The Darker side of you

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Little thing I cooked up was bored

Submitted: May 06, 2012

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Submitted: May 06, 2012



Don't you see

I'm not me

I'm you


Don't you remember

You stabbed her in the chest


Don't you remember

You blamed it all on me


I'm not actually here

I'm in your head

As we speak


All I've done

It wasn't me

It was you


Your my mask

My cover

My shelter


I'm the Darkness

A part of you

You can't out run


A part of you

You can't live without


I do the things

you could only dream of

I do the things

You fear too much to do


You can't take the guilt

You blame it all on me


A brain divided

A body shared


Don't you see now

Don't you remember now

Don't you feel it now

That Darkness inside of you


All the people I killed

It was really was all you

I'm not real

Just another part of you

The Dark part inside of you


Another side to you

I'm inside of you

That Darker side of you


I'm a part of you

I'm the hatred in you

I'm the evil in you

I'm the Darkness in you


I'm you!




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