The Meadows

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This is a story of what had happened in a plot of land that is left to what was happened in a forgotten time a long time ago. Some sins may come back to pierce through the hole of reality.

Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018



It is clear that the party is over. The night is not old yet while it is young in the boozy mind of youth. They stretch out through the clearing to find another party with the residence that is not known, passing a bottle of Jack back and forth in the distance that is farther and farther from the party when they tuned the radio to something provincial and cheery. They bopped to the tune that is coming from the speakers as Jasper and Walker continued to pass lies back and forth in garnished company, one keeping his feet planted on the floorboards and the other steadily keeping his foot planted on the gas pedal. The winds of coming winter blew against the car when Jasper who is driving the car seesawed the car back and forth as the winds would not resist the car that is in mild care.

“Watch what you are doing?” Jasper is lining up a chizz that is within his hands, pouring the weed into the paper to roll it up in a fine mess that is delighted to see. Walker kept one hand on the wheel of the car with the radio playing out a tune that they cannot remember, sleuthing his mind onto the road as he can barely look over the sides of the road for any surprises that could be in the bushes. Jasper is quick but not that quick when he is drunk.

“Do you know where – we are going?” Jasper burped with his mind catching on something funny in the intent on his imagination.

“We are going to some house on the top of the hill. It is in Langdrum.”

Jasper turned his drunken mind to him.

“Langdrum; that place is a ghost town.” Jasper hiccupped.

“I know, it is a place for us to hang out. Teens throw parties in that town all the time.” Walker smiled through the clear cut black that Jasper cannot see.

“Will our mothers find out?” Jasper replied with an indignant squeak that came out of his mouth.

“Our mothers won’t find out unless you speak of it in your sleep.”

“Did you know that people are missing up there in Landrum? Didn’t you see the news that is on the net as of late?”

“Oh c’mon, you worry too much.” Walker finished up his joint and placed it in his mouth, lighting it up when he looked out against his window that is streaming the trees of where he sits on by.

“I couldn’t remember of seeing such a view that is so bizarre. Like walking into the woods of Romania and seeing the dance of ghosts that are trapped there.” Walker shook his head with the reflection of the cherry bouncing back at him.

“You know that there was a killer here that buried bodies of the youth with them still alive?” Walker remembered that one movie a long time ago – I think it was with Keifer Sutherland that ended with him buried in a coffin. That sent chills up his spine by just thinking about it. He continued to smoke some more of the chizz before pulling it out of his mouth, sending it over to Jasper that made a smoke chain around the car that is starting to haze up.

Jasper took it into his mouth and inhaled, feeling the funniness runs down to the tips of his fingers when everything started to turn green and radiant. Everything started to blur in his field of vision when Jasper asked what that stuff is?

“That is the best of the best. I got it off of a guy in Wilmilton Pond that was selling night crawlers. He is a guy that can get what you ask for.” Walker blew the smoke around the cab of the car when Jasper caught on the wind of getting high as well as getting drunk. The feel in his hands are going when he started to get giddy. Ten minutes later, they were high and they are in bad need of wanting some munchies. The car got so slow that it is in crawling speed when Jasper looked out of the windshield with his eyes almost in slits.

“Man,” Jasper whistled with his smile being too happy.

“That is some good shit, man.”

“Yeah, I know.” Walker opened and closed his eyes very slowly when he looked out into the darkness where the infinite imaginings of good and bad lie.

“What do you think that is within these woods? What do you think?” Walker started to go to sleep when Jasper looked at him and giggled on how he looks.

“You look like a dead bug. I need to pull over and get some sleep.” Jasper pulled the car to the side of the road and everything eluded into black moments after.

When he woke, it was in the middle of the afternoon with the sun peering through the window. The smell of piss is in the bucket seat of the car when Jasper moaned awake to the feel of the steering wheel that is imprinted on his forehead. Walker is now in the backseat with his hoodie up on his scalp, sleeping like a baby when Jasper turned back to the windshield. He noticed that is foot is still on the brake pedal when he wondered how long his foot was on that brake pedal. Was it all night? He didn’t know when he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

“Yo, get up.” Jasper hammered the steering wheel with one of his hands. He was too zonked out to know what is going on.

“Where in the hell are we?” Jasper started to feel like he is talking to himself when Walker slurred in the back seat, moaning for someone to come along and shut his lights out for good.

“Oh, my head; what in the hell happened?” Walker came up from the backseat like a ghoul in need of some harboring flesh.

“We are in nowhere land.” Jasper looked around the tree line with no power lines, no houses, not even a tractor that is rusting in the weeds somewhere at the edge of some brown and forgotten field. They are alone in the middle of nowhere when Jasper felt more awake than ever now. Little that he knows that the brake lights that were on all night juiced the battery down to nil and the quarter tank of gas that was in the car is burnt out to the point that there is not even fumes anymore. Jasper and Walker both are in a pickle in the middle of nowhere.

Jasper got out of the car with his hair blowing in the wind. The sun in the sky made odd shadows through the bald trees that are all around them. The wind danced on his face, feeling like icicles on his skin when he crept to the back of the car to get some fresh air. Walker in the back seat felt like someone drilled a .32 caliber bullet in his brain when he looked at the windows and then looked behind him like there is a boogeyman waiting to jump on him. He sees the back of Jasper’s jacket when he looked at the nothingness of woods that are all around him. There is nothing around them but the thrill of nature and nature that it entails. They are alone with no cars driving up and down the road when Jasper looked up and down the road when he slightly peered to the sun.

Jasper looked down from the sky and sauntered back to the driver’s seat, climbing into the car to look at the instrument panel with the needle of the gas tank being on “E”. He flipped on the ignition and got nothing from the idiot lights when he flipped the keys off and sulked his head onto the bucket seat.

“Okay, we’re going to split up and go down both sections of the road. I have a gas can but I never filled it up in the trunk. You go…north and I go south. If you meet up with a gas station then you call me on the phone.”

“Why don’t we call the triple A and ask for help?” Walker moved his body up between the bucket seats with his eyes feeling dry and his eyes also shining a shade of red that is almost to the point that it is pitch black.

“That is the problem for we are out of cell phone range, brother.” Jasper rolled his cell phone up from his pocket to show the window that there are no bars. Walker brightened up and drove his own phone out of his pocket, seeing that his phone is dark as the Egyptian Mines when he dropped his head and then rolled his head back to the rear window to look at the bluish sky that is blanketing the skin that makes the world. He closed his eyes and then opened them to the sound of something booming in the distance. What was it; he wondered when Walker moved his head up from the backrest to see the deer that is running through the woods. There had to be about thirty of them all in group when he wondered about it all being odd.

What are they running from? Walker wondered when he closed his eyes for more than a minute.

“Yo, wake up and get your ass in gear!” Jasper brushed his knee when Walker rolled his head up to the windshield with his eyes streaming in many points that are all over the car.

“What?” Walker blurted out with his mind still half awake and half asleep.

“Get the gas can from the trunk and let’s start walking.” Jasper instructed, being a little cold on the matter when Walker rolled his head with the thick smell of alcohol on his breath. Walker opened up the door to his right and barreled out with his feet still touching the embankment. He hoped that his feet will not slip out from under his feet when he moved to the back of the car with his hands still along the body of the car.

“The keys,” Walker spoke to no one that is outside the car. That is before Jasper got out of the driver’s seat with his hands in both of his pockets. Jasper is looking for something in his pockets when he brought out two bottles of five-hours from his pocket.

“Here, stiff this down. Get your act together. I can’t do anything for the weed but this will get you through. When you get to a gas station or get someone to pick you up, you call me. Okay?” Jasper spoke to him like a little child when Walker nodded his head. Jasper popped the key into the lock of the trunk and opened it, giving him the gas can when Walker nodded to Jasper. They both settled smiles on their faces when Walker started to walk down the road with Jasper looking at him getting smaller and smaller in the distance.

Jasper turned his head, not knowing that it will be the last time he will ever see Walker alive again when he started to walk down the road.

Three miles and forty minutes later, Jasper wiped the sweat from his brow when he made it to the intersection of the road that he cannot remember. Jasper looked up and down the road with the collar of his jacket blowing in the wind. The five hour bottle he drunk sometime helped him but very little when he shook the sweat off of his body some more. He looked at his phone and found something that he is hoping for when he sees one bar on his screen. He opened up his contacts and got Walker’s name on the screen, thumbing the button to call him when he only got one half-ring on the line.

“Son of a…” Jasper scolded the phone, dropping it to his thigh when he closed his eyes in hopelessness and then opened them. He looked up and down the road when leaves blew across the top of the road that skittered and pattered in little mere weightless sounds. He waited and waited before he sighed, going down the left of the road when he walked as the sun slowly melted to the other side of this small world that made up a big world. He got so far as a house on the right side of the road when he started to bramble up the driveway with an old Chevy Cheyenne that is rusting with the tires as bald as Terry Bradshaw.

Jasper looked at the house and then looked at the truck when he continued up the drive with his hands both in his pockets. He had nothing but that empty shot of five hour in one pocket and his phone in the other. He didn’t look like a threat but he looks broody in his looks for a child that is almost a man who worked out three times a week. He slowly walked up the drive, going towards the front of the house when he hears something drop on the fencing to the left of him. He turned to look at the fencing when he spotted a tiger stripped cat that is moseying about on the runners of the fence. He continued to look at the cat that is running down the postings of the fence when he hears a click to his right. He turns when he sees a man that is standing before him, poking a .357 Magnum in his direction when the man looks like he had too many to drink.

“What are you doing here? Did you come from the road?” The man inspected his shoes when he looked back up at the kid that is standing before him.

“Did you come from the road?” The man roared when Jasper backed up from the shine of that revolver. He waived the gun up and down when the man started to cry.

“I had some friends of mine go up and down that road, up and down, up and down before something happened to my friends. I am cursed now and no one wants to chum with me! Everything in my life has turned to shit! You know it and I know it too. Even the mail woman that came to deliver the mail went home and drowned her three children.” The man started to laugh with nothing but gums in his mouth.

He is crazy, crazy as a fucking loon from outer space! Jasper held up his hands when the man hobbled forward. It looks like that one of his legs is fake.

“You will know that everyone around me will see what I see, day in and day out. They too will go crazy. Even you feel the wanting to be…insane, do you?” The man smiled his gums when he continued to walk forward with the gun getting closer and closer to Jasper’s head.

“Please, don’t do this.” Jasper pleaded with the man that looks crazy as a shit house rat.

“Don’t do what. I’m not going to hurt you. Only the road that once served the meadows can do that.” The man checked the buttons on his shirt when a shot rang out in the clearing.

Oh shit, I’m dead. Oh shit, I’m dead right now and I am in hell. Jasper made a mental note of this real quick when somewhere someone screamed out in the distance of where the shot came from.

“I’m going to kill you next if you ever come back here again, kid. This place is cursed. Cursed, I tell you! Don’t ever come around here again!” A woman spoke out into the clearing when Jasper bolted, not looking back towards the intersection of the road of where he came from. He ran like the wind, not feeling the singe of being hung over when he continued to run down the road with his jacket almost stripped from his body. He met his car just twenty minutes later with his heart beating out of his chest, looking for his friend when he forgot the phone altogether. He pulled it out from his pocket and looked at the signal bars, reading nil when he threw it into the car, looking around for anyone out of the ordinary.

Something ran through his mind when it passed him like a waking dream. He thought about taking Walker’s head and smashing it with a ball-peen hammer when Jasper wondered why; just why he would do something like that in killing Walker. That never ran through his mind before about killing another human being and he is a pacifist. Jasper is touching the door lever when he looked up and down the road when he started to think of other things that are running through his mind.

He thought about something that he had never lived when the colors started to pile into each other. Where the woods are when he looked up is something that he had never seen before when he can see a clearing now. Where the clearing is now are the meadows where there were numerous flowers that grew there. In the middle of that field is a beautiful woman that is lying in the flowers with most of the pedals caked in red. Her body is riddled in knife points of where multiple people had stabbed her when there is one man that stood over her, decked out in clothing that is worn in the late eighteenth century. He has a letter opener in his hand when he looked into the sky for something for a miracle to happen. What happened here is sin that Jasper cannot speak of when everything left him in a manner of seconds, going back to the woods that appeared to him in present time.

Something happened here is sin…and it is a daughter’s wraith that followed it all. That wraith is filled with wrath in the desolate embers of trees that are planted there after the murder had happened, making time wash it all away when Jasper stood there, etching it all in his mind. Now he knew. Now he knew of the pain of what happened here. He looked around the car as no cars ran up and down the road in a desolate place. They knew what happened here with a little not knowing of what happened here. It is a story that is recited before they went to bed at night or is it the same image that Jasper had seen. He didn’t know when he started to walk in front of the car and then walked down the road, trying to find Walker when he knew that he could be a victim of the insanity of the environment that made him a victim of this place.

Maybe he is alright when Jasper knew in sullen despair that no one will come and help him after all.

There is a sin that happens in many places that is not talked about. It is only forgotten in time as the winter lies everything in dormant, only to thaw in the spring as it is forgotten further and further in time that has nothing to span no more. The story is only truth to the ones that survive it. Some sins though cannot noir ever to be talked about in life for they are too hard to be talked about and relieved in the minds that have done it.

© Copyright 2019 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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