Into The Fray

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Story follows two ill fated brothers at war, Now this was for school so its short and sweet you need backg info on whats happened the brothers were in a suprise attack and have been seperated from their squad and have to survive on their own


Adrian Smith

Eamon Smith

Angie Smith

David Smith



Scene 1 – Deserted house on battlefield


Adrian enters with Eamon following, when they get in they close the door and barricade the entrance


Eamon: [gasping for air leaning against a wall] How many of them were there!?

Adrian: [watching through the window] I dunno man but they sure as hell, have us outnumbered, I cant believe they killed the rest of our squad, one thing is for sure we cant stay here

Eamon:  Damn Adrian where can we go out there its bloody suicide! Why didn’t we listen to Ma

Adrian: your right, I’d do anything to be back home right now [moves away from window]

Eamon: We cant sit and mope around though, we have to find a way to get home

Adrian: We should barricade this place up, they might pass and leave us alone.

Eamon: You always were a optimist [moving from the wall to the window], no it’ll be dark soon and then we move until then we barricade this place up and we hold out we can move at night.

Adrian: Are you sure, if were quiet we could [interrupted]

Eamon: [interrupting Adrian] We can’t and you know it, if we stay we die, rest up were gonna need our energy for later.

Adrian: One of us should keep watch, we’ll do two hour shifts, [looks at watch] we have aproximatly 6 hours til night. We can leave in 4.

Eamon: Ok well lets barricade this place up and then rest up for tomorrow, I’ll take first shift.


[the two barricade the room and Adrian goes to sleep, Eamon watches through the window to see if anyone is coming but he eventually drifts off to sleep]


Scene 2 – Home (8 months earlier)


[The scene takes place on the apron, Adrian and Eamon enter with their suitcases from stage right, Angie follows crying]


Angie: Please don’t do this, Please! For my sake, I lost your father don’t make me lose you aswel

Eamon: You’re not losing us ma, we’ll be home in a year, mark my words

Angie: You cant promise that, young men die everyday out there.

Adrian: Ma, we’ll be fine, besides we’ve got each other out there, and you’ll be fine here

Angie: It’s bad enough you going Eamon but taking Adrian! Hes just turned 18 and hes your younger brother.

Adrian: I’m going on my own free will ma

Eamon: Your getting worked up about nothing

Adrian: [looking outside] Our ride is here

Angie: Please don’t [looks into her hands crying]

Eamon: Don’t worry Ma, I’ll be back, take care  [he kisses her head and walks out]

Adrian: Hey, don’t cry Ma, it’ll work out everything always does, don’t worry about us, everything will be ok


[Adrian and Eamon walk off the the left, Angie walks to the right crying]


Scene 3 – Rude Awakening (Present day)


[Eamon, wakes up suddenly, lying in the same place as earlier, Adrian is watching the window however]

Adrian: never thought you’d be such a good look out

Eamon: What?

Adrian: You fell asleep, your lucky we weren’t gutted in our sleep

Eamon: Damn, sorry Adrian

Adrian: No bother

Eamon: [getting up from the wall and moves to check on the barricade] hey what do you think ma is doin?

Adrian: [Adrian stands up and stands in front of the window] Man I dunno, im sure she has moved on by now you remember the day we left it wasn’t good, she hasn’t even sent us any letters … Do you think she even knows were still alive?

Eamon: I’m sure she does but even so, in a month we’ll be walking back fine and we’ll say to her “I told ya so” in that wee voice she always does [Eamon Laughs]


[Adrian and Eamon laugh, as Adrian takes a step forward gun shots are heard and Adrian yells and falls to the floor clutching his leg, he pulls himself out of the windows view point, Eamon runs over with his gun and fires out the window]


Eamon: Shit!” [Eamon barricades the window and then runs to Adrian who is lying in pain on the floor] Are you alright!?

Adrian: [now crawled to the back wall] Shit! This hurts!

Eamon: [beginning to worry, paces up and down the room, his gun in his hands, he stops] We need to get the hell out of here man! Can you walk?

Adrian: I don’t think so, my leg is done

Eamon:[runs over and hunkers beside Adrian] Well I’ll carry you, we can get out of here

Adrian: I’d just slow ya down [he looks at his leg] whats the chances of them leaving us alone

Killer: [Off Stage] We know your in there, drop your guns and remove this barricade and we may just spare you

Adrian: Damn, any plans

Eamon: We cant give up [he sits beside Adrian] We gotta get out of here


[A banging is heard as the enemy soldiers try to get in]


Killer: [Off Stage] This is your last chance!

Eamon: Were done Adrian, maybe ma was right

Adrian: Eamon I … I want you to go

Eamon: What? What are you talking about?

Adrian: Your fine, you can make this, there distracted on me

Eamon: Are you out of your bloody mind!

Adrian: No but maybe you are! YOU have a chance to live!
Eamon: I’m not leaving you!


[Banging noise increases, louder and louder]


Adrian: [quietly] You have to


[Eamon looks around, frustrated and then gets up to go, the two brothers hold hands]


Eamon: [beginning to cry] I’ll tell mum of your sacrifice … brother

Adrian: Just survive, [banging increases] Go on, Eamon! Go on!


Eamon leaves, all noise fades out, except a heart beat, Adrian rests against the back wall


Adrians head (Memories)


Angie: [Off stage] men die everyday out there

Eamon:[off stage] bloody suicide …

Angie: [Off Stage] You can’t go! I cant lose you like I lost your father

Adrian: I’m Sorry Ma

Angie: [Off Stage] don’t make me lose you

Adrian: [crying] Mom

Eamon: [Off Stage] Why didn’t we listen to Ma … in a month we’ll be walking back fine

Adrian: We Will, we will

Eamon: [Off Stage] Hey , Adrian do you remember……


Lights fade off, Scene ends


Scene 4: Daddy is off to war (memory)


Adrian walks onto the apron, he sees, his mother and father sitting at a table, however they don’t react to him being there.


Angie: I cant believe your going again, you’ve done your service why do you need to do more.

David: I’m not finished, no one ever is, I have to go back, to protect the kids!

Angie: Your making an excuse!

David: Even if I am it’s a pretty good one! I’m fighting to keep you and the kids safe, don’t you understand!

Angie: But what if you don’t come back this time [sad]

David: I will come back, I always come back [they hold hands over the table]

Angie: No, you can’t say that, if you don’t come back I wont be able to provide for these kids by myself.

David: Angie, I give you my word that I will return

Angie: David! Your word wont mean anything if your dead

David: Don’t you remember the last time I gave you my word

Angie: The day you proposed, you told me that [she wipes a tear from her eye]

David: I told you that, I would love you, protect you and always be there for you

Angie: But this is leaving me

David: Angie, your making a fuss, I’ve been out twice before that’s two years of service and I’ve came back ok, why are you so worried about a third

Angie: Because something doesn’t feel right and I cant lose you

David: You won’t

Adrian: Da, listen to her please

Angie: How do you know?

Eamon: [Off Stage] Daaaaady!

David: I’ll get it, look it’ll work out everything always does, don’t worry about it, everything will be ok


[he gets up and walks to the exit but he stops infront of Adrian, not knowing he is even there, David stands thinking about what Angie said to him, he then continues walking and both Angie and Adrian look down.

 Adrian watches his mum cry into her hands before walking on, the lights go dark]


Scene 5 – Daddy’s Wake(Memory)


[Adrian walks on stage right where he sees his mother standing at his entrance waving goodbye to people leaving the house, unaware of what is happening, he looks around the house and sees an open casket with his father lying inside.]


Angie: I knew this would happen

Eamon: Ma, its ok if you want too talk about it

Angie: What is there left to say, how is Adrian taking it?

Eamon: He’s in his room crying, he’s only eight its tough for him

Angie: It’s tough for us all, including you, you don’t have to act all strong, your only fifteen after all

Eamon: I just want to know, why he had to go, why didn’t he stay [he begins to cry]

Angie: [she holds his hand] He wanted to protect us and keep us safe

Eamon: Why did he have to go? Why did he have to die?

Angie: [wiping tears from her eyes] He’s not gone, he’ll always be in heaven watching over us … protecting us like he always did

Eamon: [Wipes tears from his eyes] some day I’ll make him proud I know I will

Angie: You always did, now go you and check on your brother


Eamon runs off stage, Angie breaks down in tears and rests her head on the table, Adrian looks at her as she freeze frames, he walks over to the coffin his father is lying in and he looks in


Adrian: Rest in peace Dad


Adrian walks off stage, end of scene


Scene 6 – Dad’s Legacy (memory)

Adrian walks on stage, he sees a gravestone reading “Here lies David Smith, Beloved Husband, Father, Soldier”, he see Eamon enter.


Eamon: Hi da … I haven’t um talked to you in a while, but I wanted to let you know that Adrian and I are going to make you proud, we’ve decided to go to war… Adrian seems to think that he’ll make every difference by fighting [slight laugh] but we both just wanted to do what you did and protect the country from those who want to harm it. Adrian worries about ma and I don’t know what we should do, I need to go to war, I need to know I helped make a difference and I need … to make you proud. Ma has never been the same since you died and Adrian and I promised we’ll look after her and we will.


Adrian: we made him proud Eamon


Adrian walks off end of scene

Scene 7: The Aftermath


[The Stage lights up and “Into the Fray” begins to play]


The Aftermath Timing

  • Straight after the flash back the song begins with Adrian lying on the floor
  • Adrian lies on the floor he knows what is coming and how it is inevitable, his mother sits at the table for some reason she is distressed.
  • 0:30-35 The Barricade begins to fall
  • 0:45 Adrian turns with his gun, konrad kicks his leg and kicks it out of the way
  • 0:50-55 Adrian turns to face the killer and the killer slaps him across the face with his gun
  • 1:10 Mother opens her front door, Adrian gets up and faces the killer
  • 1:15 Eamon who has entered Mother’s house shakes her head, when that happens, the killer fires into Adrians stomach and Adrian falls to his knees
  • 1:20 Mother drops to her knees, Adrian on his knees looks into the eyes of his killer
  • 1:25 Killer places the gun between Adrian’s eyes
  • 1:30 Killer clicks the gun back
  • 1:35 Adrian takes a deep breath
  • 1:40 Killer fires on bullet and walks off

Submitted: April 21, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Adam Williamson. All rights reserved.

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