The Woman and the Emerald Necklace

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story follows Liam Simms and his horrifying memory of the woman and the emerald necklace. Set in the early 1900s in a rundown hotel. Liam Simms is locked in this rundown hotel and must find a way to resolve the motive behind a fire and escape the hotel.

I sat there thinking about the question he had told me, he was right and I had so many answers, so many stories, mainly all true, I looked into her eyes as I tucked her into bed. “You have to have a story granddad” she told me, I looked into her pale blue eyes and I told her “I have many stories, but don’t you think it is time for you to sleep”

“I’m not tired” she said acting smart

“Oh really?” I replied

“Nope I’m so awake, I could stay up all night”, I laughed at her childish innocence she had no idea of the world she lived in, I sometimes thought maybe she didn’t live in it at all, maybe she was in her own little world of fairies and unicorns but then again she was only five, with blonde hair all the way down her back, I hated it made me remember how much I missed my brown hair, now all that was left was the colour of pepper grey. “Ok, what type of story is it you want to hear?”

“A Scary Story!” She remarked, her smile almost touching her ears needless to say I had my fair share of scary stories but one was worse than anything fictional, it was unnecessary for her to hear it because she was so young, it had scarred me and I couldn’t let it scar her.  I told her that would be ok and I told her the most cringe worthy story I could think of.

“Granddad that sucks” She said as I reached the epic conclusion of my story which had almost scared myself half to death and trust me I didn’t need that at my age. “Why? Whats wrong with it?” I asked

“It isn’t scary”

“Well you should sleep maybe I’ll tell you a better one another time”

“But I want it now!” She insisted

“The reason you’re not getting it now is because its so scary you wont sleep for weeks, I’ll tell you in the morning” I leaned over and kissed her head seeing the excitement in her face she rolled over and tried so hard to sleep, I laughed as she tossed and turned trying to do anything possible to get to sleep, I turned the lights out and went to my own bed.

I lay in my bed alone in the dark as I tossed and turned, the talk of scary stories had brought me back memories I didn’t want to relive, I felt my heart thump, my body sweat, my eyes open. I lay there knowing that tonight would be a horrible night as I would have to relive the nightmares of years ago. They say the human brain is so powerful but when I think about it how many downsides does that mean when a man can’t sleep knowing he will relive his fears as he rests. I knew the inevitable, I would sleep, I would dream. I would face my fears. I gave into my body’s need, its lust for rest and sleep and I drifted slowly to sleep, where I would relive the memories of years ago.

 I had been twenty five, I was a business man, I would buy houses and clean them up and sell them for twice sometimes even three times the price. However this time I set myself a challenge, a hotel. I remember one time as I sat looking through papers and papers of properties trying to find something unique, something different, that’s when I saw it. The Downhill hotel, it was different and boy was it unique. It had been a grand hotel back in the early 1900s but in the 1920s it was closed down due to a fire, which caused the murders of several people. They had pinned the blame on a Sean and Fiona Baker, a married couple with two children.  I researched more and more into it but I never found anything more, nothing new, no evidence nothing. I searched papers of the time but the majority didn’t cover it, I found one paper that did though however 3 weeks worth of papers were gone, they vanished in thin air never seen again. No one even knows what the headlines were, but that’s what sparked my interest in the hotel just imagine what I could find out, imagine the publicity, I could be rich.

I approached the hotel and trust me when I tell you I learned pretty quickly as to why it was called downhill, the drive down to it was so steep, I expected to skid down the whole as soon as I had put my car on the hill down towards the hotel. It was dark and by the time I arrived at the hotel, I pulled the keys out of my pocket and opened the massive wooden doors into the hotel. I entered and there was nothing but darkness, I looked around for a light switch but there was none to be found “fuck!” I said aggravated by this darkness, I was a smart man but even the smartest man’s mind can play tricks on him in the dark and I was no different, I reached for a pack of matches in my pocket and lit a few candles I could just about see around the lobby of the hotel, I felt a sense of ease when I could finally see my surroundings although that’s when I wish I hadn’t


 This hotel needed serious work it was an absolute mess! I began to think maybe it wasn’t possible but I thought to myself, maybe it’s just bad in this room so I chucked my keys on the table beside the hotel door and I picked up a candle and began investigating. However before I could even exit the lobby, I heard something, a jingle of metal, I heard my keys, I just assumed they had fallen or something had happened, I decided not to worry and I continued on. I began checking the rooms and some of them weren’t too badly damaged and I took a sigh of relief from that, I may like making money but I liked lying on my ass doing nothing more. I walked into a room it had two separate single beds as I entered my candle light flickered. I didn’t know why but something was different here I wanted to stay for a while. I began lighting a few candles around the room, the room had got bright enough for me to see, I checked the room number, it was dusty and burnt but after closer inspection I read it aloud “605” I walked into the room and walked around, the room was covered in dirt and dust. As I inspected the room, I noticed toys, children’s toys, from the toys I could guess these kids were around the ages of 7 to 8. That’s when I saw it. A newspaper, “The Daily Chronicle”, the name hit me like adrenaline, this was the only paper that covered the hotel, I checked the date, it was one of the dates that had been lost, I wiped the dust off it, my heart thumped against my body with a force, I felt the blood circulate my body, the sweat drip down my head, the blood flow through my body, I read the title and it all stopped, I felt cold, scared, alone, frightened, I swallowed my mouth now dry my throat lumpy,  I forced myself to read it aloud “Baker child found … Dead”, I thought reading it aloud would make the feeling of dread go away and it did slightly, until all the candle lights in the room went out, leaving me in the dark, frightened and alone.

That’s when I heard it, scratching and smashing, I heard my heart beat, the sweat began to pour down my head, I had never felt this scared in my life I searched for the door but I couldn’t find it, I began to search everywhere but I couldn’t find it, I slowly began to hyperventilate, I thought things couldn’t get worse but it did, somehow the candles relit themselves all at once, I calmed myself down and looked around the room, everything was a mess, the toys were broken. I gathered myself looking at how the room had changed and knew of no conceivable way it was even possible, then I saw it, on the back wall, writing, my heart pounded against my chest, my legs wobbled beneath me as I read it “GET OUT!”

I didn’t think twice about it, I turned and left the room and ran as fast as I could towards the lobby, I got to the door and searched the table for my keys, but they weren’t there. I searched under the table and around the door, I swore frantically, fear was the only thought in my head, the only thing I knew but that’s when I remembered, I hadn’t locked the door. I knew that the door was open but without my car keys I would have to walk up a hill and an extra 3 or 4 miles to the nearest town, before I could consider staying pictures flew around the room. I realised that I didn’t care how far I had to walk anything was better than being in this hell. I turned to the door and went to open it, it was locked. “What the FUCK!” I didn’t lock it and my keys were gone, my heart beated hard enough that I thought it would explode, I turned around and that’s when I saw it, a picture frame flew at me, it hit me on the head and I blacked out.

 As I opened my eyes, I was lying against the door of the hotel staring into a lobby, it was the same as yesterday, I remembered the message but maybe I’d fallen asleep when I arrived after all I was so tired it’s not impossible. That’s when I noticed the photo beside me, it was of a man and a woman, The man was bearded and dressed very fancy, the woman’s face couldn’t be seen as a knife was lodged into the picture, its point of impact had been right between the eyes, I pulled it out to see that it was this blonde haired beauty clearly in her late 20s, she had green eyes and a dazzling smile, I noticed that around her neck she wore a necklace with an emerald cut in it. I recognised them they were supposedly the cause of the fire but I don’t think there was much proof against them from what I’d heard, they were only really said to be because they were suspicious looking but, I don’t see much suspicious looks about them at all, I did wonder why the knife was implanted in Fiona Baker’s head but still I didn’t read too much into it.

I decided to look around a bit more after all my only exit was locked, and I hoped that nothing bad would happen today, I decided that it was all just a case of indigestion even though I knew I didn’t have any, I just wanted a rational explanation to keep me from going insane. I looked around and saw a sign for a bar, I though I could probably do with a good drink if anything was left or drinkable now. I entered and the bar for some reason was probably the least affected room out of everything I’d seen sure it was a bit burnt up but nothing too bad. I sat at the bar and looked around, I was happy nothing out of the ordinary, that when I saw a paper, I pulled it over, it was badly burnt but the headline was still there.  “Severed arm found in laundry room, Baker boy still missing” I read it aloud and felt my throat go dry, I looked up and seen a mirror behind the bar, however more was there beside my reflection, behind me stood Fiona Baker, her once styled blonde hair dropped over her face, it was covered with blood as was most of her skin, she stood in an elegant green dress that had been ripped and bloodied, she placed her hand on my shoulder, she leaned into my ear, as I turned to look behind me she wasn’t there, I faced the mirror to see that she was still there “Help me” she whispered into my ear.


“You have to get it”

“What the fuck do you want from me!?” her answers were too cryptic to help me in anyway, all they did was raise more questions

“THE NECKLACE” she screamed into my ear, her voice deeper and more abnormal, I didn’t know why she wanted my help, I didn’t know if she wanted to kill me or save me, I stared at the mirror unable to move she turned in fear, more fear than I had of her “He’s Coming!”, I seen her reflection vanish.


 The Paper flew out of my hands and smashed against the mirror, I scanned the mirror, searching for everything, anything that could be something of use, hoping I would see his reflection before I knew it though my seat was lifted from under me and I was thrown to the floor, dazed I looked up and saw the bar stool swing towards me, I crawled frantically dodging it, other bar stools fired across the room, I ran into the kitchen closing the door behind me, the saucepans scattered flying around the room, hitting the walls, the ovens turned on and off, fires raised high, my blood pounded throughout my body, I saw a ventilation shaft I did everything possible to run towards it avoiding as many items as possible, I made it!, I climbed in and began to crawl as far away as possible. I heard a voice, Fiona’s voice as she spoke to me, “Find the necklace you don’t have long, he will find you … he will kill you”. I dropped into a room, as the ventilation shaft gave way to me, I looked around the room looking for a candle it was dark and I was all alone frightened, I searched the room for anything of defence and that’s when I saw it, a diary.

I opened it, it was velvet red, I read the inside “property of Fiona Baker”, I opened it and began to read from Sunday the 6th 1920.

 We arrived at the Downhill hotel, just there today with Ruairi and Conner, The boys have loved it here so far, and things just couldn’t get any better between Sean and I, we got the best room of the hotel, I honestly don’t know how things could be any better.

Monday 7th March 1920

 Today I woke up with yet a wonderful surprise, a emerald necklace, judging by the look of it, it seems so expensive and its so beautiful. I don’t even know who sent it, Sean isn’t taking it the best, he thinks I’m having an affair with some toy boy. I can understand him being annoyed about a mystery gift but he’s been ignoring me and the boys all day, I’m beginning to worry he is over exaggerating this whole thing.

Tuesday 8th March 1920

 Sean didn’t come back to the room last night, and to make matters worse, Ruairi has been missing since this morning and no one has seen him, I’ve seen Sean around the hotel but he wont even talk to me not even about this, could he have had something to do with this? No he couldn’t have he loves Ruairi like a son he wouldn’t do this to him. I know that Ruairi isn’t biologically his but still that doesn’t mean he would. No he couldn’t have done this I refuse to believe it.

Wednesday 9th March 1920

Nobody has seen Ruairi and Sean has still not spoken a word to me, I need to talk to someone, this morning an arm was found in the laundry, a severed arm! What sick minded person could do such a thing! Rumour is spreading they think it could be Ruairi’s arm but no it couldn’t be, Ruairi is alright, I know he is, nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong.

Thursday 10th March 1920

Ruairi’s body was found in his room last night, he’s dead, Connor came into me this morning in tears and told me what had happened how he woke up this morning to find Ruairi lying sleeping beside him. Connor is only 5, unlike Ruairi he is Sean’s biological son, Sean hasn’t even came back today to comfort Connor, he still refuses to talk to me, I don’t know what to do. I cant leave this place, not like this I need to patch things up first I’ve told Sean, that I’ll get rid of the necklace, I’ll prove to him that im not having an affair. But he won’t listen.

Friday 11th March 1920

I’m leaving, if Sean won’t talk to me fine! I’m not staying here, I can’t bear it my son died here and I wont risk losing Connor as well. I told Connor to go get his toys an hour ago but he still hasn’t returned I’m getting worried. HELP ME, PLEASE I HEARD A KNOCK, THERES BLOOD EVERYWHERE, I…………..

I turn the page but there is nothing there, the remaining pages have been torn out, that’s when I heard her. 

 “You wanted to know more” she said

“Who did those things, to you, what happened to Connor and Sean! Were they OK!, were is the rest of this?”

“He has it”

“Who is he!?”

“I can’t say his name”

“Why do you want the necklace? Is it the emerald necklace you were given” before I could finish she silenced me.

“Don’t talk of it, he doesn’t like that,”

“Why do you fear him so much?”

“Why does it matter, I’m stuck here with him for an eternity! I can’t leave these walls, he torments me everyday never leaving me alone, I need you to get the necklace out of here and destroy it so I can be free” The candle went out, I was alone in the dark “You need to hurry he hates you for trying to help me he’ll never let you be… He’ll never let you go free.

She had told me she had been on room 606, I remembered that room 605 was on the top floor, I had started at the top, during my first inspection because I liked working my way down, knowing how many numbers were left. I was in the dark alone, unaware of my location but I knew that he was here somewhere, that he wanted to kill me. I didn’t lie to myself, I knew I couldn’t escape without Fiona’s help, so if that meant finding a necklace that’s what I would do, I no longer cared if I had to find out what happened here. I just wanted out, fuck the idea of renovation and screw the loss of money, I’ll make it back in the future. I searched through the darkness for the door and I had finally found it, when I exited the room I found out I was still on the ground floor and I was only at room 16.

 I was wondering why he hadn’t made an attack on me, after all she said he was here but I still had heard nothing of him. I found a sign for a lift. I was very surprised I didn’t think lifts were around in the 1920s but it seemed they were. I got to the lift and pressed the button to call for it, I realised there was no door, I looked down and I could see the bottom of the elevator shaft, I didn’t hear anything so I looked up to check to see if the lift was even in working order. I peered in and looked up, it was dark I didn’t see anything, I couldn’t even hear anything. I lost my footing and fell into the elevator shaft hitting the bottom with a thud, that’s when I heard something. I turned myself and looked up and then I saw it, I didn’t want to believe it. I was frozen in fear. I had no idea what to do. The lift was falling down, full speed towards me. I looked frantically around trying to find anything, It was getting closer and closer. I felt my body churn knowing I would soon be crushed under an elevator, I wanted to die gracefully not like this! That’s when I saw it, an emergency shaft that would have been used to climb the shaft should the elevator have broken down, I ran towards it and grabbed onto the ladder. I pushed by body against it as the noise of the elevator became unbareably loud, it then hit the ground with a smash. I force of it made enough wind to knock me straight into the ladder. I sat down leaning against the ladder, my hip in pain as I had hit it off the ladder, as the force of the elevator crash had knocked me off my feet. I looked up the ladder but could see that it had been broken, and wouldn’t get me past the first floor. I headed over to the crashed elevator and crawled through a small opening between the crashed elevator and the doors.

 I was back where I started and it was time to take the stairs, I frowned at this thought, I didn’t want to climb the stairs not up six floors, that was like murder to a man like myself. I headed back to the lobby, there was a nice design to the first floor, on either side of the hotel there was a set of stairs leading to the 2nd floor, which then joined together to make on set of stairs up to the higher floors. I took the left because it was closer, I felt uncomfortable when I heard the creaks on each step, I counted the stairs, there was only eight, but with each step the creak got louder and louder. I got to step six knowing that I was almost there as I had a smile on my face. I put my foot on step floor but it didn’t creak, the floor instead gave way and I fell through the stairs dropping into a dark room, I coughed from the amount of dust I had breathed in, I lit a match from the box in my pocket and looked around the room, I found a light, unlike modern day it had a chain I had to pull, I pulled it and  the light flickered it on. Unlike the other rooms this one had working electricity and I was bloody thankful for that. I looked around to see where I was, and when I realised where I was two words sprung to my head faster than lightening. “severed arm”, I was in the laundry room, that’s when I saw there was only three electrical washing machines the rest were manual. I heard a creek and saw one of the electrical washing machine doors open. My heart pounded as I went in for a closer look, I felt the blood pulse through my body, my skin turn pale, my hairs stand on end, I looked in and I saw two things. One would haunt me for the rest of my life, the other would confuse me even more. The smell and aroma coming from the machine were enough to make me retch violently, I felt faint, it was all too much. I looked in and I saw a small book a diary, it was black leather with golden writing on the front. I then saw what else was there, a decomposed child’s arm.

 I grabbed the diary and slammed the laundry machine closed afterwards. I looked at the Diary it belonged to someone called James Donnelly. I knew his name but I didn’t know who he was or why he was at the hotel. I hoped for more answers, I know I just wanted out of here but at least if I could find some reason to understand what was happening here, I could put this all behind me.  I opened his diary, it covered an entire year. I started from Friday 5th 1920.

I have to tell her how I feel she has to know! I can’t sit by doing nothing as she wastes her life with that animal.  I knew, I had to get her attention, I had to get her to me for long enough so that I can tell her how I feel.  I figured if I sent her an invitation to my new hotel, she would soon fall head over heels with me and leave that bastard Sean. I wouldn’t lose her this time, not my Fiona.

 Saturday 5th 1920

SEAN! She wants to bring that bastard Sean! This idea clearly isn’t working, I need something more, something to make her see that I’m the one for her. I asked a close friend of mine Eva, what could be used to win a woman’s heart, but she gave me all this shit about emotion and soppy poems I couldn’t bare to listen. I didn’t have time, I wanted her now, how could I win her like Eva suggested if she already loved Sean. Eva’s sister however spoke a bit more sense, well to my ears anyway. Oonagh, Eva’s sister told me that jewellery was the key! Women must be like birds show them some shiny stones and they come flying your way. I pretty much emptied my bank account on an expensive Emerald Necklace nothing that Sean would be able to afford.

Sunday 6th 1920

She’s here now to watch my plan fall into place.

Monday 7th 1920

She got the necklace today, she hasn’t even taken it off! Its working her and Sean are falling out, one problem though, she doesn’t know that it was me who bought it. I don’t even think she remembers me. I walked up to her today to tell her about the necklace, I bought her and she blanked me completely.  No she just didn’t recognise me, it’s been 7 years after all, I haven’t seen her since high school, I’ve changed so much but she looks the same, as beautiful as ever.

Tuesday 8th 1920

So… Ruairi went missing this morning, I’m using this to my advantage, I’ve spread a few rumors that it was Sean and boy this is getting better by the minute. No one knows where Ruairi is! Maybe I could be the one to find him and return him to her, that would clearly mean she would … reward me.

Wednesday 9th 1920

Ruairi is still gone, the hotel thinks Sean is behind it, it’s like a game of Chinese whispers! I’ve enjoyed making rumors so much! I know now why people did it to me in high school, because you have power over what people believe! Such POWER it feels FANTASTIC! I’ve even started spreading rumours about Fiona being seen with a mystery woman! Staff have been talking to Sean, he’s lost the plot! He’s aggressive and alone! Just the way a monster like him should be! A child’s arm has just been found in the laundry room! This is horrible for business it could ruin me! Could it be Ruairi’s? It has to be who else’s could it be!? Sean wouldn’t have went this far! I have to stop him! I have to kill him

Thursday 10th 1920

That BITCH!, I poured my heart and soul out to her and she cursed me! She forced me out of the room and locked me out, She wouldn’t listen, she didn’t care not like she should! Sean doesn’t deserve her SEAN CAN’T HAVE HER

Friday 11th 1920

She’s dead… I can’t take anymore I have to end it.

The rest of the pages are blank, this made more questions, could this man be the evil force wanting me dead? Why did he hate Sean? What did he do?

I sat there in the laundry room, Fiona appeared behind me “What happened to you?” I asked her

“I can’t talk about it, he doesn’t let me”

“You have to tell me?”

“Do I?”

“YES, I’m helping you! Who is he!?!”

“He…” she vanished before my eyes

“WHO IS HE!?” I screamed at the top of my lungs

 I began to search for the stairs, when I finally found them I began heading up the many floors of the hotel, it was floor 4 that I couldn’t pass as the stairs above were destroyed. I headed through floor 4, the debris here was ridiculously bad, it was clear the fire had started from the top floors. I had to head through floor 431, I ventured in there and I saw a badly burned diary as I flicked through the burnt pages, I found a page of writing, at the back of the book it was unaffected by the burns

I began to read

This is Oonagh Wilson, I need help, I work at the Downhill hotel, we’ve witnessed three murders on site, The murderer is unknown but I know, it has to have been James, he’s been talking about Fiona Baker for the last two weeks. Also he’s obcessed with revenge for that guy Sean. He told me that when they were in high school, Sean used to spread rumours about him and bully him. That has to be a motive, but what about Sean?, with the amount of rumours being spread by James has to have snapped, could he have killed his own family. HELP ME I’m trapped the hotel is on fire debris has fallen in the hall and fire blocks the stairs, there no way out, please somebody! I have a safe in my room all the evidence you need is in there! Please take my diary and my will to my family if anyone gets this!

The page was burnt off at the bottom, I headed to her closet and opened the door to find the safe, I tried several codes and eventually got it, I opened it and found yet another diary, I hoped this would give me the answer I needed.

Saturday 5th 1920

Ugh the boss has been yapping on about some blondie coming to the hotel, can’t be arsed listening to it anymore. Work here sucks, the people here are stuck up assholes and all I want is some peace and quiet.

Sunday 6th 1920

The boss has been yapping on all day about this girl coming today, my head is killing me, Eva thinks she’s being funny, don’t drink if you have work on a Sunday, it just brings me so much happiness to shout in your ears. My head is thumping and she is not helping.

Monday 7th 1920

James asked me some random question about how to get a woman, HA! The poor bastard just about knows how to talk to them, but since he’s my boss I decided to actually think about it, and trust me when he asks questions I don’t do that a lot. So I decided if a man came to me with a big piece of jewellery, I suppose I’d listen to him for a quick five minutes, but a man like James would need a BIG piece of jewellery to even have a chance at a girl like this Fiona

Tuesday 8th 1920

So I’ve been hearing a lot of rumours recently about this guy Sean, I tracked them back to James, he said that he had once loved Fiona, and was close to getting her, that was hard for me to believe. However something happened Sean began spreading rumours about him and bullied and even beat him. Before long James had no friends and the woman he loved laughed in his face. Fiona and James soon became friends again but it was never the same.

Wednesday 9th 1920

Some kid has been missing for two days now, I’ve had a job of searching for the kids for the last two days, still no sign of him though, good thing I’m off work tomorrow.

Friday 11th 1920

That entire family has been found dead, the father I think Sean is his name is the only one alive and he’s missing there is police everywhere. I don’t know what to do! What if this killer strikes again, they found James as well he hung himself in room 601. Could he have done this? What about the father? I don’t know what to think, I’m off to my room. There is a fire! I’m locking this diary in my safe, please if anyone finds this please give it to my family.

I didn’t know who had killed her but I knew that the more I read the more I read the more I wanted out of this place, I got out of the room and found another set of stairs to progress. Something was happening though as I reached floor 6, I heard the screams of people running, I felt the heat of the flames and I coughed the smoke of the fire. I ran through the room and finally approached the room 606, I opened the door and I dropped to the floor coughing and I passed out.

My eyes opened and I looked around, the room was fixed and clean and looked like it was back in the 1920s. I looked around, I saw a page on the floor, I picked it up and sat on the bed. It said “ HELP ME, I HEARD A KNOCK, THERES BLOOD EVERYWHERE,I’VE LOCKED MYSELF IN THE BATHROOM, IT WAS SEAN, HE KILLED RUAIRI, HE KILLED CONNOR, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP M…..  The page is covered with blood, the rest is unreadable. I heard a knock, I turned and faced the door, my heart pounded, I hid behind the bed, the bathroom door opened. Fiona came out, I was watching it play out. She opened the door. She walked back screaming. Sean entered covered in blood, he held a butcher knife in his hand. Fiona ran into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her and locked the door behind her. Sean slammed the knife into the door “You CHEATING BITCH, I HEARD EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU AND THAT FUCKER JAMES!”  Sean screamed at the door




“DON’T LIE TO ME! YOU BITCH!” He kicked the door down,  she was against the wall in tears, her emerald necklace around her neck. “Please, don’t do this, don’t” before she could finish he slammed the knife into her stomach she held on to him, she tried to scream but there was nothing left. She dropped to the floor, and looked up at him “You have it all wrong, I love you” she just about said the words, he grabbed her hair and slit her throat. I sat watching, I felt like I would be violently sick, then something happened, I thought I was just watching. That’s when he turned to me.

Sean looked at me, slowly walking over, my blood pulsed through my body, my heart smashed against my ribs. “You wanted to know the truth, you got it!” he reached out the door and pulled out what seemed, like some sort of liquid, like petrol or oil and emptied it around the room. “Why did you kill her? You have it all wrong!” I yelled at him

“Don’t question me! She was a slut! A whore! She deserved what she got!”

“No one deserves that! Not even a sick demented fuck like you!” My words had hurt him, he ran at me with the knife trying to plunge it straight into my heart, I held it back for as long as possible, but he was too strong, it slowly moved towards me, the lights began to flicker, the objects in the room flew around, a gust of wind swept against my face. I dodged out of the way of the knife and ran over the bed and into the bathroom, I pulled the emerald necklace off her neck and turned to leave the bathroom but Sean was standing there. His arm lunged towards me and the knife stabbed me above the right hand side of my waist. The pain was agonizing, I felt my warm blood seep out, I dropped to my knees and looked up towards him. He looked down on me, his hand reaching for my hair. I wouldn’t be like Fiona, I wouldn’t die here.

 I played any man’s cheap trick, I punched him in the balls and pushed past him, the knife sliced my leg as I ran past, as I left the room. I was brought back to the hallway, I knew, the hallway of modern times. Debris began falling through, the floor was collapsing I ran towards stairs and began running with as much speed as possible down them, lights dropped, pictures and debris flew around. I tried dodging them, I really did, I was never successful though. On the third floor, he appeared behind me tripping me up, he lunged the knife towards my head, I moved out of the way, when the knife hit the floor, it collapsed from under us and we fell through. The force of our weights destroyed the floor below us as well. We fell through the 2nd floor, and hit the first floor with a bang. I landed on my back and was badly injured and winded. I saw the door open, with the last of my strength, I pulled myself up and I limped towards the door, the doors opened almost magically, I limped to the door, I picked my keys up that were lying upon the table were I had left and lost them before. I was so close to the door then they closed. I frantically tried to open the door. It was locked.

 I turned to see Sean beside me his hand grasped my throat and he lifted me up and slammed me against the door. “Give me the necklace NOW” he screamed those words at me

“Please help me” Fiona appeared behind him, I looked towards her as I saw her watching what was happening. “How about you help me for once!” I shouted at her she just looked at me, she didn’t move.

“You want to live? Give me the necklace” Sean said to me, I reached inside my pocket

“You’ll let me live?” I asked

“Please Don’t” Fiona pleaded with me

“You have my word” Sean said to me

“Your word didn’t do Fiona much good, when you said your wedding vows”

“You have no other choice” Sean said to me, I looked at him, I felt myself slowly running out of oxygen, I gave in to him. “Fine, take it”

“NO! please” she screamed at me, Sean pulled the necklace out of my hand, he let me go, the doors opened. Sean vanished with the necklace. Fiona appeared in front of me, this time her hair was out of her face. Her face was pale, her eyes were black, I seen the bruises and cuts on her face. She looked into my eyes, her expression went from sad and depressed to angry. She stared into me with eyes of hatred. She grabbed me by the throat and picked me up and threw me out. The doors slammed behind me. I heard her scream, it was blood curdling and I would remember it for the rest of my life. I never entered the house again. I got in my car and I drove away. I never returned. Did I regret my decision? Yes and No, Yes because I know that Fiona will be tormented for the rest of eternity and no, I’m a human being, why do I have to be her saviour I was just a man I was lost and alone. I wasn’t a hero, I was just a man trying to get home. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about the decision I made.  It’s hard to believe it happened 30 years ago.


14 Years Later

 Here lies Liam Simms, beloved husband, father, grandfather.

My granddad was a great man, although his death is surrounded in mystery, I will never forget it, they found him outside of a run-down hotel, he was covered in blood and bruises, they found a piece of paper it said thank you on it. My grandfather was 69 when he died, he had been diagnosed with cancer and knew he was going to die. He told the family that there was something he had to do. He left on that day, no one knew where he was going or what he was going to do. When they found him he had a broken Emerald Necklace in his hand, police say he most likely bled to death. No motive for his murder was ever given. I don’t know if he ever succeeded in what it was he wanted to do but I hope he did.

Submitted: April 21, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Adam Williamson. All rights reserved.

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declan mckimm

I like this genre of story. I'm particularly interested in murder mysterier, and I have a few of my own if you want to check them out :)

Sun, April 22nd, 2012 5:24pm


I'll I make sure I do, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the story

Sun, April 22nd, 2012 10:32am

lapu shingle

Good stuff plenty to keep me interested well worth the read.
If you get time between writing take a look at my work, just a couple of poems and a couple of Shorties



Sun, April 22nd, 2012 8:06pm


Thank you for enjoying, hopefully you can enjoy my other work

Sun, April 22nd, 2012 1:08pm


Hi, what a great story. Loved it.

Sat, June 2nd, 2012 3:24am

Sixella Malz

A very intriguing story. I love thriller/mystery/murder stories and this was very good.

Sat, June 8th, 2013 4:26pm


Thank you, I appreciate the comment :) Glad you enjoyed

Sat, June 22nd, 2013 3:37am

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