The Deceased World - Vol 4 - The Aftermath

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Volume 4 has finally arrived, the zombie story that will pull on your heart strings. After the events of Volume 3, the group still have to escape the hotel and the city but has Alex already given up all hope? Can things get actually get better?

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013





Alex Day is your ordinary twenty three year old man, he has his whole life ahead of him to acomplish his dreams and ambitions. If he had any. Little did he know that the end of the world has arrived and he's been left to fight for his life. Being forced to take care of his niece, the daughter of his older sister. Alex has to learn to adapt and become a father figure. With the dead rising and the infection spreading, it's down to Alex to look after little Abigail. After finding some survivors in a church they linked up with them, these survivors were, Rebecca Flowen a nineteen year old medical student, Lara Devlin a twenty year old woman whose willing to do what it takes to survive. Jack Blackenwood a nineteen year old student who just can't cope with this new world, Alistair Kennedy a proud American father, who lost his family to this plague, Daire Clarver a young man who only cares about himself and his survival, John Nesbitt the leader of the group and finally Kirsten Evergreen a young woman who becomes Alex's closest friend. The group have tried to escape the city and have reached a small hotel, hoping to find a car and enough gas and supplies to last them they split up. Alex all alone encounters the person he's wanted to see ever since this all began, but she's become what he feared the most.


The Deceased World - Volume 4 - The Aftermath



I stood there holding the gun in disbelief over the corpse of my sister… my Dana. I dropped the gun as tears streamed down my face. I went to her and looked at her as she just… lay there, limp. What have I done? I pushed myself away from her and put my back against the wall just staring at her, Dana… I … I’m so sorry I lifted my knees and rested my head and cried alone. I’ll never forget you, I’ll never forget your laugh, your face, your hair, your voice, your smile, your eyes and all the memories of you I have and the memories I’ll never get to have. I’m sorry Dana, I’m so sorry I didn’t want to do it! I did it to help you, to save you. I did it because I loved you, you’re my sister. What do I do now? What’s the point in this? In trying to survive? We never will, were just delaying the inevitable. Were just counting down the days until judgement day. I reached for the gun and got my grip of it and stared at it. I could end it here. On my terms. It won’t be painful It’s certainly better than being eaten alive. I could see her again… Dana. All it would take is one movement to pull the trigger and it’d be over. One last breath, one last blink, one last memory and it would all be over. I raised the gun and opened my mouth. Placing the barrel into my mouth. I cocked the gun back, feeling the cold metal touch every nerve in my hand. One movement to end it all.

“Alex?” I heard a voice say, I opened my eyes “Alex what are you?” The voice was a woman’s she pulled the gun from my mouth. “What are you doing?” Kirsten screamed

“I can’t do this Kirsten”

“What? Alex, what’re you talking about?”

“This fucking world now, I just want to end it… I just” I could hardly speak through the tears, she took the gun out of my hand and wrapped her arms round me and hugged me. “The bodies?”



“My… My sister and Abigail’s mom” I couldn’t finish the sentence, I just cried into her shoulder.

“And you’d kill yourself?”

“Why bother fighting Kirsten? What’s the point, in the end were all dead. I’d rather die now than become one of those … those things. They’re satanic.”

“Alex… Abigail’s parents are dead, you’re her only family. I shouldn’t have to tell you this but you need to look after her right now. This world is dangerous and death is a possibility, every second of every day. You can’t just leave her, she’s waiting for you.” Kirsten’s words struck home. I remember the last thing I said to Dana before I… before I killed her. “I just wish I could have been here for you. I’ll look after Abigail now, don’t worry and… and I just … I just… I just want you to know how much I love you Dana and I’m…I’m doing this because I love you” BANG… The noise from the gun will forever be burned into my memory.

Alex! You found him” Alistair said

“Found me?”

“Yeah you’ve been missing for almost an hour!” Alistair replied. An hour? I couldn’t believe it… I’d been sitting here for almost an hour when it had felt like only seconds. “Alistair… if anything happens to me. I want you and Kirsten to look after Abigail… you under-“

“Don’t you do this” Kirsten interrupted

“You understand?” I finished

“If anything happens?” He asked

“If I die” I said bluntly, my eyes beginning to dry

“You won’t” Kirsten said strongly staring at me with her piercing eyes.

“We’ll see” I said, I tried to be emotionless but it wasn’t possible –after all I’d just killed my sister. 

“Alex this world is fucked up now, you can’t promise someone you’ll live forever but you can’t keep acting like this. I get the point your upset I really do… I don’t need to know why but we have to survive and with the world like this, we have to be willing to do whatever possible” Alistair said holding my hand.


Whatever possible….



“You found him” John said, the rest of the group had been waiting in the reception. “What took so long? I’m guessing you encountered some trouble?”

“Yeah a few of the freaks but not too many, We did it quickly and quietly with no accidents” Kirsten continued

“Good to hear, was worried about you for a while Alex” Rebecca said holding Abigail, Abigail broke free from Rebecca’s arms and ran towards Alex hugging his waist, he didn’t react. “Alex?” Abigail asked noticing something strange. I looked down to face the innocent looking child standing before me, our eyes locked for a second or two before I looked away. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t look into those eyes, her eyes. A tear ran down my face. “What happened?” John knew something wasn’t right by instinct and began interrogating us. “There were a few complications” Alistair said

“Complications?” Lara asked, the room was filled with a tense atmosphere as we stood in silence. They’ll tell them and Abigail will hear, you have to say something Alex. She can’t hear like this… not like this, Speak… SPEAK! I didn’t speak, I stood in self-pity and tried to hold back the tears. “Children” Kirsten said, “We found Alex in a child’s room, he had been attacked by several children, probably between the ages of six to eight, he hasn’t spoken since.” The tension in the room began to die a little. “Just give him some time, I’ll wait with him” Kirsten said, John agreed and everyone left as Kirsten and I sat alone in silence.

“Alex… Alex… Alex? I have no idea what you must be feeling right now but you have to pull through this.”

What’s the point? We’re all dead anyway, we’re all dead… I thought, unable to speak.

“This isn’t your fault; there was nothing you could have done”

No it was my fault, it was all my fault. Did she remember me? Could she still have been her? Did I kill her? No she was gone; she was dead before I got there… What if there’s a cure and I … I killed her. I turned away from Kirsten and crawled along the floor away from her and vomited. “ALEX!” she crawled beside me and hugged me when I stopped. She pulled my head into her chest and I finally gave in and burst into tears, “I just miss her so much”  I wept, “It’ll be ok, you’ll get through this” she replied.

“I won’t, not after what I have done…”

“You will, and I’ll help you, don’t worry Alex. We’re all here for you” Kirsten said as Rebecca entered the room, “We’re ready to go, John found a van, we’ve taken Petrol from the other cars in the lot, should be enough to get us out of here.”

“About time we had some good news” Kirsten said, as she helped me up and we walked towards the garage, the rest of the day just began to seem like a blur.




“Okay everyone, you’ve got a toilet break, five minutes so get to it!” John shouted jokily, I rubbed at my eyes looking around the tiny armoured truck, where Rebecca, Abigail, Alistair, Kirsten and I had been in a small compartment in the back. “Alex! You’re awake!” I heard Abigail’s familiar voice say to me. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out, I exhaled and just looked away from her, “You still can’t talk… Its ok Alex, Rebecca told me that this happens to people in grief. I hope you can talk soon though, you’ve been sleeping for ages! We’re out of the city now and Rebecca said that so far there’s hardly any of the uglies! Daire is still being grumpy but John has even started telling jokes, my favourite are the Paddy Irishman ones, I’m sure he’ll tell you them if you asked… which you can’t do yet, but you will be able to soon. Anyway I gotta go to the toilet, I’ll talk to you later Alex, even if you can’t talk back. Rebecca said it’s all about sim… simu…la…lat…ion…simulation! Talk to you soon Alex!” I couldn’t help but smile, she always had that effect. The smile was quickly wiped away as I remembered the fact that this innocent little girl had no idea that her mother had just died.


After going to the toilet, which was just a big bush. I began walking back towards the van when a hand grabbed my arm; I turned to face Rebecca who pulled me away from the van. “We need to talk” she said as she dragged me some distance away. “I need to know, what happened in that hotel?” The crushing realism of a time I was trying to forget came back to me but I refused to speak. “Alex… Alex!” she shouted as she slapped me. I turned to face her eyes linking with hers and for the first time in the past few hours I couldn’t show any emotion. I stared at her emotionless, “I found Dana, Abigail’s mother”


“She’s dead”

“How? Was she infected?”

“I… I killed her”

“Was she infected? Alex? Was she!?”

“YES!” I shouted at her “Do you think I’d have pulled the fucking trigger if she wasn’t!”

“I’m sorry Alex, your right, you wouldn’t have… When are you going to tell Abigail?”

“I don’t know”

“You need to tell her, it’s her mother”

“I know”

“You can’t keep this a secret, Alex”

“I know”

“She needs to know”

“I KNOW!” I screamed at her, she almost fell in shock, she hadn’t been listening to me the first two times, she was too caught up in her own thoughts but I didn’t care. “You think I don’t know that! Do you think I don’t care! What do you want me to say to her! I’m sorry I shot your mother! I’m sorry that I killed my sister! Listen to someone else apart from yourself for once! Read my lips! I fucking know! So if you’re here to lecture me on my life like my mother you keep it to your fucking self! You hear me? I said do you hear me!?”

“yes” she muttered “yes I hear you” I stormed off away from her and walked towards the van and suddenly my anger vanished and turned into embarrassment and resentment for what I had just done and said. Everyone was standing not only could they hear everything but Abigail was being held in Kirsten’s arms crying at the news. Daire walked forward towards me and stared me down, “I knew you were a fucked up one, I fucking knew it, shouting at that poor girl and refusing to tell that poor child of her mother’s fate!” he spat the words in my face

“I hadn’t found the right moment” I said monotony

“And you probably never would have you little shit” after finishing his sentence he spat in my face. A few people were telling him to stop but no one actually stood up and did anything they just watched. Rebecca walked past crying. “You make me sick, you know that” Daire said, I just looked at the ground throughout the confrontation. “Look at that poor girl, Look what you did” I looked back at him and tried to hold back my anger. “Fuck off, Daire. I mean it”

“Look guys just calm down!” Alastair said being held back by John

“Let them get it out of their system” John replied to him

“Oh, you think you’re the big man now do you? You woman beating coward!”

“I didn’t touch her!” I shouted

“Sure you didn’t” he said sarcastically “But who believes that, after all you killed your own sister” As soon as he said it I lunged on him pinning him to the ground. I punched him over and over again. Watching the blood spew from his face. “Get off him!” Jack shouted

“Somebody stop him!” Alastair screamed, Kirsten ran up behind me to pull me off Daire but it was my elbow that she made contact with as it smacked her cheekbone and she let out a yelp. Hearing her whimper I stopped and turned. I saw Kirsten clutching her face in pain. I heard a pained laugh coming from beneath me and turned to look at Daire. His face bloodied and beaten but nothing looked broken, “Woman beater” he coughed. John pulled me off him and dragged me into the van. “Sit there and shut up” he said as he shut the van.

I sat in the darkness of the van in complete silence staring into the darkest corners of my mind. When the door opened I closed my eyes as they weren’t adjusted to the light. Then I heard the door shut, when I opened my eyes I saw a teary eyed young girl sitting opposite me. “I’m sorry” I muttered, “I should have told you but I was scared… when I found her. I didn’t want to do it. She gave me no choice. Abbie, I’m sorry you had to hear like that. I was going to tell you, I was but I just… I didn’t know how.”

“My Dad?”

“He’s gone too” I said, she let out a whimper and rested her head on her knees. “How did it happen?” She asked

“I can’t be sure, your dad was infected, they used a bullet to stop him from coming back but there was no bullet left for your mother. She stayed beside your father until she turned then I found her… I put her out of her misery. There was nothing else I could do Abbie… I’m so sorry.” For a few moments we sat in silence, in our shared grief over the loss of someone special. Eventually she spoke again, “It’s not your fault, Alex. She had become one of those monsters and you helped her. So you shouldn’t feel bad.”

“I can’t not feel bad Abbie, had you have been there… you would understand”

“Well maybe I don’t understand completely but my mum would always sing me a song anytime I was sad, can I sing it for you?” she asked as she crawled over beside me. “Of course you can” I replied trying to smile.

“Que sera, sera

 Whatever will be, will be

 The future's not ours to see

 Que sera, sera

 What will be, will be”


In the instance she started singing, I felt calm again. Surrounded by memories I had almost long forgotten. I smiled and glanced at her. “I love that song” I said

“You do?” she replied shocked that I knew it, I nodded. “My friends don’t know it, they think it’s silly”

“It’s not; it’s one of my favourite songs, my mother used to sing it to your mother and me every night. It always stopped me from having nightmares.”

“Will you sing it to me some time?” She asked

“I’m not the greatest singer” I said with a smile

“I’m sure you’re good, please I want to hear you sing some time” She said, she’d wiped away her tears and begun to forget the topic of before. I hadn’t and I knew she hadn’t but we just tried to remember happy memories and forget the things that made us sad. That song always had an effect on me. Kirsten opened the van door. “How are things in here?” she asked

“Good I think we’re ready to go now” I replied

“Well looks whose finally talking” she chuckled

“Yeah, which means you can take a break and do us all a favour” I said jokily

“Oh cheeky, by the way Rebecca wants to speak to you” she said with a bit more gloom as Rebecca climbed into the van. “Alex I just wanted to say –“

“You don’t have to say anything Rebecca…” I interrupted, she sat in silence. “I didn’t mean what I said, I appreciate you looking out for Abigail and I. Rebecca, and you’ve never done anything wrong in my eyes. You’re a great friend and I’m so sorry for what I said, I never want you to apologise for what you said to me. It’s good to know that there’s someone looking out for us.” She cracked a smile and looked at me, she’d clearly been crying but the tears soon stopped as she smiled at Abigail and I. “I’m sorry for shouting Rebecca; I don’t apologize much so uh, consider yourself lucky.” I winked at her as she sat down beside Abigail and me.



We’d been driving for roughly an hour, Daire hadn’t spoken to me since, he was probably waiting for an apology. He’ll be waiting centuries before I apologize to that dick. I’d been sharing stories with Abigail about my adventures with her mother when we’d been children. “One time when I was six, Dana and I had been playing with our two cousins, Danny and Megan. We pretended we each had our own castles that we’d made out of big bales of barley. Dana and I had one and Megan and Danny had the other, your mother did all the work making it, I was always too small to lift the big bales. When we’d been playing, Danny and I had got in a toy sword fight which he had won and I pretended to die really over dramatically. Dana was then captured and brought to their castle and I had to get up and save her.” I told Abbie, the whole group had been listening in as Abigail listened with excitement. “And what happened?” she asked

“I made some noise outside of their bale castle and when Danny came out to look I put my foot out and he tripped” I had begun laughing just thinking about it.

“Was it funny? What happened then?” She asked

“He’d fell on his elbow awkwardly and broke his collarbone and I got grounded for a week” I had to wipe away a tear from my eye, “Oh, and what happened Mummy? Did you save her?”

“I got sent to my room straightaway and started crying because I didn’t… that night however a few hours later. I heard my door opening and I saw Dana come in. She told me this amazing story of how she had used my distraction to escape and not only had she escaped. She’d stolen us some biscuits, they were my favourite. Custard Creams, what I would do for one of them now” I sighed

“Then what happened?”

“I fell asleep and Dana sang to me”

“Just like she does to me?”

“Different song but, yeah just like she does to you”

“Sing it” she said and laid her head on my lap.


“Rise up this mornin',
Smiled with the risin' sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin' sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin', this is my message to you

Singin', don't worry 'bout a thing,
Cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin don't worry ‘bout a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right!"


I looked down at her to find her fast asleep. I smiled, for once things felt back to normal. I felt happier again. “Never thought she’d calm down, she took this quite well” I said to Kirsten

“You’re a good man; I knew you’d get through this. Maybe not this quick… but I knew you too would be fine.”

“I didn’t”

“You’re a greater man than you realise”

“I wish”

“Someday you’ll see”

“Maybe, maybe not”

“If anyone can survive this, you two can”

“You’ll be with us”

“Oh trust me, I hope so” she said leaning into me, for the first time in months, I kissed a beautiful woman. I looked into her eyes “No matter what happens, I’ll always be here for you both”

“What do you mean?”

“I realised something today, this world now… the world we knew is gone, I have to protect her, keep her safe, let her live the life this world is trying to steal from her and I will. I will do anything to keep you both safe.”

“I know you will…” We continued our embrace; Rebecca couldn’t look whereas Alistair had a smile on his face.




“You’ve got to be shitting me! Hah! You guys see this! You guys fucking see this!” Jack shouted from the front, Abigail was up in a second running to the seats in the front so she could look over. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and smiled as Kirsten also awoke from lying beside me. “Alex… It’s a farm!” Abigail said with a wide mouth and massive eyes glaring back in excitement. “There’s a barn and a house and everything.”

“Really?” I asked in disbelief

“She ain’t joking” Alastair said “Not only that but there’s a village not too far away and if we get gas there’s another city in the distance we could loot for supplies.”

“This is amazing” Kirsten smiled, when the van came to a halt we climbed out back, looking at the night sky. A few hours had passed but I was now wide awake from excitement. “Ok ladies and not so gentlemen” John joked “Let’s not get too excited, we need to make sure it’s safe and well stocked. We have enough supplies for roughly a week but if there’s nothing here we’ll have to loot that village, hopefully there’ll be enough to keep us going for a few months before we move on, and men get your guns, Rebecca you stay here with Abigail, actually Kirsten you stay too. We need someone here who can handle a gun. Ok Let’s move out” I drew my pistol and suddenly I was haunted by the old memories.


I failed you… I failed you Dana…


“Alex!” I heard Abigail call, “Be careful!” I looked back down at the gun and shut my eyes. The past is the past; I put her out of her misery… I have to move on, adapt and most importantly provide a life for Abigail; it’s what she would have wanted… I promised Dana, I’ll make sure she has a good life… I promise.

We scouted the place out and it was completely empty, there only useful thing we found was a good supply of canned food. We were ecstatic; there was more than enough for a few months. This place was out of the way, there was room for everyone. For once, things were looking up for us.





7 Months Later



“Things are changing Kirsten; we have to be willing to change with it”

“Alex, listen to me. Leaving here isn’t going to make things any better, we’ll have nowhere to go and no supplies to survive on”

“We already have no supplies, all were doing here is delaying the inevitable. Jack and Daire hardly speak to anyone except Rebecca and even then all Daire does is proposition her for sex, how can we trust those two when they don’t speak to any of us. They’re planning something, I know it.”

“What do you mean planning something? What are they possibly going to do?”

“We have little to no supplies and John is sick, if we don’t find something soon the man is dead. That’s what Rebecca said, we need to get supplies and get out of here before those two take what’s left and run for the hills.”

“That’s what your saying we do”

“Kirsten won’t you just listen to me… I say we take everyone, we loot the village and we head to the city—“

“The city! Do you remember what happened? We barely got out of there, last time”

“We still did though, it’s a necessary risk. Otherwise we’ll just die out here” I said to her, and we sat in silence. Kirsten and I had been together ever since we made it here. We had no idea where ‘here’ was so we just called it “The First Paradise”, it was far from a paradise but it was safe. Suddenly I was awoken from my day dream by the sound of shouting. “Where is it cocksucker!” I turned to see Daire throwing Alistair out of the house and into the ground. “Tell me!” he shouted kicking Alistair in the stomach. I ran over to Daire and shouted “Leave him alone”

“The little cunt” he said while kicking him again “has been stealing food, right under our fucking noses!” he said continuing to kick him.

“I said leave him alone”

“Look I know you like to act the Queen fucking bee around her now John’s dying”

“He’s not dying, we’ll help him”

“Fuck up and listen to me, he’s dying and you ain’t worth shit, your no leader” he said spitting in my face “your just a waste of food, you and Abigail, what’s she even do for us here anyway… Jack shit, Your worthless—“ My fist collided with his face and knocked him back, I felt cold metal at the side of my head. “Maybe your in on it too” Jack said, “Intending to run off and leave us with nothing”

“I won’t” I replied

“You expect me to believe you, we’ve seen you together. Acting like a little family, pretending this shit’s gonna go away because it isn’t believe me. It’s not. The sooner you accept that eventually you will die, the better”

“We’re gonna die sometime” A voice said “Just not today” Kirsten held a pistol right against Jack’s head and another aiming at Daire. “Do you?” Daire began to back off, and John soon followed. “Fine then, murderers. Just you lot hog that food for yourself while John lies dying.” Daire added

“John doesn’t need food, he needs antibiotics and medical equipment” I added

“You probably stole that too” Jack butted in

“Where do get off, Your both selfish pieces of shit who only care about yourselves, like let’s be fucking honest if Jack died tomorrow, Daire wouldn’t give a shit, he wouldn’t care a rat’s ass. Maybe you should wait and see where your loyalties really lie Jack” Kirsten said

“You bitch who do you think you are talking about me like that!” Daire shouted

“You want to talk about someone whose worthless… you are… All you provide are sore heads and even then you eat all the food like there’s no tomorrow, so why don’t you go fuck off. The group would be a whole lot happier without you” I added

Kirsten turned and walked away towards Lara, I went to help Alistair up. “You alright?” I asked

“I’ve been better” he tried to laugh but winced in pain

“Fuckers man, they’d start a fight with anyone.”


“Yeah?” I looked towards him, and he was secretly handing me two cans of strawberries.

“Those two are getting tight on food, their secretly feeding themselves probably but their telling us to tighten our belts… I’ve seen it, that cupboard of food is shrinking daily. Take this, incase you or Abigail get hungry.”

“Alistair, you don’t have to do this”

“Just take it. I don’t want to see another child die and she needs you. Seeing another little girl die might just … might just make me give up altogether. Alex, no matter what happens, I have your back.”

“Cheers Alistair, I appreciate it I really do.” I said, I helped him up and suddenly heard this click sound, I turned and saw Daire aiming the gun in Kirsten’s direction. I dropped Alistair and knocked him to the ground. The gun went off as soon as we both landed on the ground, the bullet missed and no one was harmed but we struggled. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?” I shouted

“Your traitors! Good for nothing useless traitors! You think you can just control us, you two think your dictators… You’re not! You’re traitors, Hypocrites and liars and if the dead don’t kill yah I fucking will!” Daire screamed, he was about to continue til we heard a thud and I saw a pistol smacking him across the head. Alistair was holding the pistol. “He never shuts his mouth does he?”



“We need to get John some antibiotics” Rebecca said “If we don’t he’ll die”

“The town’s empty” Lara said “There is nothing left here”

“He won’t make it to the city, he can’t even stand”

“We have to check the village one more time, a proper search, we owe him that much” Kirsten said

“Agreed, if we find nothing then… we either carry him to the city or we put him out of his misery” I replied

“What?” Rebecca said shocked

“He has a point, I agree” Lara said

“You can’t just kill him” Rebecca shouted

“You said yourself, he’ll die anyway” Lara said

“But that doesn’t mean—“

“They’re right” Jack said “We go to the villiage for one last search if we find nothing then, we put him down.”

“He’s not a dog!” Rebecca screamed at Jack

“Calm down… look we don’t want to do this but at the moment we’ve got no other choice. I’m sorry Rebecca but that’s the way the world is now. Lara you mind her and keep an eye on Daire. Alistair, Jack, Alex and I will go to the village. Kirsten said

“Good luck” Lara said, before escorting Rebecca away, Abigail came over. “Your going to the village… aren’t you?”

“Yeah I am”

“Will you be careful”

“When am I not careful?” I said jokinly trying to cheer her up

“It’s not funny Alex. I don’t want you to die like John”

“He’s not dead yet Abbie, were going to save him just you watch.”




“This place is gone… empty, worthless, sorry John but your screwed” Jack said

“Don’t give up hope” Alistair replied. We’d been walking around the town for what felt like hours, it was getting dark. “The shopping centre has medical supplies, we get there and we may find something” Kirsten said

“It’s worth a shot” I replied, we got to the shop with little to no problems. The village was covered with infected but over the months they’d become less and less active, hopefully they were starving to death. We got to the shop, Jack ran up to the doors to open it. “Shit, it’s locked”

“Locked?” I asked, “Don’t we have the keys?” there was a silence “Daire has them” Jack said

“Shit!” Alistair shouted

“Keep your voice down” I whispered, watching as a few infected began to look around. “Ok we need to find a way in quietly, Any suggestions?” I asked

“Maybe if we—“ Kirsten started before we heard a smash as Jack threw a bin threw the window. The infected in the immediate area spun round, faces filled with pain and desperation for living flesh. “Shit” Kirsten said

“You fucking moron!” Alistair screamed

“GO! In and out now!” I shouted. Kirsten and I ran in with Alistair close behind use. “Shitshitshitshit” Jack muttered, “Fuck this I’m sorry guys but I can’t die here. Not like this, not like this!” He shouted as he ran away from the shop. Kirsten and I ran around the shop picking up various different items from food to water and finally antibiotics and medical equipment.  “You guys want to hurry the fuck up!” Alistair shouted seeing the shop begin to fill up. We were cornered like rats. “The front of the shop is closed off” Kirsten said

“Loading bay doors!” Alistair shouted “There at the back, if we get them open we can get out of here. Cover me” Alistair ran trying to pull the loading bay doors to no avail, they wouldn’t open. I ran down to help him, we pulled and pulled at the door but it just wouldn’t open and they were getting closer. “Together… One, Two… Three!” Alistair shouted and together I pulled the left door and he pulled the right. It opened a crack. “Kirsten run! Get out of here!” I screamed, she turned and squeezed through the gap. She let out a yelp and screamed for help. “Alex! Help her Go! I’ll follow you!” I squeezed through the gap and saw Kirsten being attacked by five zombies, she was grabbed by ones that had grabbed her right forearm with both hands, she used her left hand to push against the creature’s stomach to make sure it didn’t get any closer, I fired one round into the creatures head, Kirsten then helped me shoot the other four that hadn’t reached us yet. Alistair got out and looked at us “You two good?”

“Were fine! Let’s move” I shouted, We ran round the shop towards the farm. Approaching the exit to the village we saw a clump of creatures huddled on the ground eating. I looked closer as we passed… It was Jack. Served him right. Bastard could have got us killed, good thing it didn’t turn out any worse.




Clearing the village, most of the infected had lost us. We were panting and out of breath but we were alive. The muscles in my legs were aching and each step was agony walking up the hill towards the farm, I heard a whimper and turned around and saw Kirsten had fallen to her knees, panting. “Kirsten… you alright?” I asked

“I… I can’t go any further”

“We’ll take a break then, you good with that Alistair?”

“Sure, good do with on myself, I couldn’t walk another step if I wanted too” he replied, I turned to face Kirsten and she looked at me with tear filled eyes. She pulled back her sleeve and I saw the blood. “No” I said “tell me it’s just a graze”

“The one that grabbed me, before you got out he’d gotten me by surprise I’d pushed him away a bit by the time you arrived. I’m so sorry”

“No it wasn’t, it wasn’t supposed to be like this”

“Guess you’ll have to go on without me…” she cried

“No I’m not leaving you”

“You have too, I’m infected”

“I can’t do this without you, I can’t raise Abbie without you.”

“Just go Alex… I won’t blame you for it.”

“Get it in your head… I’m not leaving you” I walked over to her and put my arms beneath her and carried her. “Alistair let’s get back to the farm.”

“You can’t bring her back, Alex” he replied

“You would stop me!” I shouted

“It’s nothing personal but she’s … she’s infected, she’s gone”

“She’s not, she’s still alive.”

“It’s only a matter of time…” he drew his gun out and took aim. I set her down again.

“Let him” Kirsten said crying

“I’m sorry Kirsten” Alistair said, he cocked his gun back. Instinctively I stood in front of her. My gun aimed at his head. “Don’t even think about it”

“We have no choice” Alistair said

“I won’t let you kill her, not while there’s still hope” I cried unable to hold back the tears

“There’s no hope she’s gone and you know it.”

“It will happen Alex…” she whimpered

“If it happens… I’ll do it, until then I’m not giving up on her, she might be immune or—“ I lifted her up again “Alex… you don’t have to do this” she said

“I do, Kirsten. I won’t let you turn but I won’t kill you if there’s a chance we find a cure, I couldn’t save Dana but I promise you Kirsten. I’ll find a way to help you.” I looked into her eyes as both our faces were now soaked from the tears. “I promise you Kirsten… I’ll find a way”




© Copyright 2020 Adam Williamson. All rights reserved.

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