The Deceased World - Part 4 PREVIEW

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This will be updated until the release of the episode so feel free to check back here if your interested...

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Hi everybody make sure you've checked out parts 1 -3 before reading this as it will contain spoilers for them but nothing spoiled of Part 4...


I will be discussing some things to expect in episode 4 and will have character profiles of other characters being uploaded here.... I will start by talking about Dana and the decisions I made with her. Originally Dana wasn't going to be killed off as I had intended to have a one off spin off showing her die and Alex and Abbie would never know but that didn't happen as comments suggested that people liked the character of Dana so instead I had always intended to test Alex physically and mentally and it would be the first big step in his journey.... killing his own sister. I found writing it really natural and I'll admit I shed a few tears in the writing of it... Maybe it's my actor side but I really love Alex as I get into his POV when writing and I want readers to feel like he is their vessel in the world. The monologue was great to write and definatley the strongest point of episode 3... I had also intended for parts 1-3 to all be part of the original part 1 but I decided to extend it and I'm glad I did...

Jack was also considered to be killed off in part 3 which wasn't the original plan which I will share as I have changed it (the plan changes constantly but this was Jack's original death which has been changed) Originally Jack wasn't going to die to late in the series after causing the death of someone in the team... JAck being the light hearted entertainment would take a massive character change and would ultimatly take his own life due to not being able to live with the guilt however this was taken out and replaced with a more.... realistic end to the character. That doesn't mean he dies btw.


Kirsten is a character and a challenge and I really am trying to build this romance up which will be seen in part 4 (explain later) but I also wanted to show that at the beginning of episode 3 she is a bit of an annoyance but that's just her old life and she has moved on but Alex and Abbie are fresh news and incredibly interesting to her so she goes into that habit she did begin to come out of it and you can tell there is something going on between the two.

Rebecca is being a mother figure towards Abigail due to her job with working with children and I have high expectations for Rebecca and look forward to more of her story being told.

Lara was the last addition story wise as to be honest I'd just finished playing Tomb Raider and wanted a survivalist strong female and couldn't think of a better name.



Without spoiling too much... We will see the aftermath of Dana's death and we will also see the escape of the city and the story will skip 6 months... Episode 3 marked the first big death in the series and from episode 4 tensions are running high and surviving this damned world is becoming more and more impossible....


Expect more added here in the future....

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