouth and nose.

“What is your deal, man?” Donovan kept his foot on the brake pedal, looking up and down the intersecting road when Donovan felt the chill rush into his face.

“Do you hear that? It is not a cricket, man.” Donovan cocked his head a little. Carrey is lost in his own world when he remembered the passing of an incident that they are both aware.

“You remember that drive-thru kid from that one burger joint on South Ham? You remember the look on his face when you asked for a two liter cup of Cola?” Carrey imitated the look on the kid’s face before he broke you laughing, almost feeling like his muscles are going to rupture his sides when he stopped.

“He looked like he was going to shit a brick, man. That kid is lost in tinkle town.” Carrey continued to laugh when Donovan turned on the turn signal and made a left. They continued down the road when somewhere they heard the sound of a water gun engaging for a crop field that they cannot see.

Donovan didn’t mind that when he heard a buzzing in his ear, sounding like the buzzing of a cicada when he almost dug the tires on the side of the road.

“Watch it, man. You are almost about to wreck us!” Carrey grabbed the dashboard in front of him when Donovan looked at him with more worry now.

I don’t like this. Not one bit.

The car backfired when the carb for the vehicle somehow got a second wind. Carrey is rolling another joint with his eyes getting redder than ever before. He felt like he is melting into the bucket seat when a pair of headlights cut into the rearview mirror of Donovan’s car.

Donovan looked into the rearview mirror when he kept his eyes on the road in front of him. Then that buzzing started again when he almost felt like there is blood coming out of his nostrils.

“What is going on in my head, man?” Donovan placed his one free hand on his right temple. He cringed when the pain got more severe and more prevalent.

“What is your deal, man?” Carrey didn’t feel any worry about him when he got to work making a joint, doing it like buttering bread on a cool morning on a great, spring day.

He looked at Donovan again when he noticed that there is blood coming from his one nostril that is sided where Carey can see it.

“Dude, what is wrong with you?” Carrey felt the high slowly drain from him when Donovan cringed more before his expression laxed and then became slack as he placed both hands on the wheel of his car now.

“I’m good now, how about you?” There is no slow in his voice now when he suddenly acted like the sober one in the car, the square of the party of two.

“Are you cool?”

“Yeah, we are cool.”

They continued to drive down the road as the headlights behind them stayed their course. It didn’t narrow the distance as they continued to drive in silence as Carrey kept rolling the joint, feeling the high come on again.

“Hey…This is some good shit, man!” Carrey snorted with his hands feeling like liter weights. Everything is a blur and his mind is about ready to go down for the ten-count.

“Where in the – fudge are we going?”

“I don’t know. I think we are head towards town for something.” His voice droned when Carrey moved his head up a little.

He is not acting like himself. What in the hell is wrong with him.

“Okay...Wake me up when we get there.” Carrey smiled that red eye glaze when he rolled his head back and went to sleep with no dreams but the dreams that are filled with the dreams of food and weed, weed and food.

Carrey in that short span of time woke up somewhere where he didn’t want to be. He awoke in a bed that is not comfortable at all, getting up with his back killing him and his mind in thirty different places. There are bars in front of him when he knew of this growing horror of where he is when he got up, stumbling a little before staggering to the bars that are in front of him.

“Hey, get me out of here. What is going on? How did I get here?” He screamed when the correctional officer, who is a man of twenty five, kept his body from the bars from reaching distance when he adjusted the cap that is on top of his head.

“Shut up. You are in here for rape, you detestable swine!” He rolled the stick from the D-clip on his right side.

“What? What!” Carrey roared when he remembered. He remembered it with clean times of past when he kept that to himself, beginning to lie when he tried to rattle the bars from the thick brick and cement.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you raping Jenny Birchtree last year. You’re buddy copped up to it and you will be sitting here before seeing your lawyer to talk about your trial that is up and coming, if a man like you has a trial, you bastard!” The correctional officer spat at him when Carrey felt like his sanity is draining from his mind.

“He can’t…He is high. We both are. He’s in outer space when he copped to it. He can say that the world is flat and believe it.”

“Believe it what you want.” The correctional office shrugged when he walked away from the bars.

“I don’t believe this. I don’t BELIEVE this!” Carrey rattled the bars when he started to growl and thrash, giggling with his mind leaving his senses.

“He is not my buddy! I am not taking the fall! I am not taking the fall!”

The person who is known is Big Heavy keeps running through the night, taking over weak minds to attest to their sins when he traveled on with the goods that he has in his possession. The possession is not known for this world when he drove as he turned on the device that opened the portal to another world when he drove through it, turning the night into day when he casted his world into another that no human should be made available to go through. He will be home in time for dinner. He knows when the hours will blur when he kept up the Big Heavy. It is Heavier than the world that is placed on his shoulders.

© Copyright 2019 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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