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I had to write a short story resembling the writing of "A Rose For Emily" and "The Brothers Grimm" and this is what I created. A story of a woman who signs a contract with the devil without knowing what she is signing.

Submitted: April 12, 2014

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Submitted: April 12, 2014



Ever since Lena Rosewood was a  young child she wanted fame and fortune. She acted all throughout highschool, but no matter how hard she worked she  could never land a job.

Lena was at the her wits end, and often times she’d cry herself to sleep. She became desperate, and she began to study the “Book of Satan, Spell Binding and Conjuring.”

One dark night where nothing shone down but moon light, Lena held a ritual to conjure  Satan from her basement. She lit the candles, she laid the blood sand, she rang out the words that were laid in the satanic bible. And with that an evil figure began to rise from the ground. He was pure evil. Lena was struck by fear like a bolt of lightning. He stood towering over her, he didn't speak a word. The color began to drain from Lena's face.

“I want to be famous, I want fame and fortune, I’ll do anything,” murmured Lena.

“Only but your soul shall be suffice,” stated Satan. “Sign here.” A contract appeared in the air and slowly  descended right into Lena's hands. “Give me your hand Lena.” Lena held the contract with her left hand and gave her right hand to the large figure. Satan stabbed deep into her hand with his finger, fear held Lena back from screaming from the pain.

A single drop of blood fell onto the contract, and with that, the contract was burned away in an instant, leaving her no time to read it. It left nothing but a cloud of smoke that lingered in the air, it began to spell out something. The dark smoke made out the word “mine.” Her soul immediately shot out from her body and into a jar in the Devils armpit. The devil descended back into the hell in which he came.

Sure enough, the next day Lena received a call to perform in a movie, it was a smash hit, everyone knew who Lena Rosewood was from that day forward. She was performing in movie after movie, she had all the money she could ever want and more. she decided she'd donate to a charity, that's when Satan paid her another visit.

“Hello Lena” said Satan, to the slightly surprised and excited Lena.

“Thank you, thank you so much for your giving Satan, I appreciate all that you've done for me.”

“Indeed Lena, but you broke our promise, and I've came for whats mine.” Lena  looked at Satan in complete confusion. “A limb of your choosing my dear and I shall be on my way.”

Nothing came from Lena except for a little crackle from her breath.

“You signed the contract Lena, choose a limb, you’ve done a good deed and for that I’m taking a limb back with me to hell, make your choice before i choose for you.”

“My uh, my left arm I suppose.” And at that moment, her left arm was removed from her body. Satan held the arm in his hands, Lena looked down the left side of her body and saw no arm on her shoulder. She nearly fainted at the sight. Satan left her. And there she stood all alone, missing soul, and missing left arm.

Lena miscalculated what she really wanted from life, she believed she wanted fame and fortune, but without people to give it to, what is it really worth?

Lena seeked out a church to fix the mistake she bestowed upon herself. She reached a church in search of a minister, but as she neared the church she saw a barrier surrounding it. She assumed this was part of the contract, but she ignored the possible consequences and carried on.  She reached out and touched the barrier, it burnt her on contact, not visibly, but she felt it. She backed away from the church and sprinted at it, she rammed  the barrier with full force, she felt the same burn again but all over her body. She was transferred from the concrete that laid in front of the church to red rock in front of the gates of hell where Satan stood.
“I want my soul back, give me back my soul!” screamed Lena to the man of pure evil.

”Your soul's mine Lena, a deals a deal,” stated Satan, “and you must have missed the part of the contract where it said that if you ran through a churches barrier you'd have your privilege to run taken away, what you don't understand Lena, is that I now own you, you have no silver chord to the afterlife. The day you die you will be gone forever, and at the rate you're at, your pretty head will be mine too, which is when you'll no longer exist. So go back up with what's left of you, and enjoy your fame and fortune. Bye, bye Lena.”

Lena appeared back in her bed, a wheelchair sat next to her. Lena lifted herself into the wheelchair and led herself to a window. A foreshadow of rain was in the dark puffy clouds, her legs were gone, her left arm was gone, and so was her soul. A fly began to hit the window in attempt to get outside. Lena reached for the window with her right arm as if to pick it up to release the fly, but instead she smashed it against the glass.

The rain started off as a sprinkle which then turned into buckets. She began to wonder if flys had souls, she began to wonder what would happen to her once it was her time,  and there a grin crept up from the side of her lip, which manifested to a whole hearty smile. Grinning, she watched the rain, she watched it pour, but the smile never left her, the smile was pure agony.


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