SLENDER: Lost in the Darkness

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Based on the game Slender and some mythos and lore about him, this is my own story I hope you enjoy I will keep to Slender's history and storyline as much as possible while adding some of my own.

For those who don't know about Slender Man I hope you can read and enjoy finding out more and unravelling the mystery but if you want to experience the fright of facing him download the game online, it's free and guarrenteed to make you shit yourself


Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012




12th August 2010

My mind was blurred my heart racing as Davie drove the car down the small country road, the girls in the back were loving it! The speed! The adrenaline! The rush! I was loving them, man Davie and I would be lucky tonight. My name was Jack but my friends called my Jackie, I was fifteen and just wanted to let loose. My parents were dead strict and I was just glad Davie could get us drink and drive us about. He was nineteen. This was his plan to get us laid and it was going great! I was loving life to the full and it couldn’t get any better as I kissed the girl who I think was called Amber. The whole night felt like a blur, I couldn’t tell my left from my right. I held onto Amber as we made out in the back seat when we finally parted I leaned into the front seat to Davie’s ear. “Fuck man! This is brilliant!”

“Told you it would be! I think were gonna get lucky tonight Jackie boy!” He replied to me, as I looked out the front window my body froze in fear as I saw what seemed like a dark figure on the road ahead. He looked like a giant at least 7-8 foot tall. “What the fuck! Look out!” I screamed as my right hand grabbed the steering wheel as I turned it from the man’s direction. “Jackie what the fuck!” Davie screamed as the car rolled into a ditch. The girl’s screamed as we rolled down the hill. The last thing I remember was the abrupt stop of their screaming and the crack of bone and the car collided with the tree.

Part 1

7th June 2012

Another night I sat at home alone on my computer playing video games to the crack of dawn. Talking to friends about collectables and good kills. All I had wanted was to be Mr Popular and cool but after one night in august now all I wanted to do was stay away from the danger even if it meant being alone all my life. It was 3AM as I turned my computer off and walked over to my bed and rested my head on the pillow looking at the picture on my bedside cabinet. The picture was of my friends David Smith, Amber Sneddon and Alice Way. Three names I could never forget, three people who supposedly died because of my drunken actions. It hadn’t been my fault but no one believed me. There was someone on the road. There was! I didn’t kill them and I wasn’t hallucinating there was someone there!

I lay in bed thinking to myself of how things used to be and how my life is now. I find it hard to sleep a whole night without a nightmare, without seeing their faces and wondering what if it had been my fault. I lay in the bed as I slowly cried myself to sleep.

A buzzing of the alarm woke me up at 11am and I soon got dressed and headed out to meet my friends and I walked through the town, I looked forward to today. I always enjoyed meeting my friends they were my only connection to the world of the living as my mum always said. I met Daniel first he was the only one who knew about my accident two years ago. “How’s the sleeping?” he asked

“Not too bad I suppose, I know people keep saying to move on and they understand but they don’t, I just wish people would let me deal with it my way, yano?”

“I suppose but hey, we’ll head out tonight and it’ll all be good, get you off that fucking computer for a while eh?”

“God your just as bad as my mum”

“Not really… I’m worse but seriously there’s a spot on the football team and if you’ve still got the skill we could use you”

“Thanks but no thanks Dan, I’m happy at home”

“Fine, you may be video game boy but I’ll still whoop your ass at fifa”

“Wanna bet dickhead?”

“Your on, Fatty!” As we laughed at our stupidity we walked towards Scott and Callum as they waiting at the shop, we went in Scott bought the drinks, Daniel and I got all the sweets organised and Callum did as always tried chatting up and thing with legs and breasts. We headed back to Daniel’s house and drank as we played Fifa, however niether Daniel or I could gloat as Scott was scoring constantly our pride had soon melted to nothing. As Night came we began our walk to the bar, we were already drunk but we had our fake id’s at the ready. As we walked and talked I felt a sudden shiver. Almost like random beat of a heart stopped. My neck felt swollen as I began to struggle for air. The world suddenly just felt silent and still as I felt a breath on my neck, I turned by no one was there. Then I saw it. A man standing under the streetlight he was dressed in a black suit it reminded me of depression and funerals. He stood around 7 feet tall if not taller and his face was … featureless. I stopped walking and stood staring as he began to raise his arms as if to call me. “You guys see that?” I said. “What?” Callum replied

“That man”

“What are you talking about?” Scott replied

“He’s standing right fucking there! Stop fucking with me!” I shouted

“Jack calm down, there’s no one there” Daniel said. As I closed my eyelids and rubbed them I opened them again to realise the man was gone. “Must have been my imagination” I stammered over the words. We made it to the bar and got in alright. As the night progressed I was getting close to one girl, as she went outside for a smoke I headed to the toilets. I washed my hands and looked up into my reflection to see the man standing behind me tentacles coming from out his back, his white featureless face staring at me, his elongated arms almost reaching his knees as I spun round to face him he was gone. I stood there panting it’s just your imagination, it’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real. The same words echoing in my mind constantly It’s not real! It can’t be. I headed outside to meet her, as I walked out the door I saw her standing smoking she waved at me. I was almost oblivious to the fact as I felt my hairs stand on edge at the sight of the man standing there watching me from behind the parked cars. I ran out the backdoor of the bar and began sprinting home, It was atleast a ten minute walk and I was incredibly unfit and I ran out of breath to see him standing in the middle of the street staring at me, I turned and tried to keep running but the more I looked behind me to see if he was there the closer he always seemed to get. I held my nose as I felt a warm liquid running down my nose. My head began to feel light and dizzy as the world felt darker than it had ever been I kept running but the man he got closer and closer. I ran down the dark alley that was a short cut to my home and as I turned around all I could see was his white emotionless face. I finally made it to my estate and ran under the street lights I turned as the man with the tentacles stood in the darkness of the alley, as I blinked he disappeared and nothing was left to look at.


8th June 2012

I woke up that morning and was greeted by the bloodstains that had poured from my nose and down to my mouth. My head pounded like nothing normal this morning but I put that down to alcohol. I walked downstairs and sat down to watch the television but it wasn’t working it was just static. “Fuck’s sake” I said as I got up and walked into the kitchen and got myself some cereal. I passed a small glass panel in one of the cupboards and swore I saw something but there was nothing there. The man didn’t exist, no one can just disappear it’s not possible. Look at yourself getting scared over nothing. I felt my hairs on my arms raise and the chill sliver down my back. He’s here I couldn’t see him but I could feel him I knew he was there. The room felt so cold I could have sworn I saw my own breath as I breathed. I stood still as time felt slower. I felt something. A hand. It rested on my shoulder. I turned around as quick as I could force my body too. Nothing there. It’s just your imagination, he’s not real! You’re acting stupid I caught a glimpse of myself in the hall mirror. My face pale and sweating with fear. Look what you’re doing to yourself; this is ridiculous it was just a bad dream. Then he appeared in the mirror standing behind me. It’s just your imagination, it’s not real, and he’s not real! I turned around slowly. My heart beating quicker. The world moving slowly as I turned to face him. He stood there almost 8 feet tall. His pale featureless face looking through me as if I were smoke. I felt petrified, my body refused to work. I had no words no way to describe him. The only thing I felt, the only thing I knew about him was the fear I felt towards him, the fear that emitted from his being. I continued staring at him as he stared into me. “Who are you?” I asked but there was no response. “What do you want from me?” I said quietly but again there was no response. “What do you want from me!?” I screamed his head rose slightly. The doorbell rang.

The shock made me turn around to look at the door to see Daniel standing there. When I turned back round the man was gone. I walked to the door and answered it, Daniel looked at me strangely “You look like shit, how much did you drink” he laughed. “I’m …. I’m fine” I said. He pretty much invites himself in as he looked at the bowl of cereal in my hand that had now turned to mush from sitting in the milk for so long. “Um looks yummy” he said. “Anyway I’m meeting some people up at the shopping centre if your up for it?” he asked, I’d rather not but I couldn’t bear sitting alone in this house anymore just the thought of that man made me want to vomit “Yeah I’m up for it, nothing better to do”. I ate and got ready and we headed up to the shopping centre. As we walked around things were fine. It was around three in the afternoon as we finished our lunch and sat in the centre. The shop was filled with people but for once I felt at peace again, safe. “Where did you even go last night Jackie?” Daniel asked

“I wasn’t feeling well”

“You could have at least said man, we were worried about you”

“I was fine” I replied, Daniel and I were talking as Scott and Callum were checking out sports jerseys and Daniel’s friends Keith and Hollie were in their own private conversation. “That’s not the point man, you’ve been acting strange as it is and I…” all of a sudden I couldn’t hear anything as if trapped in an empty space or vacuum, my hair stood on edge, my body felt frozen, my heart beat faster and I felt truly alone. His tall dark figure stood in the distance but no one, not one person even looked at him. Dark tentacles slowly emerged from his back; there were four almost a metre in distance as they spread behind his back. The sound of the world began to fade back in, “Jackie? Jack? Hello? You even listening? Jack!?” I couldn’t move I was frozen in fear. “Jack what are you even looking at?”

“He’s here” I said

“Who? Jack what the fuck are you talking about?”

“The man”

“What man?”

“The man with the white face”

“Jack what are you talking about!?”

“He’s right fucking there!” I had almost begun shouting now and attention was slowly starting to turn to me. “Jack calm down, look your just not feeling well” Daniel said trying to calm me down.

“I’m fine! Why don’t you believe me?”

“Cause there’s no one’s there!” I noticed the attention on me and looked at everyone, “What!? What are you looking at! I suppose you can’t see him too!?” I screamed, Daniel’s friends had walked away trying to avoid embarrassment. Scott ran over “Look Jack just calm down man, I dunno what’s wrong but just let’s go home” I saw the man slowly begin to walk closer to us. “He’s coming, He’s coming, He’s coming” I felt tears stream down my face as I watched the man walk closer. “Go away! Go Away!” I screamed. Scott looked at Daniel as each took one of my arms and tried to drag me out but the man just followed. “Leave me alone!” I screamed over and over again as every time blinked he appeared closer and closer until finally he was right in front of me and I screamed “No! Just leave me alone!” Suddenly I was engulfed in darkness.

Author note: Due to lack of interest I'm putting this story on hold or off unless more interest rises

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