Mr. Crazy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story that I wrote less than three hours. It is about a time when something goes wrong and in a hurry involving an insane lunatic wielding a sledgehammer. It all happens less than eight hours from the time our victim wakes up.

Submitted: November 17, 2018

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Submitted: November 17, 2018



They had sex thirty minutes after between the girl and the boy. The boy is strong, stronger for a boy his own age when she wiped his man chowder off of her back when he is done. He is sleeping now when the girl grabbed a cigarette from the pack on the end table and lit one up, sifting the smoke through the air with the light from the cigarette being the only light in the room. She kept the cigarette between her right index finger and her thumb when the girl of eighteen years thought about teenage incidents that are only in the minds of girls in this time of age. The boy, all he thinks about is what he can get. He also thought before he went to sleep if they can beat the bulldogs on Saturday. He hoped when he drifted off to sleep in comforting silence.

The branches of the trees brushed against the window when the boy’s parents are out of town on a business meet. She looked at the branches and then looked at the end table when she continued to smoke with her coughing fit coming on. She stifled it back with her hand on her mouth when the boy stirred in his sleep.

“Mickey?” She said in the comforting silence in the room. Her breasts barely showed through the blanket when she looked at his face in the dim darkness. It is calm and peaceful, like a summer dream that somehow came alive to her other than being a princess in a faraway place that she cannot even pronounce the name. That is all Lucy said in the room that held silence when she shrugged, getting up with the arch of her back showing her breasts in the dim light that is almost absent in the room. She gathered her clothes at the edge of her bed and divvied up the thong and put it on her body, along with the sleeping pants and her shirt with no bra underneath it. Her skin is smooth and her mind is free from the stress when she left the room, closing the door slowly and quietly behind her when she sauntered down the hall in her bare feet.

Lucy finished the cigarette and came to the coffee table in the room. She snuffed the cigarette out on the ashtray in the center of the coffee table and then stretched with her coughing fit coming on again. The last time that she coughed, she almost passed out from the lack of breath that is flowing into her lungs. She doubled over on the couch at her parent’s house when she done it, looking around and wanting help but not getting the words out. Mom is in the kitchen and dad is in his shop, working on little models ships when she thought about going to the doctor. She didn’t though when she looked at the stainless steel door of the fridge and escalated the ominous light that is reflecting off of it from the yard light that is coming from the kitchen sill window that is over the layout of the wash basin.

The entire kitchen is clean with not even a spot of filth on the counter top. The only problem is her butt print on the countertop when Mickey had her way with her on that spot when she came two times on that spot. She felt happy for it to be so wild when she did it. It was so natural when she thought about another cigarette but decided to go the light switch to turn it on. She went to the white washed colored cabinet doors and opened them, looking for the peanut butter and the bread that is stuffed inside of it. Lucy closed the door when she went to the window sill and looked out through it, seeing the cabana and the gazebo that is shadowed on the night with no moon in the sky above. What she did see is something in the garden on the far end of the property, kneeling down and eating something in the garden like an animal when she thought it is an over hunched, large raccoon that is eating some radishes that are in the garden. When she cocked her head is when she noticed that it wasn’t a large raccoon but a man that is slowly coming from the garden with his head cocked up to the sky. He lowered his head, looking into the distance before slowly turning his head towards the house that is sixty paces from where he is standing.

His face is casted in silhouette when he started to walk towards the house, tripping over the cantaloupe patch that is in his wake. He knelt down at the edge of the garden, picking up something with a blunt end when he held it up to his face when he turned to the sledgehammer and spoke to it. By the looks of it, he is talking to the blunt instrument that he is holding in his hand. He stopped and looked at the house, standing there and not moving for more than ten seconds when Lucy felt her heart is going to leap out of her chest. She left her cell phone in the bedroom when she knew that Mickey’s parents have no landline in the house. Her hands started to shake when she backed away from the window like it is going to catch fire any minute now.

The man still stood there before he started to buck towards the house in a full run, raising the blunt instrument higher and higher over his head when she dropped the contents that she got from the cupboard onto the floor with no mess coming from the plastic peanut butter jar. The man roared towards the window in complete silhouette when he brought the blunt instrument down on the glass when it shattered inward like a bomb. The shards blew in, shattering on the wash basin and the wooden floor when Lucy backed up against the wall, screaming bloody murder.

The man raised the hammer back and appeared in the light when Mickey woke up with a what-the-fuck coming out of his confused and sleepy mouth.

“Hello dear. My name is death and I want to crack your skull to JELLO!” The man giggled through the broken sill when Lucy started to hyperventilate from the sudden hell that came through the window. Mickey slammed open the door and ran down the hallway with his mind still asleep, living in the nightmare that is coming through the window like an infection that is quickly eating him to the point that it is catatonic.

“What the fuck?” Mickey jutted out with his mind running like a cold engine gunning.

“What the fuck is right and I am going to do it with the both of you all’s!” The man started to wiggle into the window when Mickey raced to the window, grabbing the meat tenderizer from the counter space and reeling it back with his right hand.

“Get the phone. Call the police!” Mickey screamed at her when she ran down the hallway with her auburn hair in a braid banging on her back.

“I’m warning you that I will kill you, asshole!” Mickey warned the assailant that is coming through the window with Mickey holding him back. The man is quick to the punch when he pulled out his buck knife and rushed it through the broken window, cutting his knuckles on the shards when he still giggled at the pain that is ensuing on him. The man drove the knife down into the guts of Mickey when Mickey stopped fighting with the man when he stumbled back with the pain feeling weird and anguishing at the same time.

The man came through the window, trailing with the hammer and both of his hands bleeding from the shards of glass that is still in the trim of the window. The man caught the head of the hammer on the trim when Mickey started to crawl down the hallway, leading a trail of blood on the floor when the man shivered the glass that is all over his leather jacket. His motorcycle boots clonked on the floor when he slowly came after Mickey that is crying, sniveling on the floor with his saliva licking on the hardwood when the blood made a sick trail of red on the floor. The man came closer and closer to Mickey when he finally caught him by the nape of his neck and pulled him up.

“You think you’re safe, UH HUH!” The man moved his head up with the black hallway being ahead of them.

“You want to crawl to her?” The man asked Mickey when Mickey replied with a fuck you. He wanted to spit into the man’s face when the man breathed harder onto his back.

“I’ve heard more of that from my mouth when the Bastards corralled me and did everything evil to me. You know who the bastards are? They are everyone that walks…and…crawls…and pisses into the wind!” He grappled harder on the back of Mickey’s neck when Mickey told him the same obscene suggestion as before when the man rapped his head on the hardwood deck.

“Go on, gimp to her. That is all you’re going to do anyway like a pussy that you are being in the last moments of your life. Go on, crawl to her!” He kicked him in the ass when Mickey started to cry on the ground.

“Please? Please?”

“Do I look like I am going to change my mind? What does Mr. Crazy say to the Bastards that are making me the monster that I am?” The man laughed when he brushed the hammer that is beside the right of his head. He listened to the inanimate object when he nodded his head in jovial stride when he looked down at the boy that is still pleading for his life, sniveling like a little Bastard that he is.

“Let them feel the might of my mighty power, I say.” The man smiled in the darkness where no smile is present but evil that is before Mickey.

“I don’t believe you that you want to live!” The man screamed at the boy that is on the ground when the boy slowly turned and started to crawl to the door where Lucy had probably retreated from.

“I think I should have a frosty cool one after I beat the Christ out of you. What do you say? Do you believe in the Good Lord?” The man stammered in his questions with his head dipping and his eyes opening and closing in great stressed strain.

“I do believe in the Good Lord and I believe that I should have been the one that killed him quicker. The life is a lie. It is all about hurting and killing people. I know that and you are still too young and stupid to do anything about it.” The man laughed in horrid tones when Mickey started to crawl to the door like a beat puppy that is retreating to a place that will make it worse for a drunken master that likes to beat the meek with no voice to tell the master to stop.

“Hey, I’ll open the door for you. What do you say?” The man crept over him and turned the knob on the door, swinging the door open when across the man coved oriented room, the window is open when the man scoffed.

“Son of a hell; you stay here. I’ll go get the other so don’t you die on me!”

“Go to hell.” Mickey shivered with his body being cold.

“I know.” The man nodded when he went to the window and crawled out of it with the hammer trailing behind him again.

In this point and time, Lucy is running down a nearby road in her bare feet when she came to a two-story white colored house. She ran to the door and started to beat on it when a light came on and the door opened. She stifled with the gun in her face when she backed away two steps.

“What do you want? You want to rob me!” The man came out with his long hair showering over his shoulders. The gun is bigger than the length of his arm when Lucy started to cry again with the man showing no emotion.

“Someone broke into our house.” Lucy pleaded with the man with the gun on her.

“Please help me. The guy is totally insane.”

“Bullshit! You are trying to play me, all of you! I won’t be played again so get off my property before I call the police!” The man barked when he retreated back into his house and shut the door against her.

“Please, you son of a bitch,” She stormed to the door and slammed her hands upon it.

“Call the cops! Call the cops and bring them here!”

The door opened again. It all happened so fast when somewhere a shot rang out and the man with the gun fell back into the house with the smell of cordite coming from the small wound that is in the center of his forehead. The blood ran out as the man started to do a death spasm on the floor. His gun went off in the house when Lucy sees the man with the hammer in the center of the road.

“Come here. Give me a taste of that sweet ass!” The man raised the gun again, going to take some meat off of her calf when he fired with the bullet digging into the heat stone that serves a walkway. She ran into the house and grabbed the gun when the man who is dying coughed blood out of his mouth. She whimpered at the sight of it all when she closed the door.

“I have a gun! I have a gun!” She warned the man with the sledgehammer on the other side of the door. The man on the outside kept banging on the door with all of his might for a few more moments before he stopped. Lucy felt the weight come off of her from the door, wondering what the crazed man is up to when she knew that he already knew his conjecture that he might sure to find.

The backdoor; there has to be a backdoor to the place. Lucy cupped her hand over her mouth when she wondered through the house that is not hers. Then she also thought in an instant when she looked for a phone somewhere when she came to it on the end table that is next to a beige colored recliner that is in the living room. She dialed 9-1-1 and placed it to her ear. That is when an explosion of glass happened in the kitchen. From where she was standing, she couldn’t see a thing.  She kept the phone as it dialed when the crazed man came into the kitchen, holding the sledgehammer like his prized possession when he looked around the room for a way out.

“You don’t have to hide; I-can-smell-you!” The crazed man laughed when he brought the hammer up in a John Henry swing and slammed it into the table that is in front of him. The table buckled under the tremendous force when he entered the hallway with his craziness coming full tilt.

“Where are you? I only want to play a game.” The crazed man chuckled when Lucy dropped the phone onto the recliner with the phone still on.

“It’s called pop the rabbit on the head. I think you can be a good candidate.” The crazed man stopped in the middle of the hall when he can hear nothing.

“Okay. Nothing is coming out of you. That is okay. I can make you scream!” The man with the sledgehammer railed the hammer and slammed it into the wall. Then he slammed it into the other wall as plaster and wood splinters started to rain all over him. The blood clots that are on his hands broke open when droplets formed on the floor. Lucy kept her mouth shut, finding a place to hide and cupping her hand over her mouth.

“I’m going to cook you! Don’t you worry! I can smell rabbit stew, you bitch!” He laughed in the hallway with his teeth sheering to the point of demented anger when he started to rage in the hallway, sending shards of wood and plaster all over the floor.

“Get your butt out here and face me! Face me, you little whore! Face me!” The man slammed the sledgehammer into the ground, breaking three of the board when he heaved for breath. He stumbled into the living room with Lucy being behind a bookshelf that is stuck in the corner, placing her hand over her mouth.

“I can hear you breath. I know that. They usually give themselves away in the last minutes of their life. I can see that you don’t have that long though. Sorry babe.” The man came to the table that is in the middle of the room when he smashed the top end of the hammer into the middle, shattering the glass in the casement.

“Cheap piece of garbage like that does need to be tended to.” The man walked deeper into the room with his eyes searching for everything.

“The Bastards of the world need to be tended to. I know.” The man moved closer and closer to the back of the back case with the sledgehammer coming up over his shoulder.

“They all need to be tended to. I am the cure after all.” The man came to the mouth of the back of the bookcase when he turned that corner and found – nothing.

He stumbled back a little when a scream came to from the side of his head. He turned with the hammer still over his shoulder when something came down on the side of his head. The man barked and stumbled into the bookcase when Lucy stood over with a thick book in her hand. She threw it at him and ran into the hallway and out of the house. That is when she is brightened up by a sect of search lights that are burning her vision to nil.

“You, get your hands up!” Someone of commanding authority said over a speaker when Lucy broke down, thanking the gods that they showed up.

“Get your hands behind your head and turn around!”

“You don’t understand.” Lucy gulped.

“There is a mad man in there and he is trying to kill me.”

“Get your hands behind your hand and walk backwards towards me!”

When she turned and placed her hands upon her head, the crazed man came from the darkness of the hallway with his sledgehammer up in full swing.

“Goodbye, Bastard!” The man giggled and raged in insanity at the same time when the officer lit up the man with the sledgehammer in four shots. The first bullet missed when the hammer came down. The second bullet grazed his side as the third bullet went into his gut. The forth bullet is the critical one, thank god. That bullet drove into his neck when all the strength came out of the man as the sledgehammer departed her face by mere inches, dropping to the cement walkout from the front door when he dropped head first into the cement with his face pointing right.

“Bastards,” He gurgled his last word when he bled out and died from his wound.

Lucy felt herself go catatonic in this point when everything went to black as she collapsed on the stairs of that stranger’s house.

By the time she came to, she is in the hospital hooked up to electrodes. She wiped the sleep out of her eyes when she thought the first thing that came to mind.

Mickey? What happened to him?

She removed the electrodes from the machine when a nurse in white linen came in and pulled her back into bed. Lucy resisted for a time before she is sedated. Lucy climbed back into sleep once again. When she woke up she sees the police officer that is sitting in the seat next to her. Her mouth is dry when she banged on the side of the bed as the officer woke up from his dozing. The officer wiped the sleep out of his eyes when Lucy asked for water.

The office listened and got her the glass of water in less than a minute. She gulped it down steadily as the officer tried to fight it back but to no avail.

“Take it easy, you’re okay. Can you talk?”

“What happened to Mickey?”

The officer is confused before his confusion changed to something of delightful happiness.

“He’s going to be fine, darling.” The office smiled when Lucy felt the world being lifted off of her shoulders.

“He is going to be fine. He is in surgery now but he is going to pull through.”

For the life of her, she needed a good cry from this messed up ordeal.

© Copyright 2020 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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